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Aina Aiba (相羽 あいな) is from Osaka, Japan. She voices Claudine Saijo and is affiliated with HiBiKi agency.


Aina was born in Hokkaido, but raised in Osaka. She graduated from Amusement Media Voice Actor Talent Academy in 2010.

Before becoming a voiceover artist, she was a professional wrestler under the name Yuki Harima for about 2 years, and also worked as a stage actress under the same name. During her pro wrestling career, she was part of the organization "Beginning" and made her debut on September 6, 2015. She fought three times before retiring from the ring, and nowadays she does MC work for New Japan Pro-Wrestling's matches.[1]

Aina is described as having a very exuberant personality, always full of energy and cracking jokes.

Aina is also known for voicing:


  • Aina enjoys appreciating and looking after thoroughbred racehorses.
  • Aina's special skills include dancing and singing.
  • Aina has an affinity for Western pop culture, particularly Marvel superheroes.