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Akira Yukishiro (雪代 晶 Yukishiro Akira) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is one of the elite students from the Music Acting Department at Siegfeld Institute of Music with the title "Frau Platin" who is said to be the most talented student in the history of the esteemed Siegfeld Insitute of Music. Cool but uncompromising, she clashes frequently with those around her and usually wins out due to her overwhelming ability [2].

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png The fire of life may last but a moment, but pure platinum will shine forever.
The stage of men may last but a moment, but the stage of the king lasts forever.
Frau Platin - Akira Yukishiro! The king shines his light on the hollow stage!

QLeft.png 命の炎は一瞬なれど 煌めき絶えぬは 真白の白金
人の舞台は一瞬なれど 永遠に継がるは 王者の舞台
【フラウ・プラティーン】 雪代晶! 神なき舞台に 王者の光を!

QLeft.png inochi no honō wa isshun naredo kirameki taenu wa masshiro no purachina
hito no butai wa isshunnare do towani tsugaru wa ōja no butai
"furau puratīn" Yukishiro Akira! kami naki butai ni ōja no hikari o!



Akira has waist-length silver-purple hair. She wears two black ribbons on the sides, tying up part of her hair by her ears. She has purple eyes.

School Uniform

Akira’s school uniform consists of a beige collared formal jacket, which has a vest design to it including having the right side overlay on the left with four buttons to hold it closed. On her left shoulder is the Siegfeld school emblem. The sleeves cuffs are black with a beige stripe in the center. She wears a dark purple sweater vest underneath the jacket. She wears another white collared shirt underneath both of those. Attached to the white shirt is a dark purple bow. The ends of the bow reach her stomach. The bow has a red center. She wears a black pleated skirt and grey tights. She wears black loafers.

Casual Outfit

Her casual outfit consists of a navy blue shirt with the top being roses. Two inches after the roses is a partially see-through area with rose designs. The rest is solid navy blue. She wears a light blue formal jacket and a knee-length white skirt.

Practice Outfit

Akira’s practice outfit consits of a navy blue leotard and white leggings. There is a gold pattern on the left side collar of the leotard. She wears a navy blue choker around her neck.

Revue Outfit

Her Revue outfit consists of a black vest with golden trims. There are two sets of buttons with a thick golden string with one on her chest and one on her stomach. On the left breast she wears a blue medal. Under the vest is a white collared button-up with thin stripes. She has a black checker with a black gem in the center under the collar. She wears a thigh-high white skirt. She had a black belt around her waist that turns into a cape around the sides and back. There are three connected stripes of gold on the end of the cape. In the center of the belt there is a golden emblem and a black stripe coming off and under the left side cape. She has knee-high black boots that are folded over at the top to look like a collar. The boots’ collar has a gold trim. The boots have heals. Around her shoulder is a jacket. The main color of the jacket is white. It has gold trims and golden ropes at the collar. One rope is tied loosely around her chest to hold it on. The underside of the jacket is blue with three unconnected golden stripes toward the bottom. On the outside, the jacket has four inches of the edge being a light blue. Right above the light blue are three unconnected gold stripes. The jackets sleeves are cuffed, having a golden trim and a golden button.


Akira can be seen as intimidating by the students of Siegfeld. She is well-respected in the school as its top student and is often admired and looked up to. At first glance, she is quite stoic, harsh, and not very good at understanding other people’s feelings. However, this is rooted in her profound passion for acting and theater. As such, she values loyalty and dedication towards the stage above anything else. She disdains people who take on challenges with a clear knowledge of its risks and sacrifices only for them to not honor their word. This was shown in the Stranded Stage Girls event where she lashed out at former edel Fumi Yumeoji for her “betrayal” of Siegfeld — and of Akira herself.[3]

Unbeknownst to others, Akira maintains a composed and resolute act in order to match the expectations of the people around her, especially as she bears the title of “Frau Platin”. Beneath her harsh exterior, she is actually quite caring and perceptive, seen in her ability to spot stage girls with potential such as the timid Shiori Yumeoji, and in how she reaches out to those who are shunned for their passion and interests such as Yachiyo Tsuruhime’s proclivity for make-believe.[4]

Much like Maya, Akira is not one to rest on her laurels and acknowledges those who relentlessly work to go above and beyond her expectations. Due to this, she also places extremely high standards upon herself. She refuses to tolerate half-hearted efforts from her peers and would firmly reprimand them for not giving something their all; encouraging them to aim higher and realize their true potential. Moreover, as leader of the Edels, Akira always strives to set an example for her fellow stage girls. This makes her prone to self-sacrifice for their sake, such as when she went without eating in Stranded Stage Girls because "It's only natural for those who do the work to get the food."[5]


Like Maya, Akira's parents are in the entertainment industry; her father is a film director, and her mother is a retired actress.[6] At some point in her childhood, she became friends with Michiru. They saw Elysion's Chapter of Kings together around when they were eight- or nine-years-old[7], which inspired them to train in singing, dancing, and piano together in order to perform in Elysion themselves one day.[8]

Before theater, Akira was a ballet dancer so well-known in her age group that both Claudine and Shizuha say that everyone who did ballet in their age group has likely heard of her.[9][10] Claudine mentions that she expected Akira to do ballet professionally.[11] Akira was also well-known for her figure skating skills in elementary school; she won the elementary school competition three years in a row and was praised for her potential to go even farther in the sport.[12]

Along with Maya, Claudine, and Shizuha, Akira took part in the Performance Festival during her first year.[13]


Michiru Otori[]

Akira and Michiru are childhood friends that aspired to enter Siegfeld together after seeing a performance of Elysion as children. They made a promise to become Edels at Siegfeld someday, with Michiru promising to do anything in her power to help Akira become Frau Platin. To this day, Akira still considers Michiru her closest friend and confidant, seeming to greatly admire and have a deep trust in her.

Fumi Yumeoji[]

Before moving to Rinmeikan, Fumi and Akira studied together at Siegfeld as first years. Like Akira, Fumi is very strict and has a very serious attitude. Akira had high expectations of Fumi, and considered her an equal. However, after a disastrous performance in the final exam of the first year, Fumi suffered serious trauma and decided to quit performing. Akira admits to Shiori in Main Story 8 Part 3 that she regrets her fault of not being able to keep Fumi in the school.

The two meet again during the Stranded Stage Girls event, where they fight because of Akira's lack of trust in Fumi. Akira acknowledges that she knew about Fumi's suffering during her time as an Edel, but says she was unable to overcome her role as Frau Platin to reach out and help her properly. After the fight, Akira congratulates Fumi on returning to the stage.

Shiori Yumeoji[]

Akira cares a lot about helping Shiori improve, often helping to coach Shiori. She also cares a lot about making sure Shiori is taking care of herself, such as when she scolds Shiori for overworking and catching a cold.[14] Akira appreciates the calm she feels from spending time with Shiori, and she feels comfortable expressing her emotions in a way she often cannot as the king.[15] However, this doesn't mean that she can't be strict with Shiori in order to get her to improve, and she often uses tough love, as she feels that babying Shiori would be disrespectful to her strength.[16]

Liu Mei Fan[]

When they first met, Akira did not want to appoint Mei Fan as an Edel because Mei Fan did not understand the responsibilities that came with an Edel past supporting Akira. However, after seeing how passionate Mei Fan can be, Akira and Michiru realized that, if Mei Fan did learn to embody the ideals required of an Edel, she would be an unparalleled addition to Siegfeld's student council. So, they appoint her Frau Rubin. Akira sees her own intensity in Mei Fan[17], and she greatly respects Mei Fan's determination.[18] She enjoys competing with Mei Fan and seeing Mei Fan improve, even if Mei Fan has yet to catch up to her level.[19] Akira sees both value and flaw in Mei Fan's excessive compassion. In Siegfeld General Hospital High-Class Prescription, Akira criticizes her for not believing in Shiori's strength and allowing her to get better more independently, but she also acknowledges that Mei Fan going out of her way to attend to Shiori made the Edels bond more as a group.[20]

Yachiyo Tsuruhime[]

Akira sees a lot of potential in Yachiyo from the beginning; she casts Yachiyo as the Earth Goddess, a role Akira considers to be very important and to require a lot of skill[21], when they perform Elysion and seems to have been impressed by Yachiyo's performance.[22] Akira grows even more impressed with Yachiyo when she sees how imaginative Yachiyo is, saying that Yachiyo's ability to imagine herself in a different reality is necessary for a Stage Girl to have and that she sees her younger self in Yachiyo.[23] She sees Yachiyo as someone who could succeed her as Frau Platin.[24] Akira guides Yachiyo in a hands-off way, putting Yachiyo in situations that challenge her in order to have her learn more about being a Stage Girl and having her navigate them independently.[25] Yachiyo is privy to information about Akira that Akira tries to obscure, such as her past in figure skating[26] and her eagerness to try Frontier's Ultra Spicy Curry[27], to Akira's annoyance.

Maya Tendo[]

As Tendo Maya is the top of the 99th class of Seisho Music Academy, Akira sees Maya as a worthy rival even if they have a different approach to performance.[28] They have been rival since junior high. They faced off against each other as first years at that year's Performance Festival.[29]

Karen Aijo[]

Akira initially takes little interest in Karen, although Akira is marveled at Karen after Karen intervenes to save Maya after Akira manages to corner her. Akira comments that it's interesting to see the other stage girls of the Seisho Academy to be outstanding, stating that she initially thought no one would come close to Maya.[30]





  • The name Akira means "clear, crystal" (晶).
  • Akira's surname Yukishiro means "snow" (雪) (yuki) and "generation" (代) (shiro).


  • Akira's favorite gift is a super spicy snack.
  • Akira is not very good at handling technology.
  • Akira has an affinity for animals, especially dogs.
    • In Waltz with the Beautiful Beast/Story, Akira named the lost chihuahua Shiori found Belle. She acted like she didn't care about the dog, but secretly wanted to pet it and wanted it to like her. In the end, she was able to befriend Belle and played with her until her owner came to get her.
    • In Beast Akira Yukishiro/Bond Story, Akira implied she would have preferred being represented by a puppy sticker instead of a lion.
    • Akira enjoys watching animal shows, such as "100 Fluffy Animals"[31]. She is able to quote trivia she learns from animal shows, such as how to catch an ostrich[32].
  • Akira has some understanding of French.[33]
  • Akira's favorite novel is The Case of the Murder on D Hill.[34]
  • Akira's weapon is based on jousting lances. As opposed to actual weapons, jousting lances were developed to be used during jousting, which were tournaments observed for entertainment for royals in the medieval times in Western Europe, and thus were much less lethal than actual lances to reduce potential injuries. Its name, Platinlanze, means "platinum lance" in German.


Stage Cards[]



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