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Amaterasu Hikari Kagura.jpg

Details[edit | edit source]

Stage Girl Hikari Kagura 【Bond Story】
School Seisho Music Academy
Initial Rarity
Four Star icon.png
Element Space Element.png Space
Position Back Position.jpg Back
Act Type Special Act Type.png Special
Description Has good, balanced stats. Possesses multiple Acts that hit all enemies. Her Climax Act inflicts Marked on all enemies, causing them to take increased damage.

Acts[edit | edit source]

Slash Front enemy damage Act.png Low damage to front enemy.
Slash of Brilliance Brilliance recovery Act.png Low damage to front enemy. Low Brilliance recovery to self.
Mournful Concerto SpDef Down Act.png Medium damage & Special Defense down to all enemies.
Amaterasu Mirror Dance Mark Act.png High damage & Mark to all enemies.
Auto Skill Act Power up Auto Skill.png (Passive) Damage dealt +5%
Evasion Act.png (At Start) Evade 1 hit(s)
Brilliance Auto Skill.png (Passive) Get 4 Brilliance each turn
Unit Skill Back Position Unit Skill A.png When 2 or more Stage Girls of Back Position are in Unit own Act Power Up 10% (up to 30%), Critical Up 10% (up to 30%)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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