Back Call (バックコール, Bakku Kooru) is a song for the "Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight" -The LIVE- #2 Transition live performance, as well as the first track on the special CD included.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. Back Call (バックコール, Bakku Kooru)
  2. TOP
  3. Aoi Arashi (青い嵐)
  4. Tear
  5. The Show Must Go On!
  6. Gunjou (群青)
  7. Still in a dream.

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Lyrics[edit | edit source]


生きがいは遠くから(yes) 聞こえる拍手
陰ながら君たちを支える 私たち


nippaa doraibaa renchi kuranpu
kuranpu de hajimaru urakata sagyou
raito PA mishin mashin ugokashite
suteppu barabara demo
gooru wa hitotsu
ikigai wa tooku kara (yes) kikoeru hakushu
GO! GO! B gumi!
kage nagara kimitachi o sasaeru watashitachi
en no shita no gaarutachi!
anzen ni seikou de kyou mo yuku!
GO! GO! B gumi! GO! GO! A gumi!
gooru wa hitotsu

Class B

Nippers, drivers, wrenches, clamps
The work behind the scenes starts with a clap
Lights, PA, sewing machines get moving
Even if our steps are separate
Out goal is still the same
We watch our reason for living from afar (Yes), we can hear the clapping
GO! GO! Class B!
We support you from the shadows
We are the girls from backstage!
Today we are aiming for another sure win!
GO! GO! Class B! GO! GO! Class A!
Our goal is the same

Courtesy of Revue Starlight International[1]

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