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Belle Shiori Yumeoji.jpg

Details[edit | edit source]

Stage Girl Shiori Yumeoji 【Bond Story】
School Siegfeld Institute of Music
Initial Rarity
Four Star icon.png
Element Wind Element.png Wind
Position Front Position.jpg Front
Act Type Normal Act Type.png Normal
Description A tank who protects the unit. Her Climax Act puts the enemy to sleep and deals more damage the lower her HP gets. Boosts the capabilities of the entire unit during Waltz with the Beautiful Beast.

Acts[edit | edit source]

Slash Front enemy damage Act.png Low damage to front enemy.
Slash of Brilliance Brilliance recovery Act.png Low damage to front enemy. Low Brilliance recovery to self.
Weakening Concerto Act Power Down Act.png Medium damage & Act Power down to all enemies.
Wild Rose Whisper Sleep Act.png High damage & Sleep to front enemy, dealing more damage when own HP is lower.
Auto Skill Defense Up Auto Skill.png (Passive) Damage received -5%
Confusion Resistance Auto Skill.png (Passive) Confusion Resistance: 100

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Belle Shiori Model Sheet.png

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