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Fumi Yumeoji (夢大路 文, Yumeōji Fumi) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is a second-year student from the Performance Department at Rinmeikan Girls School.

Formerly a top student at the renowned Siegfeld Institute of Music, holding the position of "Frau Jade", circumstances led Fumi to transfer to Rinmeikan Girls School, intending to leave the stage behind. Everyone agrees she enjoys taking care of others, but she insists that she doesn't. Loves flavoring her food with ponzu [1].

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png I fled the stage, my heart filled with envy. I stand today on a stage in disarray.
I look back at my old days, and use that strength to create a new stage that will last forever[2].
Rinmeikan Girls School Performance Department - Fumi Yumeoji! To a new life, to a new stage!

QLeft.png 心を妬かれて 逃げ堕ちし身が 再びのぼるは 滅びの舞台
過ぎたあの日に 栞を挟み 新たなこの日を 終てなき舞台に
凛明館女学校演劇科 夢大路文 謳いあげます 命の夢を!!

QLeft.png kokoro o yaka rete nige ochishi mi ga futatabi noboru wa horobi no butai
sugita ano hi ni shiori o hasami aratana kono hi o hate naki butai ni
Rinmeikan jogakkō engeki-ka Yumeōji Fumi utai agemasu inochi no yume o!!



Fumi has long, light-blonde hair at waist-length. She wears a red rose hair pin on the right side of her bangs. She has teal blue eyes.

Her school uniform consists of a short dark brown blazer, and the same shade of dark brown dress. The blazer has a white collar with a dark brown stripe an inch or two from the edge. The blazer also has white cuffs with a dark brown stripe in the middle wrapping around the cuff. There is a red ribbon in the center of the blazer. The dress is short and goes down just past the hips. It has four golden buttons. Two on each side of the stomach area. At the top of the dress, there is a white stripe an inch or two from the collar. She wears calf-high black stockings and brown flats.

Her Revue outfits consists of a kimono-type dress in light green. She wears a chest plate with hers, something only her and Tamao Tomoe have on their outfits. Fumi wears a white skirt with golden trims and another black skirt underneath it. She wears a plate on her right arm connected to her body by a red ribbon on her underarm, though in the live concerts her plate is connected by a golden rope around her neck as well as the ribbon. She wears brown thigh-high stockings under her knee length black boots. The tops and bottom are aligned with a golden color. A red ribbon is tied around the top on both boots. There are red cuffs on each ankle.


Fumi is described to be a strong and tough girl who is often serious, though she is sometimes offensive, in contrast to her younger sister. she can struggle to express herself off-stage, and often gets riled up when teased by others, especially Ichie.

Fumi is hardworking and often leads the rehearsals with the other Rinmeikan stage girls. She is uncompromising and pushes the other stage girls to be better, but her actions come from a desire to see them shine on stage.[3]


During her first year at Siegfeld, Fumi was a very talented student and became one of the Edels, earning the title of Frau Jade. After becoming an Edel, she became more arrogant to the point that most of the students hated her except for her sister, Shiori, who admired her and aspired to stand on the stage with her someday. Over time, Shiori's talent started to blossom, and rumors that Shiori would one day surpass her sister made Fumi start to fear Shiori would steal her position as Frau Jade someday. Due to the anxiety she had towards her sister's growing talent, Fumi's performance during the first years' final exam was affected and she received a disastrous result. At that time, no one extended their arms to her after the performance due to her arrogance except Shiori. As a result, she was traumatized from performing and even resented Shiori due to her growing talent, feeling her position as one of the Edels threatened. Sometime after her first year, she left Siegfeld and transferred to Rinmeikan Girls Academy's General Education Department to leave the world of theatre behind.[4]


Akira Yukishiro[]

Before moving to Rinmeikan, she and Akira studied together at Siegfeld as first years. Like Akira, Fumi is very strict and has a very serious attitude. Akira had a lot of high expectations of Fumi. However, after a disastrous performance in the final exam of the first year, Fumi suffered serious trauma and decided to quit performing. Akira, in her story with Shiori, regrets her fault of not being able to keep Fumi in the school.

The two meet again during the Stranded Stage Girls event, where the two fight because of Akira's lack of trust in Fumi. Akira acknowledges that she knew about Fumi's suffering during her time as an Edel, but says she was unable to overcome her role as Frau Platin to reach out and help her properly. After the fight, Akira congratulates Fumi on returning to the stage.

Michiru Otori[]

Michiru was the first to persuade Fumi to join the performance department as an Edel. Unlike Akira, she still has faith in Fumi even after Fumi departed from the school.

Shiori Yumeoji[]

Fumi's younger sister. In her young age, she took care of her younger sister because of Shiori's physical sickness. Fumi truly cared for her during that time and shared a wish to perform on stage together, but her closeness to Shiori decreased mysteriously as she got older, especially after she departs from Siegfeld and cuts off all contact with Shiori. Akira confesses to Shiori that her fault had led Fumi to suffer a disastrous performance in the first year's final stage.

The two reconnect During Zeus' Decision, but Fumi struggles to reach out to Shiori properly until Venus & Cupid - Angelic Thread of Love, when Yachiyo pushes her to watch a performance of Shiori's. During the event, Fumi expresses how proud she is of Shiori's performance, and apologizes for not reaching out to her first.

Ichie Otonashi[]

Although very annoyed with Ichie, Fumi is impressed and touched by Ichie's determination to recruit her to Rinmeikan Performance Department. Ichie is the reason why Fumi decides to once again perform in bigger stage. The two banter frequently, and Fumi is often victim to Ichie's pranks.

Tamao Tomoe[]

Tamao is the first to convince Fumi to join and participate in the Performance Department as she needs to protect it from being closed down. Although Tamao doesn't expect Fumi to join the Performance Department, Fumi is impressed with her resilience and transfers in. Fumi says that Tamao's dedication to the stage is what made her a Stage Girl again. She makes Tamao a meal made with ponzu as a gift on White Day as a respect.



  • Rinmeikan VS Seisho
  • Rinmeikan VS Siegfeld
  • Rinmeikan VS Frontier (Presumed)



  • The name Fumi means "sentence, letter" (文) (fumi).
  • Fumi's surname Yumeoji means "dream, vision" (夢) (yume) , "big, great" (大) (o) and “road, path“ (路) (ji).
  • Fumi's revue introduction references the meaning of her surname and Shiori's given name[2].


  • Fumi's favorite gift is ponzu.
  • Fumi explains in the Purehearted White Day Recipe event that she's better at cooking than baking.
  • Fumi used to work at a bookstore, where she would read to children from nursery school [5].
  • Fumi can play the organ and piano [6].
  • Fumi's family runs a factory [6].
  • Fumi lives separately from the others at her own apartment [7].
  • Fumi's weapon is a swordbreaker.
    • With deep serrations at the back of the blade, swordbreakers are meant to catch swords into the combed metal so that the user can snap the sword or disarm their opponent. Her weapon, "Kingfisher", is named after the kingfisher bird. "Kingfisher" can also be spelled with the kanji "翡翠", which when pronounced "hisui" means "jade," referring to Fumi's previous position as Frau Jade.


Stage Cards[]



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