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Futaba Isurugi (石動 双葉, Isurugi Futaba) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise. She is a second-year student from the Actor Training Department at Seisho Music Academy's 99th Graduating Class.

A highly unorthodox Stage Girl who came to Seisho Music Academy along with her childhood friend Kaoruko. Kind-hearted despite her rough words, she takes care of Kaoruko while always griping. Tiny but athletic, she shows deadly aptitude for staged swordfights.[1]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

QLeft.png I found it that day. A two-man performance on a stage where flowers dance.
From here on, no one else may enter. A direct path with no holding back!
99th Class — Futaba Isurugi! I will dash forth with fighting spirit!

QLeft.png あの日 あたしは見つけちまった 花舞う舞台の 二人芝居
ここからは 誰も進入禁止 斬り捨て御免の 一本道!
99期生 石動双葉 気合い入れて突っ走ります!

QLeft.png ano hi atashi wa mitsuke chimatta hana mau butai no futari shibai
koko kara wa dare mo shin'nyū kinshi kirisutegomen no ipponmichi!
kyūjū kyū kisei Isurugi Futaba! kiai irete tsuppashirimasu!


Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has amethyst eyes and amaranth-colored hair, which she wears in a pixie cut with her bangs parted on the right side, exposing her forehead. She is the shortest girl in her class.

Her Seisho uniform consists of a gray blazer with dark-gray trimming and a gray knife-pleated skirt, a white button-up shirt, a red ribbon tie, and brown loafers, which she wears with black crew socks.

Her casual outfit consists of an oversized caramel-colored hoodie with bell sleeves with yellow bands, which she wears with tan-colored boots. Around the dorms, she wears a rich-green-colored sweatshirt with a Daruma doll patch and light-green trimming, a plain-black T-shirt, and dark-purple shorts.

Her revue outfit comprises a rich-purple jacket with golden piping, a standing-type collar, white turnbacks with golden piping, red cuff flaps with a golden trim, and a golden armband, aiguillettes, and epaulettes over a plain-white button-up shirt. Her belt is golden with a golden buckle identical to Kaoruko's. Her skirt is a very-pale-purple knife-pleated skirt with a purple band near the bottom, a purple ribbon at the back, and a light-pink tulle dress tail. Like all the other girls, she wears black boots with golden trim detailing and a tassel, as well as a red pelisse jacket with golden piping over her left shoulder, held to a red shoulder belt by a golden aiguillette and a golden button. Her weapon is a halberd with an amethyst-colored gem at its base.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Background[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Futaba means "twins" (双) (futa) and "leaf" (葉) (ha/ba).
  • Futaba's surname Isurugi means "stone" (石) (isu) and "movement" (動) (rugi).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Futaba's favorite gift is kinako sticks.
  • Futaba and Kaoruko are the only characters for whom the gems in their weapons and "Starlight" goddess outfits do not match their image colors, but rather are a combination of both of their image colors, and match between them.
  • Romantic nature of relationship of Kaoruko and Futaba are a widespread fanon among the fandom franchise, which is explained by the fact that these two have the highest intimacy and most openly portrayed affection among other pairs of girls.
  • Despite the fact that in every duet there is a girl who plays the role of an otokoyaku , Futaba is the character who most closely matches this archetype. This makes her short stature more meaningful in context, since this role is traditionally performed by tall actresses.
  • Her weapon's design is based on that of a German halberd. Halberds originated in Switzerland around the 14th century and were eventually refined by German armies. Halberds tended to be around 6 feet in length to be able to knock off cavalry horsemen, but Futaba's version of the halberd is much shorter.

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