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Details[edit | edit source]

Stage Girl Yachiyo Tsuruhime 【Bond Story】
School Siegfeld Institute of Music
Initial Rarity
Four Star icon.png
Element Space Element.png Space
Position Middle Position.jpg Middle
Act Type Normal Act Type.png Normal
Description Balanced stats. Recovering Brilliance is her forte. Her powerful Climax Act applies Damage Received down.

Acts[edit | edit source]

Strike of Brilliance Brilliance recovery Act.png Low damage to front enemy. Low Brilliance recovery to self.
Ambitious Strike Act Power up Auto Skill.png High damage to front enemy. Act Power up & Dexterity up & Critical up to self.
Rondo of Brilliance Brilliance recovery Act.png Medium damage to front enemy. Medium Brilliance recovery to 2 allies with the highest Act Power.
Treacherous Die Brilliance recovery Act.png Very high damage to all enemies. Brilliance Regen & Damage received down to all allies.
Auto Skill Fortitude Act.png (At Start) Fortitude to resist 1 hit(s)
Evasion Rate Up Act.png (At Start) 52% Evasion Rate up to all allies for 2 turn(s)
Brilliance Auto Skill.png (Passive) Get 10 Brilliance each turn
Unit Skill Middle Position Unit Skill A.png Act Power up +10% (MAX 30%) & Critical +10% (MAX 30%) to Center Position

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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