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Kyoko Yakumo (八雲 響子 Yakumo Kyōko) is a teacher at Seiran General Art Institute.


Yakumo has long black hair. It is pushed behind her right ear but allowed to fall over her shoulder on her left side. She has no bangs. She has pale blue eyes.

Her outfit consists of a white collared shirt with a black tie. Over her shirt she wears a black vest. She wears an open blue jacket with short sleeves that goes to her knees. She wears a wrap around her right hand. She wears black jeans with a brace right above her right knee. She wears black shoes.


Yakumo can be seen as strict and scary by her students. She tends to push them hard and strives for perfection. At the same time, she knows their limits and doesn’t push anyone past what she thinks they are capable of. This stems from her past and how she dealt with feeling inferior to those around her, especially her senpais.

In The Live 2, Yakumo is more cold and strict to her students. She uses them for her own gain of trying to take “Starlight” from Seisho without ever informing Koharu, Suzu, or Hisame of the true intent she has for who plays Flora and Claire. It creates a rift between her and the three girls as they feel betrayed by her. As Yakumo watches the stage girls work together to fight the korosu, she realized her errors and asks for them to overcome her and win the revue. As she is cut down and defeated by them, she is both proud of the stage girls and embarrassed at being made a fool of from her own doings.

During the BLUE GLITTER stage play, Yakumo has since changed and tries to understand her students and support them more. As she watches Koharu struggle, she steps in, albeit secretly, to try and help her find her way again. When she gets found out as Sōda exposes her to them all, she gets embarrassed and shies away. At the same time she is proud of her students for overcoming their struggles and being able to succeed in the revue.


Yakumo attended Seisho at the same time as Sawa Souda, being two years her junior. Yakumo challenges the 74th graduating class for a lead role in “Starlight” which put her up against Sōda as well as Ichika. She succeeds at claiming the role of Claire in the play, taking the side of Sōda playing Flora due to unforeseen circumstances happening that made Ichika unable to attend the auditions.

Despite all of this, as practice begins for the play, Yakumo finds herself feeling insufficient for her role as Claire, believing that it should be Ichika in this role and not her. It gets to the point where Yakumo ends up dropping out of not only the play, but Seisho altogether and goes to Seiran General Art Institute instead. She does not even tell Sōda, or anyone for that matter, that she is leaving and just does.

Even after she graduates the feelings she has never go away. She returns to Seiran as a teacher and begins shaping a new generation of actors in her own way. However, she never truly faces her past and her own feeling of inferiority and hides them. She never goes and faces Sōda again until The LIVE- 2 Transition where all her feelings finally come out.


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Sawa Souda[]

Yakumo and Souda attended Seisho together, Souda being a third year while Yakumo a first year. Yakumo holds respect for her, calling her "Senpai". She had looked up to her and admired her through the time they were together at Seisho, When she runs away, she cuts all contact with her and hides away.

During The Live #2 Yakumo and Sōda face each other at odds. By the end of the play, they are able to mend some of the issues between them and start becoming friends again, They are seen on even friendlier terms in BLUE GLITTER with Yakumo asking Sōda for help with Koharu. They also explore more of their past, with Sōda revealing all of her feelings about their time together at Seisho and how she regrets things.


  • The name Kyoko means "sound, echo" (響) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyoko's surname Yakumo means "eight" (八) (ya) and "cloud" (雲) (kumo).


  • Yakumo and Souda both attended Seisho together.
    • Yakumo looks up to Souda a lot, though Souda was unaware of it throughout their time together in Seisho