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Kyoko Yakumo (八雲 響子 Yakumo Kyōko) is a teacher at Seiran General Art Institute.


Yakumo has long black hair. It is pushed behind her right ear but allowed to fall over her shoulder on her left side. She has no bangs. Her eye color is not known.

Her outfit consists of a white collared shirt with a black tie. Over her shirt she wears a black vest. She wears an open blue jacket with short sleeves that goes to her knees. She wears a wrap around her right hand. She wears black jeans with a brace right above her right knee. She wears black shoes.


Yakumo is often viewed as a strict teacher, even being feared by some students. She strives to make things perfect and tries hard to make a good impression on her students. She pushes them all hard, but does it because she knows they can handle it.

In the second stage play, she is shown to not necessarily care about others' feelings and is set on her own goals - As shown by her using her students to take Starlight but not ever considering them for the lead roles.


As a former student of Seisho, Yakumo has some regrets about her time there. She believes that the school did not allow her to grow as much as she felt she could have and even if she was strong there, compared to other schools she was weak. She mentions that to Futaba during the second stage play to try and convince her to join Seiran. Beyond that, Yakumo takes pride in being at Seiran and wants to show it through her students - Koharu, Suzu, and Hisame.


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Sawa Souda[]

Yakumo and Souda attended Seisho together, Souda being a third year while Yakumo a first year. Yakumo holds respect for her, calling her "Senpai". At the same time, there is an obvious rift between them and their goals in life at first. At the end of the second stage play they appear to have mended things and are on friendly terms.


  • The name Kyoko means "sound, echo" (響) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyoko's surname Yakumo means "eight" (八) (ya) and "cloud" (雲) (kumo).


  • Yakumo and Souda both attended Seisho together.
    • Yakumo looks up to Souda a lot, though Souda was unaware of it throughout their time together in Seisho