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Maho Tomita (富田 麻帆) was born on June 1, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. She voices Maya Tendo and is affiliated with Suns Entertainment.


Maho's career began in 1993 with appearances in television, film, stage plays, and gravure modeling. She made her stage debut at five years old as Molly in the musical production "Annie". Five years later, she would be cast as the titular character.[1] When she joined Suns Entertainment agency, she changed the kanji spelling of her name. She was also a member of the futsal team “Carezza”, retiring in 2007.

Maho began voice acting in 2011, but Maya Tendo is her first major role in this field. She is also known for portraying Shiba Tomoshibi in the Assault Lily franchise.[2]

Out of everyone in Starlight Kuku Gumi, Maho is considered to be the one whose character is least similar to their personality in real life. Whereas Maya is mature and serious, Maho is much more playful and boisterous.[3]


  • Maho's hobbies include reading manga and watching stage plays. She is also good at cooking and has many potted plants in her home.
  • Maho's skills include tap dance and jazz dance.
  • Maho has a pet dog named Macaron (マカロン).[5]
  • Maho's favorite Revue Starlight character is Mahiru Tsuyuzaki[6].
  • Like her character, Maho also enjoys eating baumkuchen. She also likes tsukune skewers.
  • Some of Maho's least favorite foods are strawberries and tomatoes.[7]


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