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Misora Kano (叶 美空, Kanō Misora) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is a first-year student from the Stage Expression Course at Frontier School of Arts.

Aruru Otsuki's childhood friend and the person who knows her best. Raised by parents who run a theater troupe, this Stage Girl has never been far from her calling. Has developed unflinching physical and mental fortitude after years of Aruru's antics. Eats a shocking amount of food in order to keep up her stamina [2].

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png It's something that's always been with me, so that's why I had lost track of it.
My stage — carry it through with love to the depths of this heart! Fly high!
Stage Girl — Misora Kano! Aiming for that sky, to Frontier!

QLeft.png ずっと近くに あるものだから 気づかず見えなくなっていただけ
私の舞台は この胸、この奥 「好き」で貫け! Fly High!
舞台少女 叶美空 あの空目指して すすめフロンティア!

QLeft.png zutto chikaku ni aru monodakara kidzukazu mienaku natte itadake
watashi no butai wa kono mune, kono oku "suki" de tsuranuke! Fly High!
butai shōjo Kanō Misora ano sora mezashite susume Furontia!




Misora has short red hair that is usually kept tied up in a loose side bun on the right side with bangs swept to the left and yellow-brown eyes.

School Uniform

Her Frontier School of Arts uniform consists of a white button-up shirt, a blue striped bow, a burgundy blazer, a burgundy pleated skirt with gold trimmings, white ankle socks and orange sneakers.

Casual Outfit

Misora's casual outfit consists of a white shirt, navy blue jacket with lighter blue trims, and a beige skirt.

Practice Outfit

Her practice outfit consists of a blue shirt with a white design on the top center, black pants, and a red armband on her left arm.

Revue Outfit

Her Revue outfit consists of a brown corset with gold edges that is split apart at the bottom front. There are five gold buttons on both sides. Underneath it is a low cut white dress shirt that has black laces at the chest area holding it together. There are gold stars on both collars. Underneath that appears to be either a black low cut tank or bralette. She wears a grey-purple skirt with white frills. It is double layered. Over her corset and skirt are two brown belts going in opposite directions. She wears a blue jacket with gold trims. The sleeves on the jacket are open on the upper arm and have brown laces across it. She wears thick brown fingerless gloves with gold at the base. She has a red scarf around her neck that is held together by a gold button with a star on it. She has a brown bracelet on her right thigh. She wears brown boots that are folded over at the top to create a collar look. The edges of the collar and base of the boots are gold. The sides of the boots facing out have two gold ribbons attached.


Misora is very athletic and doesn’t tire easily. She also eats a lot of food to maintain her stamina. She works part-time at a bathhouse. As the middle sibling of 5 she is used to a very hectic household.


Misora's parents have a small theater troupe, with which she helps out a lot. She mentions that their career led to some hardships, which is why they were "not entirely happy" when Misora chose to pursue the same career as them.

She grew up with two younger sisters and two older sisters. Because of this, she jokingly states that the "bathroom sink was a battlefield every morning".


Aruru Otsuki[]

Aruru is Misora's childhood friend.

Tsukasa Ebisu[]

Misora watched Tsukasa perform at the previous year's S-Con and thought she was "amazing" and "brilliant". Misora forgets about this when she re-encounters Tsukasa in the cafeteria. While trying to convince Tsukasa to join her team, she remembers Tsukasa's performance and uses it to encourage Tsukasa to perform again.

Tsukasa has mentioned that she and Misora cook together, and once even used candy as an ingredient for cooking.

Misora has stated multiple times that Tsukasa is pretty.

Shizuha Kocho[]

Misora looks up to Shizuha, both in school and on stage. Although at first she was intimidated by her, she now considers her a good friend. In fact, it was Misora who was the brains behind the Easter surprise for her. On normal days, Shizuha enjoys joining Misora in her morning runs, remarking how fit she manages to keep her lifestyle. One time, they had an arm-wrestling competition that ended in a tie.

Lalafin Nonomiya[]

Misora greatly respects and admires Lalafin as well. As Misora is great with athleticism, she does a lot of training alongside Lalafin, who's normally in charge of the stunts. Usually in their free time, Lalafin joins Misora in eating sweets and watching anime. Lalafin has once remarked that having meals with Misora is fun since she enjoys food so much.




  • Frontier VS Siegfeld
  • Frontier VS Seisho
  • Frontier VS Rinmeikan (Presumed)


  • The name Misora means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "sky" (空) (sora).
  • Misora's surname Kano means "leaf" (叶).


  • Misora astrological sign is Libra.
  • Misora wishes to one day have her own theater troupe like her parents.
  • Misora's favorite sport is Basketball.
  • Misora's favorite gift is furikake.
  • Misora jogs every morning that Aruru Otsuki sometimes joins her.
  • Misora describes herself as not being a picky eater.
  • Misora's common lunchtime combination are ultimate yakisoba and bun. She loads strongly-sauced yakisoba in the bread roll, making a nice homemade yakisoba roll to eat.
  • Misora once participated in an arm-wrestling contest.
  • Misora prefers using water-filled plastic bottles instead of dumbbells.
  • Along with Aruru, Misora prefers the action parts of "Captain Twins" rather than memorizing lines, and she states that her strength is in the physical aspects of performing.
    • Misora enjoys reading the script of "Captain Twins" and she considers it her "happy time".


Stage Cards[]



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