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Moeka Koizumi (小泉萌香) was born February 27th, 1996 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She voices Nana Daiba and is affiliated under Amuse Inc agency.


Moeka was born into a musical family, with both of her parents and grandfather having music-related jobs. She also has an older sister who works as a model in Osaka, whose stage name is Licca.[1] In 2014, Moeka won the Amuse Audition 2014 for the Singing and Voice Acting section. Afterward, she began appearing in various commercials and stage plays. She graduated from Osaka University of Arts in March of 2018 with a degree in broadcasting.

She is described as a shy and modest, but sometimes playful person who is rather independent. She says that she relates to her character, Nana, in that she is always preoccupied with her cast-mates' well being.

Along with costar Haruki Iwata, Moeka is part of the musical unit "harmoe".[2]

She is also known for voicing:

  • Yuka Jennifer Sasago in the D4DJ franchise
  • Shioriko Mifune in the Love Live! franchise.


  • Moeka's special skills include choral singing and being able to harmonize in a song after hearing a song only once.
  • Moeka's hobbies include watching movies and singing acapella.
  • Moeka is nearsighted and wears contact lenses.
  • One of Moeka's favorite places to visit is the aquarium.
  • Moeka enjoys reptiles and amphibians and much like her character, Nana, she especially likes frogs. Her favorite frog is the horned frog.
    • She also likes dinosaurs, and wanted to become an archaeologist at one point.[3]
  • Moeka is afraid of bugs and large freshwater fish. She is also afraid of flying on airplanes.
  • Moeka likes wine, green tea, brown rice tea, and apple pie. She also loves ramen.[4]
    • She has said that she really enjoys drinking, but practices self-discipline in order to protect her voice.
    • Her favorite Pringles flavor is Sour Cream & Onion.
  • Moeka's favorite colors are yellow, blue, and emerald green.
  • Moeka's favorite season is winter.


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