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Momoyo Koyama (小山 百代) was born November 30, 1995 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. She voices Karen Aijo and is affiliated with Stardust agency.


Momoyo had an interest in acting from a young age, particularly after becoming familiar with stage play adaptations of the manga series Sailor Moon. She became affiliated with the Sapporo-based acting office Egg in 2007, and she would begin performing in several theatrical plays in Hokkaido. In 2014, she was cast as Sailor Mercury in the stage musical Sailor Moon -Petite Étrangère-, and she would reprise the role the following year in the stage musical Sailor Moon -Un Nouveau Voyage-.

At one point in her career, as Momoyo was unsure of what her future held, she considered retiring from acting and pursuing a different career. Following a recommendation from the director of the Sailor Moon stage plays, who was surprised to hear that she was not a voice actress, she decided to try out voice acting. After passing an audition held by the talent agency Stardust Promotion, she became affiliated with them in 2017 and moved to Tokyo. That same year, she was cast as Karen Aijo.

In April 23, 2020, Momoyo announced a month-long hiatus from voicework due to vocal cord nodule surgery. She explained that for the past three years, she had problems with her vocal cords and tried taking medicine for it. This worked initially, but over time, her schedule did not allow for rest periods and only exacerbated the issue. After consulting with her doctor, she decided to have vocal cord surgery. She has since recovered and has resumed voicework.[1]

Momoyo is also known for voicing Kei Todo in the Rebirth for you franchise.


  • Momoyo's special skill is dancing.
  • Momoyo's favorite food is ramen.
  • Momoyo enjoys reading shoujo manga and hansei-kai, or self-criticism.
  • Momoyo owns a cat named Ame. He has been living with her since March, 2021.[2]
  • Momoyo had previously worked with Kanon Nanaki in the Sailor Moon -Petite Étrangère- and Sailor Moon -Un Nouveau Voyage- musicals and Karin Takahashi in Sailor Moon -Un Nouveau Voyage-.