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Details[edit | edit source]

Stage Girl Shizuha Kocho 【Bond Story】
School Frontier School of Arts
Initial Rarity
Four Star icon.png
Element Moon Element.png Moon
Position Middle Position.jpg Middle
Act Type Normal Act Type.png Normal
Description An attacker with a powerful Climax Act that removes enemy buffs. Increases event item drops by 40% in Wonderland for You and Me.

Acts[edit | edit source]

Slash Front enemy damage Act.png Low damage to front enemy.
Slash of Brilliance Brilliance recovery Act.png Low damage to front enemy. Low Brilliance recovery to self.
Sorrowful Concerto Agility Down Act.png Attack enemy with the highest Act Power and inflict Agility down.
Off With Her Head! Stat buff removal Act.png Stat buff removal to all enemies. High damage to front enemy.
Auto Skill Space DMG Act.png (At Start) Space DMG -22% for 3 turn(s)
Brilliance Auto Skill.png (Passive) Get 4 Brilliance each turn
Act Power up Auto Skill.png (Passive) Damage dealt +7%

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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