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Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight (少女☆歌劇 レヴュー・スタァライト Shōjo Kageki Revū Sutāraito?) is a multimedia project created in 2017 by Bushiroad and Nelke Planning. Primarily consisting of a musical, Revue Starlight also includes a 12 episode animated series, three manga adaptations, and a smartphone game.

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"Starlight" is the song and dance revue troupe loved throughout the world. Karen Aijo and Hikari Kagura make a promise with each other when they're young that one day they'll stand on that stage together. Time passes, and now the girls are 16 years old. Karen is very enthusiastic about the lessons she takes every day, holding her promise close to her heart. Hikari has transferred schools and is now away from Karen. But the cogs of fate turn, and the two are destined to meet again. The girls and other "Stage Girls" will compete in a mysterious audition process to gain acceptance into the revue.

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Two New Films in Production!
Revue Starlight Films Teaser Trailer

Revue Starlight Films Teaser Trailer

Two new films have been announced! The first, a recap of the anime tentatively titled "Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Revival Summary: Rondo Rondo Rondo", is scheduled for release in early summer 2020. The second is an untitled film with a new story and is also slated for 2020. Bana-nice!

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What is your favorite song from "La Revue​ Éternelle"?

The poll was created at 23:21 on November 4, 2019, and so far 209 people voted.

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