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The Revue of Auriga is the name of the third audition battle for the production of "Starry Diamond".

Theme[edit | edit source]

"The Auriga is modeled after Erichtonius, the third king of Athens.

Though he was a wise king, he was born with a crippled foot that rendered him unable to walk. So, tying his body to a horse, he participated in battles and excelled in heroism. Because of his wealth of knowledge and ingenuity, he was able to create a wheelchair-like device.

For his wisdom and courage, he was honored as the brightest star Auriga and ascended into the night sky--

The Revue of Auriga will be performed by Junna, Yuyuko, and Lalafin.

Yuyuko, who showcases her Rakugo; Lalafin, who plays the hero; Junna, who manipulates her quotes and is busy acting as the 'tsukkomi'.

Combating each other with their own knowledge, who will overcome the chaotic Revue of Auriga? Who will gain the brilliance of Capella?"[1]

Revue[edit | edit source]


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