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The Revue of Canis Major is the name of the first audition battle for the production of "Starry Diamond".


"Laelaps, a dog with 'the agility to let no prey escape' tried to hunt a mischievous fox, but this fox was given 'the agility to never be caught'.

Laelaps was unable to catch the fox, but the fox was unable to escape from Laelaps--

The Revue of Canis Major is a Revue Duet given to the duos of Futaba/Kaoruko and Tamao/Rui.

In this Revue, Tamao and Rui prove to be an outstanding pair against Futaba and Kaoruko, who bicker over trivial matters.

Laelaps and the mischievous fox, chasing and being chased. Which duo will get Sirius, a corner of this diamond shining in the midwinter's night?"[1]