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The Revue of Canis Minor is the name of the fifth audition battle for the production of "Starry Diamond".

Theme[edit | edit source]

"The hunter Actaeon was caught peeping at the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis, while she was bathing, and was turned into a deer. Actaeon's excellent hunting dog, Melampus, caught the deer without realizing it was his master.

Melampus, who waited to be praised by a master who would never return, eventually died, and his body rose into the night sky and became a star--

This review of Canis Minor will be performed by Mahiru, Ichie, and Aruru.

Who will please the audience the most, just as Melampus wished to please his master?

Bearing their own unique brilliance, who will be the Number One Idol Dog? Who will receive the brilliance of Procyon?"[1]

Revue[edit | edit source]


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