The Revue of Despair (絶望のレビュー, Zetsubō no Rebyū) is the Revue between Futaba Isurugi and Kaoruko Hanayagi in the first stage play Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#1.

When Souda-sensei pairs them up, Futaba and Kaoruko are still in their yukatas, the same outfits they wore previously during the song Watashitachi no Iru Riyuu. While Kaoruko thinks the match-up is interesting, Futaba is reluctant, asking why she had to be paired off against Kaoruko of all people. Kaoruko attacks first with her fan and eventually Futaba also draws her bokken and they trade blows. Kaoruko reminds Futaba of last year's performance of Starlight and says that Futaba had been most insubordinate and judges Futaba for not offering the role to her even though they were scored equally. Kaoruko says that Futaba had priviledged herself over Kaoruko, which Futaba agrees with, saying that she has her own dream to achieve.

A screenshot from the first stageplay showing the Revue of Despair featuring Kaoruko and Futaba. Kaoruko is on her knees, her head down in defeat. Futaba stands behind her, her weapon pointing towards Kaoruko, and she looks at her in shock.

Kaoruko on her knees, begging Futaba to deal the final blow.

Their fight continues during the song The Show Must Go On!, during which they are now in their Revue outfits and fighting with their Revue weapons. Futaba tells Kaoruko that she can't keep standing in Kaoruko's shadow forever, to which Kaoruko replies that she thinks that it suits Futaba quite well.

The fighting is temporarily interrupted by Junna after she looses her Revue of Fury against Hikari and Karen. However, the fighting continues during the second version of The Show Must Go On!. Kaoruko and Futaba continue to trade blows when Futaba lands a heavy hit on Kaoruko. Kaoruko screams in pain and sinks to her knees. Kaoruko yields and lays down her weapon, asking Futaba to finish her. Futaba is confused at Kaoruko's capitulation and tries to reason with her, but Kaoruko just apologizes for having been so selfish all this time. Seeing Kaoruko cry on her knees, Futaba cannot bring herself to deal the final blow and turns away. Then, Kaoruko starts laughing, gets up and strikes down Futaba instead, revealing that the whole capitulation had been but an act. Futaba slumps to the ground and Kaoruko rips off Futaba's cloak. Kaoruko reminds her that the Revue's title is "Despair" and drops the cut-off cloak in front of Futaba with a smile, content with her own performance.

Kaoruko turns away as if to leave the stage when Futaba calls out to her, asking Kaoruko if she's crying. Kaoruko doesn't turn around, but her strained voice suggests that she is indeed crying, and the two leave the stage.

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