The Revue of Fury (激昂のレビュー, Gekikō no Rebyū) is the Revue between Junna Hoshimi and Hikari Kagura that is later interrupted by Karen Aijo. The Revue appears in the first stage play Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#1.

Souda-sensei announces the rules of the auditions and Junna and Hikari gather on stage. While Junna is confused and reluctant at first, Hikari is determined to fight. After the title of the Revue is revealed, Hikari transforms into her Revue outfit. Hikari then begins to act out a friendly scene in which she and Junna have been friends for a long time, but Junna refuses to cooperate. When Hikari comments on Junna's lack of brilliance, Junna finally gets serious, the spotlights switch onto her, and the real fight begins.

A screenshot from the first stageplay, showing Junna and Hikari's Revue of Fury. Junna is on the ground and Hikari towers over her, pointing her dagger down at Junna.

Hikari manages to gain the upper hand.

Junna, now in her Revue outfit and armed with her bow, continues to fight Hikari during The Show Must Go On!. They trade multiple blows until Junna falls to the ground and Hikari towers over her, dagger outstretched. Junna begs Souda-sensei to lower the curtains but she refuses, saying that the audition is over when the Giraffe says so. Junna is close to giving up when Hikari dares her to hit her with everything she has and starts singing Jeanne d'Arc. Junna watches her from behind silently. When Hikari stops singing, Junna compliments her on her performance first, but quickly adds that her eyes hadn't been shining. The music promptly halts and the spotlights focus in on Junna - the tables are switched. Junna reveals that she's discovered Hikari's weak point: the fact that Hikari has no dream of her own. Junna laughs at her realization while Hikari stays quiet, and Junna confidently continues the fight.

A screenshot from the first stage plays' Revue of Fury. Junna and Hikari are engaged in a fight when the curtains open and a transformed Karen enters the stage in her Revue outfit. Hikari and Junna stare at her, while the overseers of the Revues watch them from atop the stairs.

Karen enters the stage.

Things are starting to look dire for Hikari when suddenly Karen enters the scene from behind the curtain, calling out to Hikari. Karen begs them to stop fighting and all lights are killed. Souda-sensei comments on Karen's lack of motivation for the stage and asks her to leave, and Junna yells at Karen not to disturb their fight. Hikari begs Karen to stay away. However, Karen transforms into her Revue outfit and enters the stage while singing RE:. During the song, Karen tries to reach out to Hikari, but the latter refuses and turns her back to her. Meanwhile, Junna now starts attacking the intruder as well. The overseers of the audition wonder why Karen was accepted onto the stage, to which Souda-sensei replies that she wasn't - the only reason why Karen managed to intrude was because she had answered most strongly to the theme of "Fury".

Junna and Karen trade blows until Karen eventually manages to cut off Junna's cloak. Junna sinks to her knees in defeat, and Souda-sensei announces the winners: Karen and Hikari. Junna starts crying and quickly gathers her cloak, gets up and runs off the stage. Karen tries to stop her, but Junna gets away.

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