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The Revue of Gemini is the name of the second audition battle for the production of "Starry Diamond".

Theme[edit | edit source]

"Castor and Pollux, born from the great god Zeus and the incredible beauty Leda, were very close twin brothers. Castor was a master of swords, while Pollux was a master equestrian; however, during the war, Castor was struck by a stray arrow and killed in battle.

Pollux told Zeus he wished to die with his brother and pleaded for Zeus to remove his immortality. Zeus heard his request and turned both of them into stars--

The Revue of Gemini is a revue involving Claudine, Shiori, and Fumi.

Unable to personify the harmony of the Gemini constellation, sisters Shiori and Fumi argue with with each other while Claudine, as Zeus, arbitrates.

Who will put on a radiant performance in the Revue of Gemini and receive Pollux's brilliance?"[1]

Revue[edit | edit source]


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