The Revue of Jealousy is the name of the fourth audition battle.

The Revue begins with Mahiru Tsuyuzaki reciting a passionate dialogue between herself and Karen Aijo, with Mahiru acting out both parts, to a confused Karen. With miniature cutouts of the two Stage Girls as well as baseball-themed cutouts of Suzudaru Cat, Mahiru vows to best Hikari Kagura and the others so that she can shine onstage with Karen forever. Frightened with how Mahiru presents this, Karen begins to run all over the Underground Theater, with Mahiru giving chase.

More baseball-themed features appear during this pursuit as Mahiru swings her mace at Karen, knocking her down a trap doors which lead to different stages in the theater. Mahiru becomes somber once they approach the stage where Hikari is dueling against Claudine Saijo. She begs Karen to go back to the way she was so that they could spend more time together. Karen refuses, adamant on keeping the promise she made to Hikari.

The two enter a different area rife with cutouts of Seisho Academy and of Karen and Mahiru, where they continue dueling. Mahiru expresses her insecurities to Karen, believing she is worthless without Karen by her side. Karen refutes this, telling Mahiru that she exudes her own brilliance with her kindness and enthusiastic performances. Mahiru is taken aback by this and realizing that she does not have to rely on Karen to be a brilliant performer, she allows Karen to win the audition.

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