The Revue of Maze (迷宮のレビュー, Meikyū no Rebyū) is the Revue between Maya Tendo and Claudine Saijo during the first stage play Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#1.

A screenshot from -The LIVE-#1 Revival, showing Maya and Claudine facing off against each other.

After being paired-up by Souda-sensei, Maya and Claudine cross swords. Maya wonders what exactly it is that they're supposed to be "lost in", given the title of the Revue, to which Claudine replies that Maya is always lost and that she can read Maya like an open book. The two of them fight on, not trying to hold back for the other, but instead trying to act superior to each other.

They continue their fight while The Show Must Go On! is sung on stage. Eventually, Maya gains the upper hand when Claudine falls to her knees, and Maya stabs Claudine through her side with her rapier. Claudine screams in pain, but gets up onto her feet, Maya's sword still in her. Maya comments on Claudine's arrogance and says that it is misplaced when all Claudine ever does is look at Maya's back. Maya forcefully removes the sword and Claudine screams again, but stays on her feet. Maya suggests that perhaps her very own existence is Claudine's "maze", and the reason for the Revue's title. The fight goes on.

Maya eventually manages to disarm Claudine right when they are interrupted by Junna, who had just lost her Revue of Fury against Hikari and Karen. Realizing that everyone else had also been fighting, Maya is surprised by the fact that Claudine isn't her only opponent, and the fact that Hikari and especially Karen managed to beat Junna. When Karen enters and apologizes to Junna, Maya proclaims that the Revues aren't over yet. Saying that she knows no defeat, she turns back to Claudine and mentions that the same also goes for her. Maya picks up Claudine's sword and offers it to her. Claudine is surprised, but gets up right away, saying that while her "maze" might be Maya herself, she will not give up, and reaches for the handle of her sword. Souda-sensei enters again, announces the new match-ups, and the fighting continues once again over the second version of The Show Must Go On!.

Maya and Claudine trade blows until Claudine's cloak is finally cut off and she lands on her knees, screaming in frustration. Maya approaches her and tells her that Claudine has never looked more beautiful. Maya kneels down to reach for Claudine's cut-off cloak and offers it back to Claudine, saying that she acknowledges her and that Claudine's strength is remarkable. Claudine grabs the cloak and clutches it to her chest and both of them get up and exit the stage.

The Revue of Maze seamlessly transitions into the stage play version of the Revue of Pride, in which Maya is paired off against Kaoruko. Still clutching her cloak, Claudine watches them from behind the curtain.

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