The Revue of Pride (傲慢のレビュー, Gōman no Rebyū) is the Revue between Maya Tendo and Kaoruko Hanayagi during the first stage play Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE-#1.

It is not to be confused with the Revue of Pride (誇りのレビュー, Hokori no Rebyū), the Revue between Maya Tendo and Karen Aijo in the anime.

A screenshot of the first stage play picturing Maya and Kaoruko in their Revue outfits. They point their weapons at each other in preparation for their fight. Behind the wall, Claudine and Futaba watch them from the stairs.

Maya and Kaoruko preparing to fight.

Maya and Kaoruko are paired up against each other by Souda-sensei after Maya beats Claudine in the Revue of Maze and Kaoruko beats Futaba in the Revue of Despair. The defeated Claudine and Futaba watch the fight from behind the curtain. Just as the battle is about to start, Junna enters and begs Souda-sensei to stop the fights. Maya and Kaoruko acknowledge each other and prepare to fight. Futaba cheers Kaoruko on, saying that she better not loose after having beaten her previously. Claudine replies to Futaba and says that Maya won't loose easily either.

"The greater the pride, the harder the fall", Maya exclaims, before twirling around and cutting off Kaoruko's cloak. Kaoruko stumbles for a second before falling to the ground. Cherry blossom petals drift down onto her as she looks up in defeat. Maya compliments her on her good performance.

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