The Revue of Promise is the name of the fifth audition battle.

After agreeing upon the terms and conditions of the battle, the two of them begin to spar. Futaba Isurugi charges at Kaoruko Hanayagi, continually delivering power strikes and Kaoruko blocking each one. All the while, Futaba expresses how hard she has worked as an actress, training every day so she can not only see Kaoruko's brilliance, but be brilliant onstage with her as well. Futaba punctuates this with yet another power strike, knocking Kaoruko backwards. Kaoruko becomes tearful as she realizes that Futaba's training has resulted in her skills being higher than her own. Feeling a sense of failure in her responsibility to perform at her best for those who support her, she begins to loosen her coat and forfeit the Revue. Futaba intervenes, in turn giving Kaoruko the strength to finish the Revue at her best. Giving it her all, Kaoruko takes a powerful swing at Futaba, knocking the button off her coat and winning the Revue.

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