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The Revue of Taurus is the name of the fourth audition battle for the production of "Starry Diamond".

Theme[edit | edit source]

"Aldebaran, or the 'Eye of Taurus', is said to be Zeus taking the form of a bull.

Transformed into a bull, Zeus approached the princess Europa, and when she lowered her guard, he took her away to the island of Crete where and made her give birth to a child. It is said that this child born from the bull and the Queen of Crete was the Minotaur monster--

The Revue of Taurus will be performed by Maya, Nana, Michiru, Yachiyo, and Shizuha.

The members in this revue are divided by school, playing the parts of 'Zeus', 'Europa', and 'Minotaur'...

Only one can become a star. Who will be the traitor under the night sky of this revue? Who will receive the brilliance of Aldebaran?"[1]

Revue[edit | edit source]


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