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QLeft.png I'm doing my best to be like Tamao-senpai! QRight.png

Rui Akikaze (秋風 塁, Akikaze Rui) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is a first-year student from the Performance Department at Rinmeikan Girls School.

Rui's became inspired to act after being instantly smitten with Tamao Tomoe's performance skills in junior high. Thanks to Tamao's training, she's gradually gotten better about her stage fright and dealing with pressure. She has a strong admiration for Tamao as the person who inspired her to act [1].

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png Drawn by a distant pearl, I rested my blade.
Distance awakes me. I draw my blade and run to you.
Rinmeikan Performance Association — Rui Akikaze! My life is on this stage!

QLeft.png 遠き美珠に 憧れ抱き 鞘にて過ごした 幼きあの日々
隔てて気付く 想いの緒 抜き身の覚悟で いざ駆け上らん
凛明館演劇同好会 秋風塁! 命の在処 この舞台に見つけたり!

QLeft.png tōki mitama ni akogare daki saya nite sugoshita osanaki ano hibi
hedatete kidzuku omoi no itoguchi nuki mi no kakugo de iza kake aga ran
Rinmeikan engeki dōkō-kai Akikaze Rui! inochi no arika kono butai ni mitsuke tari!



Rui has long, dark brown hair that is tied up in a high ponytail. Her hair reaches down to a little below her waist. She has amber eyes.

Her school uniform consists of a short dark brown blazer, and the same shade of dark brown dress. The blazer has a white collar with a dark brown stripe an inch or two from the edge. The blazer also has white cuffs with a dark brown stripe in the middle wrapping around the cuff. There is a red ribbon in the center of the blazer. The dress is short and goes down just past the hips. It has four golden buttons. Two on each side of the stomach area. At the top of the dress, there is a white stripe an inch or two from the collar. She wears calf-high black stockings and brown flats.

Rui’s Revue outfit consists of a kimono-Type outfit in green. A red flower is clipped onto her right bang. Under the kimono she wears a white skirt with a golden trim and another black skirt underneath it. She wears a plate on her right arm connected to her body by a red ribbon on her underarm, though in the live concerts her plate is connected by a golden rope around her neck as well as the ribbon. The outfit also consists of black knee-high boots with gold on the top rim and the bottom. A red ribbon is tied to the front of both boots. There are also two bracelets, one red and one gold around the ankles of the boots.


Rui has a very shy and awkward personality, contributed to by her extreme lack of confidence and tendency to keep opinions to herself. She has tried to overcome the sociophobia but makes little progress. She claims that is the reason she can never advance in her kendo ranking.

Rui's admiration of Tamao is the driving force behind many of her actions, and she is often eager to completely abandon what she is doing in favor of helping Tamao or doing her a favor in some way. The other Rinmeikan girls are aware of her intense admiration for her senior, to varying response.


Rui says was inspired to act because of Tamao, whom she was in the same drama club as in middle school. Her grandmother was also an actress, who won awards for performance as Onikage in "Tales of Onikurenai."


Tamao Tomoe[]

Rui has great respect for Tamao, who helped her achieve her dream of becoming a stage girl and was also her mentor when she was younger. Rui is seen to be very flustered around Tamao. Some of the official artwork reveals that Rui most likely has romantic feelings towards Tamao.

Yuyuko Tanaka[]

Rui feels at ease around Yuyuko, as she said that they became friends before she knew it. She calls Yuyuko, Yukko, as a term of endearment, and is the only one that does so. However, she is also annoyed with Yuyuko due to the latter's sleeping habit.

Fumi Yumeoji[]

Fumi is Rui's senior at Rinmeikan and thee two respect each other as performers. Fumi sees Rui as a stage girl with a lot of potential, but is troubled by her willingness to live in Tamao and others' shadows, encouraging her to share her own thoughts about performing and take center stage more.

Ichie Otonashi[]

Like Fumi and Tamao, Rui looks up to Ichie as a senior. In the Purehearted White Day Recipe event, Rui says she first met Ichie when she was looking for Tamao at Rinmeikan earlier in the school year. To help ease her nerves, Ichie offered Rui ‘barley tea’, which was actually noodle sauce. Rui took it in stride as Ichie patiently guided her and led her to Tamao's classroom. In a memoir, Rui can be seen hanging out with Ichie as they visit Fumi's café as she's working.



  • Rinmeikan VS Seisho
  • Rinmeikan VS Siegfeld
  • Rinmeikan VS Frontier (Presumed)



  • The name Rui means "base" (塁).
  • Rui's surname Akikaze means "autumn" (秋) (aki) and "wind" (風) (kaze).


  • Rui's favorite gift is a donut.
  • Rui learned kendo from her grandfather who, according to her, was a kendo master [2].
  • Rui's weapon is an odachi, a Japanese greatsword sometimes extending beyond 100cm in length. It is typically wielded with two hands, but it was actually more often used as a ceremonial sword. Because of its unwieldy length, samurai would carry it by hand to be able to draw it quickly, and during the Muromachi period some samurai even had a follower to help them draw it.
  • Rui feels at ease around Yuyuko Tanaka and she mentions they became friends before she had realized.
    • Rui is the only one that calls Yuyuko, "Yukko".
  • Doing practice swings helps Rui calm down.
  • Rui's grandmother played Onikage.
  • Rui has stage fright, despite being a stage girl.


Stage Cards[]



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  2. "My Theater" dialogue: "My grandfather was a kendo master. He taught me."