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Sawa Souda (走駝 紗羽, Souda Sawa), also referred to as "Souda-sensei", is the headmistress of Seisho Music Academy and the Underground Theater stage director in Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #1.



Souda-sensei has garnered a reputation among her students for being notoriously brisk and stern. She believes in self-sufficiency, telling a young Karen Aijo that if one desires something badly enough, they will obtain it by any means necessary.


An alumnus of Seisho Music Academy herself, Souda-sensei graduated a few years prior to Kyoko Yakumo. After graduation, she began a career as a prolific actress, performing in the renowned stage production of "Starlight". Hikari Kagura and Karen Aijo were dazzled by her performance as Claire, and her additional words to Karen after the play was over partly inspired her to attend Seisho in pursuit of a theater career.


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Souda-sensei is honored that the Giraffe has come to Seisho to hold audition battles. As seen in both stage plays, she is willing to sacrifice the well-being of her students to entertain the Giraffe while directing audition battles. When she fails to enforce the audition battle system onto her students, she apologizes to him profusely and pleads for him not to leave Seisho, vowing to rectify her mistakes next time.

Kyoko Yakumo[]

In the second stage play, it is revealed that Souda-sensei was Yakumo-sensei's senpai. Together, much like Seisho's 99th Acting department, the two of them participated in battles in the Twilight Theater and fought against the formidable Black Chorus. While the relationship between them as adults initially appeared tense, by the end of the second stage play, they appear to have a friendly relationship.


  • The name Sawa means "thread, silk" (紗) (sa) and "feather" (羽) (ha/wa).
  • Sawa's surname Souda means "running" (走) (sou) and "quiver" (駝) (da).