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Shōjo☆Conte All Starlight is a mini anime series that premiered in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Re LIVE app and was later uploaded to Youtube. It began on July 5th, 2019 and premiered the final episode on December 27th, 2019. The theme song is Butai Shōjo Taisō (舞台少女体操 Stage Girl Calisthenics) by Starlight Kuku Gumi. [1]



No. Title Air Date
01 "Curtains Raised!? A Chaotic Audition!"
(開演 !?はちゃめちゃオーディション!, Kaien!? Wachamecha ōdishon!)
July 5, 2019
During practice, the Stage Girls at Seisho Music Academy attempt to steal position zero from each other in various comedic ways. Junna Hoshimi arrives to stop the bickering when all of them begin receiving messages from the Giraffe. They continue to let their phones ring out of reluctance to attend the auditions, much to Elle and the Giraffe's dismay.
02 "Elle is a Mysterious Navigator"
(えるは謎のナビゲーター, Eru wa Nazo no Nabigētā)
July 12, 2019
The girls arrive at the Underground Theater where the Giraffe and Elle are waiting for them. Elle attempts to explain what is expected of them, but they express their disinterest and repeatedly interrupt her. Only after Elle throws a tantrum do Karen Aijo and the others agree to participate in their audition battles.
03 "Meet the Champions of Siegfeld!"
(王者シークフェルト見参!, Ōja Shīkuferuto Kenzan!)
July 19, 2019
Elle introduces the Seisho girls to their competitors: Siegfeld Institute of Music. They're particularly dazzled by their lead actress, Akira Yukishiro; however, when Liu Mei Fan reveals a stain on Akira's uniform, the Seisho girls realize that Akira is not as perfect as she seems.
04 "Who is the Top Batter!?"
(トップバッターは誰だ!?,Toppu Battā wa Dareda!?)
July 26, 2019
The first audition battle begins! Seisho selects Karen as their first participant, but Mei Fan and Shiori Yumeoji get into an argument over who among them will be Karen's opponent.
05 "Aishitemasu!? The Ultimate Performance Revue!"
(愛してます!? 究極の演技力レヴュー!,Aishitemasu!? Kyūkyoku no Engi-ryoku Revyū!)
August 2, 2019
Maya Tendo is pitted against Akira in the final match between Seisho and Siegfeld. It is an Etude Revue, with the theme of Great Historical Figures. Maya gives a surreal performance imitating Cleopatra, and Akira counters star Hiroshi Tanahashi!?
06 "A Brilliant Tradition! Rinmeikan Arrives!"
(輝く伝統!凛明館、参上!, Kagayaku Dentō! Rinmeikan, Sanjō!)
August 9, 2019
Elle introduces Seisho to their second round of competitors: Rinmeikan Girls School. Kaoruko Hanayagi is altogether unimpressed with their performance, recognizing Tamao Tomoe from their Japanese dance lessons together in Kyoto. Tamao attempts to show her opponents her team's determination by summarizing it in a single Japanese character; however, she writes the incorrect kanji and becomes too embarrassed to carry on.
07 "Romeo, Juliet, and Pride!"
'(ロミオとジュリエットとプライドと!, Romio to Jurietto to Puraido to!)
August 16, 2019
It's Kaoruko versus Tamao in the final match between Seisho and Rinmeikan. Elle has tasked them with performing the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, but what happens when neither competitor is familiar with the play...?
(WE ARE フロンティア! YEAH!, WE ARE Furontia! YEAH!)
August 23, 2019
Elle introduces Seisho to their third round of competitors: Frontier School of Arts. They are immediately taken aback by the group's high energy and relentless positivity, even when it prolongs the start of the audition.
09 "Who is the Quote For!?"
(名言は誰のもの!?, Meigen wa Darenomono!?)
August 30, 2019
It's Aruru Otsuki against Claudine Saijo in the final match between Seisho and Frontier. Junna tries to inspire Claudine with famous quotes, but all them have the unintended effect of hyping up Aruru and her team as well.
10 "Crab Fried Rice is the Meal of Champions!"
(カニチャーハンは王者のオーダー!, Kanichāhan wa Ōja no Ōdā!)
September 6, 2019
The Siegfeld girls are training for the underground auditions when they decide to order a meal from a nearby restaurant. Akira decides to shout her order out the window, confident the restaurant employees will hear her. Not wanting to be outdone, Mei Fan also shouts her order. The two of them continue shouting, not realizing that the restaurant is closed that day.
11 "Singing is Dialogue"
(歌声はダイアローグ, Utagoe wa Daiarōgu)
September 13, 2019
Akira is practicing her vocals when Michiru Otori approaches her. Michiru reminds her that although she is the leader of Siegfeld, it is important for the rest of her group to improve their skills as well; however, Akira remains intent on continuing her solo training.
12 "Hikari and Mahiru's Free Time"
(ひかりとまひるの自由な時間, Hikari to Mahiru no Jiyūna Jikan)
September 20, 2019
Karen, Hikari Kagura, and Mahiru Tsuyuzaki film the first episode of "Suzudaru Cat and Mr. White's Friendship Theater". Things go smoothly until it's time to brainstorm ideas for the next episode...
13 "Rinmeikan's Ballet Training!"
(凛明館のバレエ特訓!, Rinmeikan no Barē Tokkun!)
September 27, 2019
Tamao, Rui Akikaze, and Ichie Otonashi gather together for some ballet training, but Yuyuko Tanaka is reluctant to participate. Will Rui and the others be able to convince her?
14 "You're Unreliable, Tamao-senpai!"
(頼りないです!珠緒先輩!, Tayorinai desu! Tamao-senpai!)
October 4, 2019
Yuyuko keeps yawning during dance practice, and Rui wishes Tamao wouldn't be so lenient on her trainees. In a fit of frustration, Rui calls Tamao "unreliable", causing Tamao to lash out and frighten the other girls in an...unexpected manner.
15 "Rinmeikan's Teatime"
(凛明館のティータイム, Rinmeikan no Tītaimu)
October 11, 2019
Tamao, Ichie, and Fumi Yumeoji are enjoying a peaceful teatime until Ichie begins to pester Fumi about the reason why she transferred from Siegfeld to Rinmeikan.
16 "Nana's Cake is Bana-nice!?"
(ななのケーキは、ばなナイス!?, Nana no Kēki wa, Bananaisu!?)
October 18, 2019
Nana Daiba offers Karen and Mahiru some banana cupcakes, but to their surprise, Nana has added some unexpected ingredients inside...
17 "Etude is Freestyle Acting!?"
(エチュードは自由演技!?, Echūdo wa Jiyū Engi!?)
October 25, 2019
Aruru, Shizuha Kocho, and Lalafin Nonomiya decide to practice their improvisational skills, and Lalafin Nonomiya is very intent on utilizing her rhythmic gymnastics background for each prompt Shizuha gives.
18 "Girls' Hearts and Exercise!"
(女子の心とフィジカルと!, Joshi no Kokoro to Fijikaru to!)
November 1, 2019
Misora Kano proposes that the Frontier girls exercise to better themselves; however, the others are only convinced to do so due to the influence of Hollywood celebrities. Will Misora be able to motivate them?
19 "Turned Up!? Frontier's Intense Training!"
(アゲアゲ!?フロンティアの猛特訓!, Ageage!? Furontia no Mō Tokkun!)
November 8, 2019
Misora catches a cold while doing vocal warmups, so Aruru and Tsukasa Ebisu vow to train hard in her place. However, their method of training is not only irrelevant, but a bit inappropriate as well.
20 "After-School Futaba and Kaoruko"
(放課後の双葉と香子, Hōkago no Futaba to Kaoruko)
November 15, 2019
Futaba Isurugi is giving a Kaoruko a massage when Kaoruko tells Futaba there's someone she needs to thank for supporting her throughout her journey as a Stage Girl. Who could it be...?
21 "Useful!? French Class"
(使える!?フランス語講座, Tsukaeru!? Furansugo Kōza)
November 22, 2019
Claudine is here to teach Junna and Futaba some French words and phrases that will help them in everyday situations!
22 "Questions From Hikari"
(ひかりからのクエスチョン, Hikari Kara no Kuesuchon)
November 29, 2019
Mahiru and Hikari host a quiz show in which Karen must answer questions about "Starlight". However, it appears that Hikari has misplaced her copy of the book upon which "Starlight" is based, "The Starlight Gatherer"...
23 "This is the Noble Champion of Shiritori!?"
(これが気高き王者のしりとり!?, Kore ga Kedakakiōja no Shiritori!?)
December 6, 2019
Mei Fan reveals that the game "shiritori" has helped her learn Japanese, so Yachiyo Tsuruhime and Akira decide to play shiritori with her to help improve her vocabulary.
24 "Legendary Acting Challenge! First Part"
(伝説の演技力チャレンジ! 前編, Densetsu no Engi-ryoku Charenji! Zenpen)
December 13, 2019
The Seisho girls try the Legendary Acting Challenge, in which they read from a restaurant menu and use their emotional delivery to make their audience cry. Will Mahiru and Claudine succeed?
25 "Legendary Acting Challenge! Second Part"
(伝説の演技力チャレンジ! 後編, Densetsu no Engi-ryoku Charenji! Kōhen)
December 20, 2019
The Seisho girls agree that the Legendary Acting Challenge was a difficult one when suddenly, two new challengers appear! Will Siegfeld's Akira and Shiori succeed?
26 "Waiting for the Stage Girls"
(舞台少女を待ちながら, Butai Shōjo o Machinagara)
December 27, 2019
Have you ever wondered what happens in the Underground Theater when the Stage Girls aren't around? What about why the Giraffe is able to speak, or what a giraffe's cry sounds like? Find out in the final episode of Shōjo☆Conte All Starlight!