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Main Story[]

This game features a new story that takes place after the events of the TV anime, in which the girls are thrust back into the world of the Revue auditions by a mysterious woman who tasks them with battling mysterious figures called Korosu.

The story so far consists of three parts, with only the third one receiving an official title.

First Part[]

No. Title Date Added
01 "A New Audition"
(新たなオーディション, Arata na Audition)
October 21, 2018
Long after the previous auditions, the Stage Girls of Seisho Music Academy find themselves in the underground stage again, forced to fight their fellow Stage Girls and strange creatures called Korosu to prevent the play "Starlight" from disappearing from people's memories.
02 "Rinmeikan's Determination"
(決意の凛明館, Ketsui no Rinmeikan)
October 21, 2018
The first school Seisho finds themselves up against is Rinmeikan Girls School, a school with a long tradition attended by Tamao Tomoe, an old acquaintance of Kaoruko's. Rinmeikan's Performance Department is in danger of shutting down.
03 "The Frontier Spirit"
(それがフロンティア精神, Sore ga Frontier Seishin)
October 21, 2018
The next school Seisho is up against is Frontier School of Arts, a modern arts school with cutting-edge tech that has a bad reputation for being unserious and flashy. The Seisho girls receive a mysterious, unsigned letter to come to the park at dusk...
04 "Platinum Pride"
(プラチナの誇り, Platinum no Hokori)
October 21, 2018
The last school Seisho is slated to compete against is Siegfeld Institute of Music, an elite school with a tremendous reputation. One day, Siegfeld's top five students, the Edels, come to visit Seisho to investigate their opponents.
05 "Pressing Times"
(消失の時、迫る, Shōshitsu no Toki, Semeru)
October 24, 2018
In the middle of Seisho and Siegfeld's Revue, a mysterious tower appears in the middle of the underground theater, holding the brilliance of "Starlight." Elle implores the Stage Girls of all the schools to invade the tower to help save "Starlight."
06 "Re LIVE"
October 24, 2018
The Stage Girls reach the top of the tower, and there they find hordes of Korosu. After a grueling battle, the Stage Girls manage to wipe out the Korosu and destroy the tower, saving "Starlight."

Second Part[]

Tomohiro Furukawa, who directed the anime, and Tatsuto Higuchi, who was in charge of the series composition, are credited as script supervisors.

No. Title Date Added
07 "'Maya Tendo' Erased"
(削劇『天堂真矢』, Sakugeki 'Tendō Maya')
June 1, 2019
After performing "Starlight" at the 100th Seisho Festival as the lead, Claudine comes to feel that the world is not as it should be. She eventually realizes that someone important is missing: Maya Tendo.
08 "The Dying King and the Four Knights"
(死にゆく王と四人の騎士, Shiniyuku Ō to Yonin no Kishi)
August 1, 2019
With "Elysion" being in danger of disappearing due to the Korosu, Akira and Michiru perform the second part of Elysion to protect it, examining Akira's relationships with the other Edels along the way.
09 "Downfall"
(名門、落つ, Meimon, Otsu)
October 1, 2019
The Rinmeikan Performance Department is faced with the closure of their department having come at last. With no other options, they put everything on the line to perform the forgotten play "Rinmeiki."
10 "Self-Proclaimed Stage Girls"
(自称、舞台少女, Jishō, Butai Shōjo)
December 1, 2019
After performing a Re LIVE alone, Aruru is told by Andrew that of her friends at Frontier, only she is worthy of being called a Stage Girl. Outraged, Aruru sets out to prove that her friends are real Stage Girls by performing a LIVE, a pirate-themed version of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."
11 "Playwriter Stage Girl"
(作劇、舞台少女, Sakugeki, Butai Shōjo)
January 1, 2020
After Aruru reaches out to Elle, the representatives of each of the schools fall into the underground stage, where they learn the true origins of Elle and the Re LIVEs.

Third Part: Arcana Arcadia[]

Arcana Arcadia follows the stage girls as they begin preparing for the Performance Festival, and participate in revues to become the protagonist of an unknown play written by Elle. Each of their roles are based on tarot cards, most of them being Major Arcana. Alongside the main story, the bond stories for each Stage Girl released for the story are viewable in the Gallery, with the label Arcana Arcadia - Intermission.

Tatsuto Higuchi, who was in charge of the series composition for the anime, is credited for writing the story.

Main Story[]

No. Title Date Added
12 "'Shapeless Play - Unknown Lead"
(序章『形なき戯曲、未知なる主役』, Joshō 'Katachi Naki Gikyoku, Machi Naru Shuyaku')
October 21, 2020
The Stage Girls of all the schools meet as preparations for the Performance Festival begin in earnest, and are then dragged to the underground stage again. However, this time the objective is not to become top stars or save a play, but to inspire the child Elle to create an epic play in the future, and become the "unknown lead" of it.
13 "Curtain Rises - The Journey Begins"
(幕があがり、旅がはじまる, Maku ga Agari, Tabi ga Hajimaru)
December 28, 2020
Script readings for the Performance Festival play, Arcana Arcadia, begin, though the script is continually being modified. Tensions are high as the Stage Girls strive to perfect their roles. Kaoruko is provoked by Tamao, and battles in a Revue with Junna. At Rinmeikan Girls School, Rui is shocked by Tamao's cold demeanor. Yuyuko berates Rui for her naivety, and encourages her to stand on her own in a Revue. Moved from watching the Stage Girls fight to become the "unknown lead" of the timeless play, the young Elle feverishly writes "Play A".
14 "Wandering Girls"
(さまよえる少女たち, Samayoeru Shōjotachi)
March 1, 2021
Arcana Arcadia Act 2 script readings occur, and the Edels of Siegfeld Institute of Music reflect on Shiori's acting, as well as that of her sister Fumi and Tamao. Karen and Futaba fight in a Revue after Karen finds Aruru distraught in front of Seisho Music Academy. Shiori is upset and extremely driven after watching Fumi's acting, and has a Revue with Michiru after Michiru realizes her plans for Akira might fall through. Elle continues to write the timeless play.
15 "Where Are the Stars"
(星はいずこに, Hoshi wa Izu Ko ni)
May 12, 2021
In Arcana Arcadia Act 3 script readings, Ichie is inspired to ad-lib all of her lines, angering Fumi. Mahiru and Nana battle over opposing ideals about the "unknown lead". Ichie questions Fumi's motivations in a Revue after Fumi scolds Ichie for going off script, and Michiru employs a new member of "Troupe A" to help the child Elle.


No. Title Date Added
Part 0.5
Hermit Mahiru Tsuyuzaki October 20, 2020
Part 0.3
Tower Hikari Kagura October 30, 2020
Part 0.8
Empress Liu Mei Fan November 23, 2020
Part 3.2
High Priestess Junna Hoshimi January 3, 2021
Part 9.9
Strength Futaba Isurugi January 20, 2021
Part 9.5
Hanged Man Rui Akikaze January 27, 2021
Part 5.3
Magician Yuyuko Tanaka January 31, 2021
Part 0.1
Wheel of Fortune Karen Aijo February 28, 2021
Part 0.9
Chariot Shiori Yumeoji March 31, 2021
Part 14.999
Hierophant Michiru Otori April 8, 2021
Part 2.6
Lovers Claudine Saijo April 24, 2021
Part 2.7
Justice Nana Daiba April 30, 2021
Part 2.5
Sun Ichie Otonashi May 7, 2021
Part 14.9
Faith Misora Kano May 14, 2021
Part 2.2
Devil Kaoruko Hanayagi May 31, 2021
Part 0.3
Death Tamao Tomoe June 30, 2021

School Stories[]

Each of the schools that were in the game since launch have a ten chapter School Story set before the Main Story. The stories of the schools original to the game tell the story of how and why they ended up joining the revues. These are unlocked by completing portions of the Main Story.

No. Title Date Added
01 Seisho Music Academy's School Story October 21, 2018
The stage girls of Seisho Music Academy go on their usual routines as most of them pack up for winter break. After the break, they begin preparing for a certain someone's birthday party.
02 Rinmeikan Girls School's School Story October 21, 2018
It is announced that the Rinmeikan Performance Department, in longtime decline, will be shut down. The remaining students prepare a play to get into the Performance Festival to hopefully bolster the department's reputation enough to save it.
03 Frontier School of Arts' School Story October 21, 2018
Aruru signs herself and Misora up for Frontier's annual Short Stage Contest (S-con for short). The search for additional cast members for "Captain Twins" begins.
04 Siegfeld Institute of Music's School Story October 21, 2018
After Fumi's departure from Siegfeld, the Edels are on the lookout the next Frau Jade.

Event Stories[]

With every Event, there is a story to accompany it. Each story is composed of six parts.

No. Title Date Added
01 "Hello to Halloween"
(はろいん→ハロウィン, Haroin→Halloween)
October 29, 2018
Kaoruko Hanayagi, unfamiliar with Halloween, agrees to find help for Tsukasa Ebisu at her old preschool's Halloween party. Kaoruko ultimately helps out, and the two bond over their stricter childhood upbringings.

Characters: Kaoruko Hanayagi, Tsukasa Ebisu, Claudine Saijo, Junna Hoshimi, Nana Daiba, Futaba Isurugi, Aruru Otsuki, Lalafin Nonomiya
02 "Epilogue Beyond the Mask"
(エピローグは仮面の向こうに, Epilogue wa Kamen no Mukō ni)
November 11, 2018
Nana Daiba agrees to write a script adaptation of Phantom of the Opera for her middle school theater teacher, and asks for help from other members of Seisho to flesh out her understanding of the story and test the script.

Characters: Nana Daiba, Junna Hoshimi, Karen Aijo, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Claudine Saijo, Maya Tendo
03 "Purple Clouds of the Afterworld"
(古都 染む紫の雲の上まで, Koto Shimu Murasaki no Kumo no Ue Made)
November 21, 2018
The Rinmeikan Performance Department go on a class trip together. They talk about the stories of Yoshitsune and Benkei, and Yuyuko Tanaka is motivated by the trip.

Characters: Rinmeikan Girls School
04 "Dream of a Thousand Nights"
(千夜一夜の夢を繋いで, Senya Ichiya Yume o Tsunaide)
December 4, 2018
The students of Seisho Music Academy all attend the same performance of Aladdin and the Magic Night together, and discuss it together afterwards. Claudine Saijo implies Maya Tendo would not be suited for the role of Aladdin if they were to perform that play, which the latter is intrigued by.

Characters: Seisho Music Academy
05 "Our Holy Night"
(私たちのHOLY NIGHT, Watashitachi no HOLY NIGHT)
December 18, 2018
Hikari Kagura tries to prepare a secret Christmas celebration for the other Seisho students. They catch on quickly, and secretly help her to prepare.

Characters: Seisho Music Academy
06 "Happy New Year! Operation Omikuji 2019"
(迎春!おみくじ大作戦2019, Geishun! Omikuji Taisakusen 2019)
December 29, 2018
Stage girls from Siegfeld, Frontier, and Rinmeikan meet at the same shrine by chance while doing hatsumode.

Characters: Tsukasa Ebisu, Tamao Tomoe, Michiru Otori, Ichie Otonashi, Rui Akikaze, Lalafin Nonomiya, Shizuha Kocho, Akira Yukishiro, Shiori Yumeoji
07 "Transforming Heroine! Cinderella Reimagined!"
(変身ヒロイン!新訳シンデレラ, Henshin Heroin! Hen'yaku Cinderella)
January 16, 2019
Lalafin Nonomiya leads Frontier’s modern reimagining of "Cinderella," intending to create a version that gives her more agency as a character.

Characters: Frontier School of Arts
08 "Valentine's Recipe for Happiness"
(しあわせのバレンタインレシピ, Shiawase no Valentine Recipe)
February 4, 2019
Junna Hoshimi and Hikari Kagura team up together to try and make surprise Valentine’s gifts for Nana Daiba and Karen Aijo.

Characters: Junna Hoshimi, Hikari Kagura, Karen Aijo, Nana Daiba, Futaba Isurugi, Kaoruko Hanayagi
09 "Waltz with the Beautiful Beast"
(麗しき獣とワルツを, Uruwashiki Kemono to Waltz o)
February 19, 2019
The Edels are tasked with taking care of a lost dog while preparing for a performance of Beauty and the Beast. Akira Yukishiro struggles to see Shiori Yumeoji’s confidence, and to get the dog to like her.

Characters: Siegfeld Institute of Music
10 "Purehearted White Day Recipe"
(まごころのホワイトデーレシピ, Magokoro no White Day Recipe)
March 5, 2019
Rinmeikan work together to create a White Day surprise for Tamao Tomoe. While prepping the meal for her, Ichie Otonashi and Fumi Yumeoji run into Nana Daiba and Karen Aijo, and decide to cook together for inspiration.

Characters: Rinmeikan Girls School, Karen Aijo, Nana Daiba
11 "Mafia Famiglia Crossfire"
(交錯のマフィア・ファミーリャ, Kōsaku no Mafia Famiglia)
March 20, 2019
Seisho Music Academy put on a performance of a mafia drama set in Italy, but while rehearsing a costume design miscommunication throws their assigned roles into question.

Characters: Seisho Music Academy
12 "Bunny Egg Hunters: Frontier Island Adventure"
(うさぴょんエッグハンターズ, Usapyon Egg Hunters)
April 4, 2019
Misora Kano organizes an egg hunt as a way to thank Shizuha Kocho for her help during a slip up in a recent performance, as well as everything else she does. The rest of Frontier assists her.

Characters: Frontier School of Arts
13 "Detective Karen on the Case"
(名探偵華恋の事件簿, Meitantei Karen no Jikenbo)
April 25, 2019
A mystery is afoot during the Seisho-Siegfeld exchange program as someone takes Karen Aijo’s precious umeboshi, leaving only a trail of letters behind for her to determine the culprit, and the mastermind behind the scheme.

Characters: Karen Aijo, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Yachiyo Tsuruhime, Claudine Saijo, Hikari Kagura, Liu Mei Fan, Shiori Yumeoji
14 "Siegfeld General Hospital High-Class Prescription"
(シークフェルト総合病院 高貴なる処方せん, Siegfeld Kōgō Byōin Kōki Naru Shohōsen)
May 8, 2019

Characters: Siegfeld Institute of Music
15 "Tales of Onikurenai"
(重なる刃 忍伝・鬼紅, Kasanaru Yaiba Ninden・Onikurenai)
May 21, 2019
Rui Akikaze and Fumi Yumeoji are cast opposite each other in “Tales of Onikurenai.” Rui struggles with playing the lead while juggling multiple interpretations of a character, and Fumi pushes her to stand less in Tamao’s shadow and follow her own ideas.

Characters: Rinmeikan Girls School
16 "Blessed Brides Deux JUNO"
(花嫁に祝福を Deux JUNO, Hanayome ni Shukufuku o Deux JUNO)
June 1, 2019

Characters: Seisho Music Academy
17 "Wonderland for You and Me"
(キミと私のWONDERLAND, Kimi to Watashi no WONDERLAND)
June 19, 2019

Characters: Frontier School of Arts
18 "Star-Bound Tanabata"
(七夕伝説 星に誓いを, Tanabata Densetsu Hoshi ni Chikai o)
July 4, 2019

Characters: Siegfeld Institute of Music
19 "Brilliant Splash! Synchro Girls 1950"
(キラめきスプラッシュ!シンクロガールズ 1950, Kirameki Splash! Synchro Girls 1950)
July 25, 2019

Characters: Seisho Music Academy
20 "Sweet Days in Ryugu-jo"
(愛しき竜宮城の日々, Itoshiki Ryūgūjō no Hibi)
August 5, 2019

Characters: Rinmeikan Girls School
21 "Beyond Space! Back to the Renaissance"
(広がれ宇宙!?遥かなるルネサンス, Hirogare Uchū!? Haruka Naru Renaissance)
September 5, 2019

Characters: Seisho Music Academy
Bonus "Sailor's Call Fleeting Moment"
(Sailor's Call 二度とないこの時を, Sailor's Call Nidoto Nai Kono Toki o)
September 25, 2019

Characters: Frontier School of Arts
22 "Surprise! Rehearsal Friends!"
(とつげき!となりのお稽古!, Totsugeki! Tonari no Okeiko!)
October 18, 2019

Characters: Seisho Music Academy, Rinmeikan Girls School, Frontier School of Arts, Siegfeld Institute of Music
23 "Starry Diamond Tragic Orion"
(Starry Diamond 逆境のオリオン, Starry Diamond Gyakkyō no Orion)
November 3, 2019

Characters: Karen Aijo, Hikari Kagura, Akira Yukishiro
24 "Starry Diamond Chasing Sirius"
(Starry Diamond 追って追われてシリウス, Starry Diamond Otte Owarete Sirius)
November 22, 2019

Characters: Tamao Tomoe, Rui Akikaze, Kaoruko Hanayagi, Futaba Isurugi
25 "SHIBAHAMA ~Two Girls' Xmas Rakugo~"
(SHIBAHAMA ~少女たちのクリスマス落語~, SHIBAHAMA ~Shōjotachi no Christmas Rakugo~)
December 13, 2019

Characters: Yuyuko Tanaka, Rui Akikaze, Tamao Tomoe, Nana Daiba, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Junna Hoshimi
26 "First Brilliance of the Year - Takamagahara Priestesses"
(-新春キラめきはじめ-高天原の巫女, -Shinshun Kirameki Hajime- Takamagahara no Miko)
December 27, 2019

Characters: Ichie Otonashi, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Claudine Saijo, Maya Tendo, Hikari Kagura
27 "Venus & Cupid - Angelic Thread of Love"
(ヴィーナス&キューピッド~想い繋げる天使の矢~, Venus & Cupid~Omoi Tsunageru Tenshi no Ya~)
February 1, 2020

Characters: Shiori Yumeoji, Yachiyo Tsuruhime, Tsukasa Ebisu, Shizuha Kocho, Fumi Yumeoji
28 "Ice Skating Noblesse Oblige"
(銀盤のノブレス・オブリージュ, Ginban no Noblesse・Oblige)
March 13, 2020

Characters: Siegfeld Institute of Music
29 "The Fiend with Twenty Faces' Challenge"
(怪人二十面相の挑戦, Kaijin Nijū Mensō no Chōsen)
April 13, 2020

Characters: Claudine Saijo, Junna Hoshimi, Futaba Isurugi, Siegfeld Institute of Music
30 "Arise All You Sons - Healing Hearts"
(アライズ・オール・ユア・サンズ~心を救う舞台~, Arise All You Sons~Shin o Sukū Butai~)
May 8, 2020

Characters: Tsukasa Ebisu, Aruru Otsuki, Yachiyo Tsuruhime, Akira Yukishiro, Maya Tendo, Karen Aijo, Ichie Otonashi, Tamao Tomoe
31 "Hatsune Miku Collab Performance Pygmalion's Friend"
(初音ミク コラボ公園 ピュグマリオンの友達, Hatsune Miku Collab Kōen Pygmalion no Tomodachi)
May 21, 2020

Characters: Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Karen Aijo, Maya Tendo, Hatsune Miku
32 "Rerun - The Wartime of Farewells"
(-再演- 別れの戦記, -Saien- Wakare no Senki)
June 1, 2020

Characters: Seisho Music Academy
33 "BanG Dream! Collab Performance Initial"
(バンドリ!コラボ公演イニシャル, Bandori!Collabo Kōen Initial)
July 18, 2020

Characters: Karen Aijo, Hikari Kagura, Akira Yukishiro, Aruru Otsuki, Tamao Tomoe, Poppin'Party (BanG Dream!)
34 "Stranded Stage Girls"
(舞台少女漂流記, Butai Shōjo Hyōryūki)
August 8, 2020

Characters: Fumi Yumeoji, Akira Yukishiro, Kaoruko Hanayagi, Hikari Kagura, Lalafin Nonomiya
35 "Rerun - Ghost Patrol Story"
(再演 あやかし見廻り浪漫譚, Saien Ayakashi Mimawari Rōman Tan)
October 19, 2020

Characters: Rinmeikan Girls School
36 "Aqours Collab Performance Bright Sparkling Stage"
(Aqours コラボ公演 キラキラ輝くステージで, Aqours Collabo Kōen Kirakira Kagayaku Sutēji de)
November 6, 2020

Characters: Seisho Music Academy, Aqours (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
37 "Christmas Carol - Blue Storm in the Holy Night"
(クリスマス・キャロル ~聖なる夜に青い嵐は吹き荒れて~, Christmas Carol ~Seinaru Yoru ni Aoi Arashi wa Fukiarete~)
December 9, 2020

Characters: Seiran General Art Institute, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Maya Tendo, Nana Daiba
38 "Symphogear Collab Performance Oresteia Apocrypha"
(シンフォギアコラボ公演 外典オレステイア, Symphogear Collab Kōen Geten Oresteia)
February 16, 2021

Characters: Maya Tendo, Claudine Saijo, Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, Maria Cadenzavna Eve (Symphogear)
39 "STEINS;GATE Collab Performance Reproduction's Bizarre Co-Performance"
(シュタインズ・ゲート コラボ公演 奇異共演のリプロダクション, Steins;Gate Collab Kōen Kii Kyōen no Reproduction)
March 17, 2021

Characters:Nana Daiba, Junna Hoshimi, Karen Aijo, Kaoruko Hanayagi, Maya Tendo, Hououin Kyouma (Steins;Gate)
40 "Brilliance Potential - Stage Girls Training Camp"
(キラめきの可能性 ~舞台少女強化合宿~, Kirameki no Kanōsei ~Butai Shōjo Kyōka Gasshuku)
April 21, 2021

Characters: Karen Aijo, Tamao Tomoe, Aruru Otsuki, Akira Yukishiro, Koharu Yanagi, Kyoko Yakumo
41 "Brilliant Garland"
(栄冠は君にキラめく, Eikan wa Kimi ni Kirameku)
June 16, 2021

Characters: Seisho Music Academy

Theater Stories[]

Each Stage Girl (except Seiran General Art Institute, who were added to the game in December 2020) has a collection of stories that are viewable in My Theater, as well as in the Gallery once they are unlocked.

Karen theater icon.png
Karen Aijo
Hikari theater icon.png
Hikari Kagura
Mahiru theater icon.png
Mahiru Tsuyuzaki
Claudine theater icon.png
Claudine Saijo
Maya theater icon.png
Maya Tendo
Junna theater icon.png
Junna Hoshimi
Nana theater icon.png
Nana Daiba
Futaba theater icon.png
Futaba Isurugi
Kaoruko theater icon.png
Kaoruko Hanayagi
Tamao theater icon.png
Tamao Tomoe
Ichie theater icon.png
Ichie Otonashi
Fumi theater icon.png
Fumi Yumeoji
Rui theater icon.png
Rui Akikaze
Yuyuko theater icon.png
Yuyuko Tanaka
Aruru theater icon.png
Aruru Otsuki
Misora theater icon.png
Misora Kano
Lalafin theater icon.png
Lalafin Nonomiya
Tsukasa theater icon.png
Tsukasa Ebisu
Shizuha theater icon.png
Shizuha Kocho
Akira theater icon.png
Akira Yukishiro
Michiru theater icon.png
Michiru Otori
Meifan theater icon.png
Liu Mei Fan
Shiori theater icon.png
Shiori Yumeoji
Yachiyo theater icon.png
Yachiyo Tsuruhime


All comics displayed on the loading screen in Re LIVE.