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Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #3 Growth (少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -The LIVE- #3 Growth) is a stage play that was held in the Stellar Ball bar and concert hall at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan from July 27 to August 1, 2021. The play is directed by Akiko Kodama and written by Kaori Miura, and features a new story that immediately follows the events of Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE ONLINE-. Select performances were also streamed internationally via the eplus Streaming Service.


As cherry blossom trees dance, a new school year begins. Karen, Hikari, Maya, Junna, Mahiru, Nana, Claudine, Futaba and Kaoruko, all now third-year students, have been promoted to Class A of the Actor Training Department at Seisho Music Academy. The bond between stage girls who have experienced various joys and difficulties deepens as the final year before graduation begins.

The girls find themselves reminicising about their past growth as they interact with new freshman students for a short while. But as they begin to take elective classes in preparation for their futures, their surroundings suddenly become troubled. Just what is important to everyone? What is important to themselves? What is the "future" of stage girls?

— The answer to all of this lies within "one's own determination". Each person chooses their own path to their dreams, all with their own thoughts and worries. Uncertain is the outcome of the Giraffe's Revue, where nine people, with nine different ways, face a self that they must overcome...

#3 Growth. This is the story of the youths from the 99th Class as they move on to the next chapter of their lives, and their trajectory towards a shining new advance.[1]





Seisho Logo.png
Seisho Music Academy
Junna Hoshimi Stage.jpg
Hinata Satō
Junna Hoshimi
Hikari Kagura Stage.jpg
Suzuko Mimori
Hikari Kagura
Karen Aijo Stage.jpg
Momoyo Koyama
Karen Aijo
Maya Tendo Stage.jpg
Maho Tomita
Maya Tendo
Mahiru Tsuyuzaki Stage.jpg
Haruki Iwata
Mahiru Tsuyuzaki
Nana Daiba Stage.jpg
Moeka Koizumi
Nana Daiba
Claudine Saijo Stage.jpg
Aina Aiba
Claudine Saijo
Futaba Isurugi Stage.jpg
Teru Ikuta
Futaba Isurugi
Kaoruko Hanayagi Stage.jpg
Ayasa Itō
Kaoruko Hanayagi
Sakura Yanagi Live.jpg
Karin Takahashi
Sakura Yanagi
Layla Shirahane Live.jpg
Mirai Hinata
Layla Shirahane
Namie Shindo Live.jpg
Miyu Suenaga
Namie Shindo
Sawa Souda Live.png
Hekiru Shiina
Sawa Souda
Maidori Girls' School
Yatsuki Hanare Live.jpg
Yume Nagatoshi
Yatsuki Hanare


  • Manae Ogō
  • Miyu Kihara
  • Seina Kuramochi
  • Saki Goto
  • Moe Jinko
  • Yuna Hono
  • Mika Taguchi
  • Ayano Watanabe
  • Yuna Masuda


Note: Bolded names indicate the winner of the Revue.


Main Part[]

  1. 3·7·5·1·0 (Seisho Music Academy)
  2. PRE CALL (Seisho Music Academy)
  3. TBA (Karen Aijo)
  4. TBA (Junna Hoshimi, Claudine Saijo, Futaba Isurugi)
  5. TBA (Maya Tendo, Claudine Saijo)
  6. TBA (Seisho Music Academy)
  7. Pastel World (パステルワールド) (Sakura Yanagi, Layla Shirahane, Namie Shindo) tentative title[2]
  8. TBA (Yatsuki Hanare)
  9. Watashitachi no Iru Riyū (私たちの居る理由; The Reason We Are Here) (Seisho Music Academy)
  10. Resist (Karen Aijo)
  11. TBA (Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Maya Tendo)
  12. TBA (Karen Aijo, Hikari Kagura)
  13. Saikai Aizu (サイカイ合図; Saikai Signal) (Seisho Music Academy)
  14. Re:PLAY (Seisho Music Academy)

Live Part[]

Note: All songs performed by Starlight Kuku Gumi except where noted.

  1. Yakusoku Tower (約束タワー; Promise Tower)
  2. Saisei Sanbikyoku (再生讃美曲; Hymn to Rebirth)
  3. Star Diamond (performed by Teru Ikuta, Aina Aiba, Hinata Satō and Haruki Iwata)
  4. Seishun Traveler (青春トラベラー; Youth Traveler) (performed by Moeka Koizumi, Ayasa Itō and Maho Tomita)
  5. Butai Shōjo Kokoroe (舞台少女心得; The Knowledge of a Stage Girl) (performed by Momoyo Koyama, Suzuko Mimori, Karin Takahashi, Mirai Hinata, Miyu Suenaga and Yume Nagatoshi)
  6. Watashitachi wa Mō Butai no Ue (私たちはもう舞台の上; We Are Already on the Stage)
  7. Glittering Stars (performed with full cast)


  • This play was originally set to be held in July 2020, but was postponed due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • It was also originally set to premiere on July 23, 2021; however, cast member Haruki Iwata tested positive for COVID-19 following a PCR test taken on July 6, causing all performances from July 23-26 to be cancelled.[3][4]