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Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE Edel- Delight (少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -The LIVE エーデル- Delight) is a stage play that was held at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo from February 18 to 27, 2022.[1]

The play tells a new original story that features characters from the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Re LIVE mobile game, featuring and primarily focused on the Edels and Junior High students of Siegfeld Institute of Music. It also features all three Seiran General Art Institute students, as well as Claudine Saijo from Seisho Music Academy, Fumi Yumeoji from Rinmeikan Girls School, and Shizuha Kocho from Frontier School of Arts.

Three performances (one on the opening day and two on the final day) were made available for online streaming for domestic and international viewers on eplus.

A special two-chapter extra story was released in-game to commemorate the play, with the first chapter released the day before the first performance and the second chapter released after the final performance. The first chapter is set before the events of the play and the second is set after it.[2]


Once a year, high school students nationwide with a burning passion for theater challenge it, to claim the top — the season of the "National High School Performance Championship" has arrived.

The national tournament for this year, which only schools that can pass the qualifying round will be able to participate in, is set to be held at the theater that anyone who aspires to theater longs for, the "Imperial Capital Theater" in Tokyo.
In addition to this, Siegfeld Institute of Music, the first-place winner of last year's championship, will be a seed school, having already won the right to participate in the nationals and serve as the host school of the national tournament.

While each school prepares for their regional qualifying round, the student council president of Siegfeld Institute of Music, Akira Yukishiro, in a haste, gathers students from the participating schools based in the Kanto region, where she informs them that, in order to ensure the success of the national tournament, all participants based in the Kanto region have been appointed as "Stage Instructors", who will welcome all of the contestants and guests.
What's even more exciting is the announcement that even if contestants lose in the qualifying round, they can still win the right to stand on stage as the opening act held at the Imperial Capital Theater. The participants cannot contain their excitement at these words.

Akira leads the national tournament, and students from Seiran General Art Institute, Rinmeikan Girls School, Frontier School of Arts, and several other schools are at the mercy of preparations for the qualifying round. Under Akira's orders, Michiru, Mei Fan, Shiori, and Yachiyo from Siegfeld Institute of Music are also toying with their own roles.

Meanwhile, rumors spread of Seisho Music Academy not participating in the championship, and it is said that Akira is leaving Seiran General Art Institute's Koharu Yanagi and Hisame Honami in charge of overall production work.
In the midst of this grand project, the stage girls of each school begin to straggle, with Akira displaying arrogant behavior.

Heading into the "National High School Performance Championship", will they be able to survive without losing their brilliance?[3]


WARNING: This section contains spoilers for the stage play.

The play opens with the opening act at the National High School Performance Championship, a performance reminiscent of a number from the Takarazuka Revue. Hisame Honami, Suzu Minase, Liu Mei Fan, Yachiyo Tsuruhime, and Shiori Yumeoji appear on the stage wearing white gowns with flowers of their image colors affixed to the shoulder. Claudine Saijo and Koharu Yanagi wear suits and lead Michiru Otori and Shizuha Kocho, dressed in white gowns with large white and red feathers, in a dance. Akira Yukishiro appears at the top of the stairs in a dark gray suit and very large feathers. Michiru and Koharu bump into each other after the performance finishes, and Michiru falls over. When Koharu apologizes, Michiru says it was her fault, and that it's not her body that hurts. She was too focused on herself and Siegfeld that she didn't see Koharu at all. She says she realized something by bumping into Koharu, and asks her to take good care of Akira.

The scene changes to show the events leading up to this moment. At the Tokyo Geijutsu Hall, Akira announces this year's National High School Performance Championship, which Siegfeld won the previous year. It will be held at the Imperial Capital Theater in Tokyo. The Stage Instructors, composed of students from participating schools in the Kanto region, will welcome the audience. Siegfeld, having won the previous year's championship, is a seed school, and will also assign the Stage Instructors' tasks. This will not be based on recommendations or qualifications, but based on Akira's decision on who will perform what duties. Any objections can be appealed to Michiru. A strategy meeting will be held at the Tokyo Geijutsu Hall today. Also, any Stage Instructor who shows exceptional work will be able to perform at the opening act. Even if they cannot qualify for the championships, they have a chance to stand on the stage of the Imperial Capital Theater.

Michiru is very upset at Akira trying to stir up a fight between other schools and getting her involved in it. Mei Fan says there's no need to worry since nobody objected to it, and Yachiyo argues it's because everyone was just shocked, and it's a premonition for trouble. Mei Fan quotes a Chinese proverb that says being around geckos will prevent disaster, and suggests bringing a ton of geckos to the entrance of the theater, to which Akira agrees. Michiru is angry that Akira was being so arrogant, and Mei Fan is very excited about the championships. Akira announces that Michiru is in charge of all the decorations as well as public relations, Mei Fan suggests that she can do fortune telling, but she is tasked with being in charge of the props for the opening ceremony. Yachiyo is in charge of the costumes, and Shiori is to help her. Akira will be in charge of the general production, which Michiru doubts she can do well, but they leave as Akira goes to the meeting with the other schools. Shiori says to Akira that she'll try to do her best and receive the first-place award just like her sister Fumi Yumeoji and Akira the year before. She was thinking about how she wanted to stand on stage with Fumi as an Edel and the other seniors. Fumi appears in the background as she is mentioned, and walks away. Akira says Fumi is starting a new life on stage at Rinmeikan, and they should just focus on the championships. When Shiori leaves, Akira laments that she doesn't know how to fight in the championships without Fumi.

Koharu and Hisame arrive to the meeting with Akira, and question why they were chosen for the general production, instead of Seisho Music Academy's Stage Production Department, for example. Akira says Seisho appear to not be participating in the championships, and asks if they're lonely because they don't have a rival, to which Koharu protests but Hisame admits is true. They also argue that they're aiming for first place this year and may not be the best fit for the job since even in Seiran General Art Institute others specialize in directing. Akira reveals that she doesn't plan to do any work for the general production since they're already qualified for the championships, but it would look bad for her not to have any duties as the student council president of the host school. She asks Koharu and Hisame to keep it a secret, declaring the only reason she chose them for the job was that they're quiet. Hisame agrees that if Suzu were there, she'd spread the news everywhere, and Suzu appears in the background to sneeze.

Koharu is upset at Akira and says she is jealous of her, and that if she doesn't want to be the host representative of the championships, she'd like her to change her position. However, she feels a responsibility to stick to what has already been decided. Koharu says everyone is excited for the championships because of the Imperial Capital Theater; Hisame says she was excited as well, as plays by the New National First Theater Troupe as well as western musicals have been held there. Akira states that the stage is a stage no matter where it is, and the audience is an audience no matter where it is, and all they have to do is act. Koharu and Hisame are dissatisfied with the situation, and Koharu quotes Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream: "To you your father should be as a god, ... and one To whom you are but as a form in wax", comparing the father to Akira who believes everyone else should obey her. Akira has no intention to remove Koharu from the project no matter what she says. Koharu refuses to shake Akira's hand as she leaves, but Hisame does hesitantly.

Hisame reflects on how Akira helped her out in the past by noticing her pain when she was fighting with Koharu, but the Akira of now is completely different from then. Instead of a noble heroine that can forgive anyone's feelings, she has the face of a brave hero aiming for victory—but that sometimes has a ruthless and cruel side. She sings a solo song about Akira, how nobody should run away despite defeat, and her resolve to support Akira if she's struggling. Hisame reflects on how this should have been an incredible chance, but everyone is in shambles.

Yachiyo, Suzu, and Shiori are looking at clothes on a tablet and picking out which ones would fit each person (their chatter here was adlibbed for each performance, and in the first Suzu calls Yachiyo "Tsurutsuruhime", which Yachiyo is not pleased with). Hisame appears behind them, and Suzu welcomes her, asking if she was lonely without her. Hisame says she wasn't and Suzu said Koharu said the same thing. It turns out the costume team was planning to go on a reconnaissance trip to "Fantasy Sweet Land", a theme park. Suzu, Shiori, and Yachiyo sing about Fantasy Sweet Land. Suzu says it'd be fun to go with Yachiyo while wearing their school uniforms, and then Hisame warns Yachiyo and Shiori that Suzu will try to wear their uniforms. Suzu explains that the time she borrowed a uniform from Seisho was with proper permission from (kabedon-ing) Mahiru. The four of them compliment each other's uniforms, and at the praise, Hisame immediately stops scolding Suzu. Shiori says all the school uniforms are pretty, including Rinmeikan's, and then runs off when she realizes her slip-up. Yachiyo starts to explain Shiori's situation with Fumi. Suzu has heard of Fumi (Fumippe), that she's one of the honor students alongside Akira (Yukking) and Michiru (Chiruchiru), but she and Hisame didn't know that Shiori is her younger sister, or that Fumi transferred to Rinmeikan, or that Shiori's dream of performing with her sister at Siegfeld will never come true. Suzu is happy to hear this, because if Fumi was still at Siegfeld, they'd be in trouble for the championships. Yachiyo says no matter how good she is, there's no way people can transfer back in to Siegfeld, and Suzu applauds Yachiyo for her haughty attitude. Hisame is feeling down because of her general production duties and wishes she was in the costume group.

Suzu reflects on how she cares more about the bonds she can make with stage girls from other schools than winning. But Koharu and Hisame would get mad at her if they heard that, since they want to win. She suddenly hears a loud scream in the distance.

Michiru is very angry at Akira and says she's not going to listen to something about their juniors. The conversation is cut off as Mei Fan spies on them and says something huge has to be happening, even though she just wanted to ask for help with props. When it returns to the conversation, they're talking about how Akira should care about somebody declining to participate. Akira asks if it has something to do with dropping out of school, and Michiru calls the person in question Akira's "eternal rival". Mei Fan assumes that they're talking about Karen Aijo. Akira asks if it's confirmed, and Michiru says she doesn't know. Mei Fan struggles to continue spying because Shizuha is playing an air harp around her back and tickling her (the instrument Shizuha mimes after was adlibbed for every performance). Shizuha tries to get Mei Fan to drink her special purple drink that will increase her focus. Mei Fan wants to get back to the conversation, but Shizuha theorizes about what it could be about, saying that someone is "quitting" something they did for a long time, and that it's a shame because she liked it. Mei Fan jumps to conclusions and screams, bringing Akira's attention to her as she does an impression of Karen (which was adlibbed for each performance, culminating in her hitting an air gong for the last day). Mei Fan tells Akira that Karen is quitting school, and everyone is shocked, including Shizuha. Mei Fan says Shizuha told her and does an impression of her saying she's the "paparazzi of high school theater", and said it with "that body". Shizuha says she didn't, but Mei Fan insists. Akira leaves, and Mei Fan sings about her version of the rumor, and then drinks Shizuha's drink once she's out of breath. She doesn't seem to be affected by the drink negatively, it does actually give her super focus, and she runs off saying she's filled up with power and has to go do work.

While Michiru is chastizing Shizuha, Suzu shows up and hears Mei Fan's misinterpreted rumor from Michiru. She immediately texts Sakura Yanagi asking if it's true, before she could hear Shizuha's correction. The real rumor was that Claudine announced she would stop passively being jealous towards Maya Tendo, and Shizuha does an impression of her saying instead she's going to express those feelings freely from now on (oui!). Suzu says that she's probably not going to be any different from before. Michiru tells Shizuha that Akira has a grudge against her for the urban legend that was spread. The three of them sing about the urban legend, that if you drink Shizuha's special drink and eat Akira's spicy chips together, it becomes mild with a vanilla flavor. After learning of the urban legend, Akira declared that anyone who drank Shizuha's special drink would be suspended for 3 days. Akira also has a grudge against Suzu for spreading the rumor. Michiru lets Suzu know that their underclassmen might be bothering Koharu, and leaves before Shizuha can get any information from them. Shizuha says it seems like Koharu would like it, since she finds her little sister cute, and Suzu says Shizuha (Madame Kocho) knows everything. Shizuha says she's so curious about everyone because they're strong, and Suzu says Frontier is as well. Suzu and Shizuha say goodbye to each other and lightheartedly claim they won't lose.

Koharu is thinking hard about what kind of stage direction she could come up with for the grand Imperial Capital Theater, when Stella Takachiho, Shiro Ogami, Ryoko Kobato, Minku Umibe, Kuina Moriyasu of Siegfeld's junior high appear. They are there to act as a proxy for Akira, helping with the general production. Akira went back to the school already, and Minku saw her walking with a very scary face. Ryoko accidentally shocks Koharu with the rumor that Karen is quitting school, and Koharu says it's not their fault, but perhaps they don't have the right to be involved in this competition. Kuina says the five of them are all aiming for the stage, and would like to use this opportunity to learn. Shiro says Akira may be busy due to Siegfeld entering the championships twice in a row, and Koharu says that every school is aiming for the top, not just Siegfeld. Shiro apologizes for going too far, and Koharu says she wasn't angry and apologizes, saying if there's anyone she's angry at it's Akira.

Koharu agrees to let the five of them help as "Akira Yukishiro" if they can beat her. She takes off her jacket and puts it over her shoulder, saying that it is Siegfeld's future that she stole and they have to get it to drop from her shoulder using any means. Suddenly, students from Seisho's 101st Actor Training Class show up to tell Siegfeld to stop spreading weird rumors. Apparently once Karen heard there was a rumor that she was quitting school, she became very despondent! Shiro says they couldn't have started that rumor because they're in junior high and couldn't have that information. After the Seisho students introduce themselves, they discuss Seisho's participation in the championships; it's not decided yet whether they will participate. The Siegfeld junior high students talk about how they're also aiming to be Edels, and are in charge of the general production alongside Akira, Koharu, and Hisame. Stella brags about being able to visit the Imperial Capital Theater, and Shiro says it'll be Siegfeld who takes first place. The Seisho kids ask Koharu what she thinks of the Siegfeld kids, and the Siegfeld kids ask Koharu what she thinks of the Seisho kids being here when their school isn't even participating in the championships, all shouting out "senpai!". Koharu says they remind her of her younger sister, and if this was her house, she would have kicked them out, but that passion they feel must be taken to the stage. The kids then have a singing and dance battle. Koharu is shocked by their fervor and realizes that she may have been too self absorbed, and needs to fight for Seiran's future as well. When the kids begin fighting each other (without weapons), Siegfeld's Edels, Suzu, and Shizuha arrive. Everyone is shocked at the junior high students being there in place of Akira, and the revue-like fight unfolding between them and the Seisho students.

After the song ends, the Seisho students declare they believe that their seniors will fight fairly with them. As for themselves, they don't have any experience, but they're stage girls and will fight for Seisho in the coming years. Claudine appears on the scene saying that's obvious, and demands to know who spread the rumor about Karen, who was depressed and in a daze and couldn't even talk. Obviously, the rumor is false. Mei Fan is shocked at this, believing that's what Shizuha told her, and Suzu says it's her fault for spreading it, but it was Shizuha who said it first. Claudine thanks her, because making Karen quiet made everybody worry, even Maya. Michiru says she's not facing Maya fairly at all, and Claudine says Seisho could stand to be a little quieter. Claudine didn't come just to give thanks, she's also here to announce that Seisho are joining the championships. She does an impression of Junna saying she can't forgive them for making up things about dropping out, and Claudine says she always wanted to participate. Everyone is happy to hear the news, and Koharu asks Claudine if she's prepared to help welcome the guests. Suzu butts in to say that Futaba Isurugi (Ishi Ugoki) and Maya (Tenten) will grab Kaoruko Hanayagi (Hanayanagi) and Claudine (Kuroccha) by the collars if they try to run. Claudine gets mad at this because she's not going to run. Michiru suddenly says that even if everyone is wearing different uniforms, their feelings towards acting and creating the stage are the same. She requests that everyone help defeat their greatest enemy. Because Siegfeld, Akira, and Michiru hate the way things are right now.

Meanwhile, Hisame cuts Akira off while she's storming away. She says the meeting about the general production isn't over, but Akira says to tell that to Koharu. Hisame says she won't listen, Akira says she should make her listen since she's her friend, but Hisame says that Akira and her are also friends. Akira says that it's just a hassle to have to say the same thing twice, and Hisame tells her that she needs to say it as many times as she needs to, no matter how much of a hassle it is. Akira tries to leave again, but Hisame blocks her, and asks if being Frau Platin just means that she can just use her power however she'd like. Hisame says she's not in Siegfeld's student council, so those rules don't apply to her. Akira continues to make excuses and Hisame asks if she's like this because of the pressure of winning twice in a row, or if it's due to something else.

Fumi appears at the front of the stage, and Akira asks Hisame to leave the two of them alone. Fumi is very happy to see Akira for the first time in a while, and Akira says she saved her the trouble of going to visit Rinmeikan Girls School. She was going to ask her about why Rinmeikan's performance department wasn't participating in the championships, to which Fumi responds like it's not a big deal. Fumi says Rinmeikan have their own circumstances, and she's only here to submit the documents for their withdrawal. Akira asks if Fumi's scared to fight her, and Fumi doesn't understand why she's suddenly saying things like that. Akira emphasizes that it's an opportunity for Siegfeld and Rinmeikan to fight that will never come again, and asks her if she's avoiding it. Fumi says that Rinmeikan has their own path, and asks Akira to understand; Akira says she can't. Fumi says that Akira's not their rulebook, and that she'll decide her own future. Akira insists that she is the rules themselves, and is a person who was made for that purpose. Fumi sighs, saying Akira is the same as always, and she has to go. Akira calls out to her as she leaves, reaching out to her back, and lets out an anguished "wait".

Akira sings about Fumi's departure and not being able to protect her. After, Hisame comforts Akira, saying she doesn't need to pretend to be strong. Akira says she wasn't pretending to be strong, but cheers up a bit and tells Hisame they need to get on with the project and go inside. Before they do so, Hisame comforts Akira, in the same way that Akira had comforted her about Koharu before, saying "Fumi Yumeoji... to you, she's a precious friend you can't leave alone, isn't she?". Akira faces her and says that she won't cry. Then, they are called to the underground theater via their phones.

In the underground theater, (a voice recording of) Kyoko Yakumo states that she also has run away from a precious friend before, and because of it she will never forget the time they were hand in hand. She says that regret is also a path to becoming an actress, and then lights up the stage to reveal the stage girls. Shizuha, Claudine, Seiran minus Hisame, and the Edels minus Akira are standing on stage in their revue uniforms. They are given a special revue, Revue Edel. The winner will be able to participate in the opening act. The participants are "Akira Yukishiro" versus "Stage Girls". Michiru says the giraffe understands that right now, Akira is not a stage girl, but instead a normal girl who is wavering and putting on a noble air. The Edels are confused because Akira isn't there, but they decide to trust in themselves and their friends.

The revue begins with Koharu narrating: Once upon a time, there was a small, tranquil village where you could only hear the sea. To that place, a lone traveller arrived. In the middle of the carefree and peaceful town, he suddenly screams! (The traveller, Suzu, screams that there's trouble, and the residents gather. He says there's an "Edel" there.) The villagers (Shizuha, Michiru, Mei Fan, Shiori, Yachiyo) had never heard of it before, so they shook their heads wondering what an Edel was, but the traveller was explaining very excitedly. (Suzu screams that there's an Edel there, the Edel that everyone longs for. Mei Fan wants to touch the Edel, but Suzu explains it's delicate and shouldn't be touched.) Under the influence of the excited traveller, all of the villagers gradually began to see an unclear Edel. After some time, the next town over could as well, and even beyond that! Everyone was spreading the news that you could see the Edel! The tiny village immediately became famous! Finally, a queen from a large country came to visit!

Claudine appears as the queen who has come to protect the famed treasure and a song begins. They gave the shapeless thing a shape, and gave the colorless thing color, and people began to fight. The queen claims she gave life to a worthless existence, and the traveller argues that he was the one who found it in the town in the first place. The villagers sing of making an invisible thing beautiful and an edgeless thing lovable, that they cannot give it up even if they know of their conceit. They cannot tell anyone of the lie in case it would make others divert their jealous gazes.

The people continued to abuse their power, and someone said that the Edel had hurt somebody. Then, a boy (Michiru) shouts that there is no such thing as an Edel here, because an Edel is not meant to hurt people, but to make people happy and smile. The lights on stage go out, and Akira appears at the back, declaring those are words she cannot ignore. At the sudden appearance of a person, the village was abuzz.

Akira says if they don't believe in it, she'll show them that she's a real Edel—the greatest one—and that she will never run from anyone. She says part of her revue introduction ("The king shines his light on the hollow stage"). Michiru yells that she's a fake and not a real Edel, and calls for everyone to defeat her. Akira asks if Michiru, her childhood friend, is trying to test her. Michiru says it's fine if she wants to laugh at her for taking so long to do so, but she can defeat a wavering Akira easily. Michiru says Akira already knows of Michiru's strength, and Akira says she doesn't know.

Everyone begins attacking Akira, and Michiru says she knows that Akira has lost her way, that she's afraid of encountering the unknown. That she planned to defeat Rinmeikan with Fumi in it to prove that the Edels without Fumi are stronger—that Akira is stronger. Claudine comments that Akira's heart is in turmoil due to Rinmeikan and Fumi declining participation in the championships. After some fighting, Akira says they must hate her, the Edel, since they're all coming after her. Michiru asks her to speak the truth, and then Akira grabs her and says "boy, I love you". Koharu says the boy (Michiru) cannot be swayed by just a simple word. Akira asks who she is, and Koharu says she is her daughter, to which Akira laughs and quotes A Midsummer Night's Dream again. Koharu says she, and they all, will not become her wax figures.

Amidst the fighting, Hisame appears. She says she's unsure which side she should join the fight on, but quickly joins Akira's side, saying she can't forgive Koharu for hurting her beloved Edel. Koharu mumbles that Hisame is her mother. Hisame laughs and asks if she, their cute daughter, can bear to hurt her parents. Akira calls out another part of her revue introduction, "The fire of life may last but a moment, but pure platinum will shine forever", and then Delight to me! starts.

Fumi joins the revue, and there is a pause as Shiori calls out to her sister. Fumi says the first two lines of her revue introduction. She says even though they hadn't seen her, she's here and breathing hard now. Akira asks her why she joined, and Fumi says it was because Akira has to be strong enough to not lose to anyone, and just because she transferred, it doesn't mean she'll disappear. Fumi yells that Siegfeld is her pride.

Eventually, Akira takes off everyone's jackets/guards (except Shizuha, whose cloak is removed by Fumi) until only Koharu, Michiru, Hisame, and Fumi are left. Koharu beats Fumi, Hisame beats Koharu, and Michiru beats Hisame, leaving only Akira and Michiru left as the music fades to silence.

Akira tells Michiru that she and her nobleness are real. They strike at each other until Akira hits Michiru in the stomach and she falls, stands up, and is about to have her jacket removed, when Akira suddenly spins her around, embracing her from behind. She asks if Michiru can feel her warmth, to which Michiru is speechless, only saying Akira's name. Akira removes Michiru's jacket, and Michiru says she knows that Akira is her, and the Edel's, greatest. Akira is declared as the winner of the revue.

Akira apologizes to everyone, and admits that she was a little, tiny bit scared, of her status as the king being a thing of the past, and that she understood that. But, she felt the jealous eyes on her, and felt it was unfair that Siegfeld was already set for the Nationals. Hisame says that it was something earned by Siegfeld, and Akira agrees, but right now, they aren't the same as they were then. They had lost a friend they had fought alongside in Fumi. "If Fumi, who understood us the best, were to challenge us, would Siegfeld's stronghold collapse? Would I be able to protect it?" is what Akira thought. Claudine objects, saying they're not going to lose to Siegfeld either. Akira says she was also upset that Seisho wasn't going to participate, because if Siegfeld won then it would be meaningless. Claudine chastises Akira for not doing her job properly as the host school, to which Akira has nothing to say, and thanks everyone for letting her realize her immaturity. As she turns to leave, Koharu says she understands now that Akira wasn't just trying to avoid work, but by involving the underclassmen, was also reminding them of their passion from when they first began. She felt Akira's love even though Akira was acting strong and like everything was a bother.

Akira says that they are elites chosen to create not only stages, but also their own era. They cannot only fight with each other, because then the point of fighting would only be to crush each other. She wants to see that which can only come about from them praising each other. Michiru is touched that she would say something like that, but Akira says that even so, nothing feels better than fighting with her own weapon, and she says their stage is beautiful. Koharu says that Akira is not a giant statue that someone created, but someone that makes everyone else stronger by being there. She says she shouldn't assume that those who challenge the king of Siegfeld's Edels would be scared. Suzu agrees that Seiran are strong. Shizuha says she's a flower and Claudine argues that Hikari and Kaoruko won't lose to her, and they have Maya Tendo as well. Yachiyo says they have a beautiful friendship and makes a heart with Mei Fan, and Claudine says to remove Maya from what she just said.

Michiru asks if Fumi really won't participate in the championships, and Fumi says Rinmeikan have their own path. They're going to train in London while the championships are being held. Sadly, she'll have to miss the competition in Tokyo, but she'll still love theater even after she graduates, and take lessons to become even better. Akira begins to protest quietly, and Fumi stops her, saying that she's the lead of her own life, and hasn't given up on becoming the top star. She says she'll definitely stand on the stage of the Imperial Capital Theater with everyone one day, and Shiori reacts excitedly. Akira says that she will be the lead of her own life, and also everyone else's lives, and asks Fumi to remember that, holding her hand out. Fumi is flustered and asks if Akira heard anything she just said, that Akira isn't the lead of others' lives, and then Michiru interrupts to say that they will meet again and continue to shine. Michiru makes Fumi complete the handshake with Akira, and the rest of the Edels join them in a group huddle as the scene fades to black.

An announcement is made that the opening act is about to begin at the National High School Performance Championship. Kuina gushes about how wonderful it is that "Akira-sama" chose the theme as "delight". Minku remembers a rumor she heard from Suzu that the opening act was meant to be Siegfeld only, and Akira argued with the teachers to let the other students join, because she didn't want it to be unfair. She does an impression of Akira, saying that she wants to stand side by side with those who share the same will as her. The junior high students all say Akira's so cool, and Ryoko comments that once they graduate, they won't be able to create the same stage anymore, but they have this amazing chance now. Shiro is glad that they can chase after the backs of their seniors, and Stella says they'll also definitely win first place one day, and the seniors will definitely shine at the top this year. They leave as the opening act starts.

It cuts to after the opening act, and picks up where the first scene with Michiru and Koharu left off. Michiru asks Koharu to take care of Akira, because she's going to Germany and thought she could leave Akira in Koharu's hands. The headmaster of Siegfeld talked to Michiru about going to train in Germany, and Michiru was unsure about what to do, but realized from this that she has to aim higher as well. Michiru and Akira will walk on different paths for a while, but Michiru says their paths will definitely converge again on a stage that they don't know. Koharu says she is also looking forward to standing on that stage, and Michiru says she'll be in her care when that time comes. The curtain behind them raises, and Michiru says she'll send Koharu Akira's instruction manual, which surprises Koharu. Suzu, who was eavesdropping at the side with Hisame, jokes that she'll send Akira Koharu's instruction manual as well. Koharu gets upset at Suzu, asking what she means by that. Michiru says she's looking forward to receiving Koharu's manual, and then leaves.

Claudine appears to ask Koharu why she's here when the opening ceremony is soon and she's Seiran's representative. Koharu apologizes and Hisame says it's rare to see Koharu forget something like that. Claudine says she has to hurry up, because otherwise Mei Fan will call her on the PA system. Suzu gets excited and says that if Koharu's name is called on the PA system, she'll be famous, and she's jealous. Hisame tells Suzu that if something like that happens, they'll be in huge trouble with Yakumo-sensei. At that moment, there is an announcement notification, and they all panic, with Claudine holding on to Koharu so she won't run away. Luckily, the announcement is just for the audience to enter the hall. Koharu makes a break for it, but before she leaves, Suzu stops her only to tell her to be nervous, and Hisame says they're counting on her before Koharu can get angry at Suzu.

Michiru and Fumi walk on stage, and Michiru comments that Akira must be nervous too. Fumi agrees, saying that no matter how much courage she has, it's a once in a lifetime moment. Hisame says that a stage can never be the same twice, and Suzu says that's why it's so fun. Claudine says that if they're too nervous, then she can take their place (to which they say no). Shiori and Yachiyo appear, and Shiori asks Fumi why she's there when she was supposed to return from London the day after. Michiru accuses Fumi of ditching, and Fumi says she was found out. Mei Fan runs in calling for Claudine, because Seisho's representative, Junna, fainted from nervousness. Claudine asks excitedly if she's going to take her place, but Mei Fan tells her Karen will be the Seisho representative, and Maya got angry, and Claudine has to hurry back to stop her. Claudine asks who said that, and when she hears it was Hikari, she screams that she'd never let Hikari use her in a hundred, no, a hundred million years, while running off stage as Mei Fan pushes her.

Michiru says that everyone is thinking of someone, and thinking that they never want to let go of their hand. There is an announcement that the four host schools are about to give their statements, and the silhouettes of Koharu, Akira, Karen, and Shizuha are shown in the background as it fades to black.

The lights shine on the stage and the Edels appear as a song begins. Everyone joins the stage in groups and the curtain closes as it ends.

In the concert part, Platinum Forte, Secret☆Little Stars, Rose Poems, Zeus no Chūsai, Discovery!, and an unreleased curtain call song are performed. During "Zeus no Chūsai", Koharu is angry at Suzu for trying to go to Fantasy Sweet Land in the middle of preparations. Suzu insists it's just a reconnaissance mission, and Shiori (Shiorippi) wanted to go as well. Shizuha asks them to calm down by drinking her special drink. Then, Fumi says to Shiori that she heard she's going to Fantasy Sweet Land with Suzu, and Shiori confirms it excitedly. Fumi worries about whether Shiori will get tired or hurt there, and Claudine tells them to work it out in a revue. Fumi worries about Shiori riding a rollercoaster, and Shiori says it'll be fine and invites Fumi to come, which Fumi is happy to accept. When Claudine says "A truly deplorable woman, you know", she says it to Koharu, who nods. Suzu invites Koharu as well, buttering her up by saying it'll be a good reference for their "ace". Koharu bashfully accepts and everyone is happy. Suzu and Shizuha jump and high five, Koharu and Shiori bow to each other, and Fumi and Claudine high five casually.



Siegfeld Logo.png
Siegfeld Institute of Music
Shiori Yumeoji Live2.png
Hikaru Tono
Shiori Yumeoji
Michiru Otori Live2.png
Yuka Ozaki
Michiru Otori
Akira Yukishiro Live3.png
Hotaru Nomoto
Akira Yukishiro
Liu Mei Fan Live.png
Yume Takeuchi
Liu Mei Fan
Yachiyo Tsuruhime Live2.png
Haruka Kudō
Yachiyo Tsuruhime
Junior High
Minku Umibe Live.png
Kokoro Kuge
Minku Umibe
Shiro Ogami Live.png
Kanon Matsuzawa
Shiro Ogami
Stella Takachiho Live.png
Hina Aoki
Stella Takachiho
Ryoko Kobato Live.png
Ruka Fukagawa
Ryoko Kobato
Kuina Moriyasu Live.png
Yuria Sato
Kuina Moriyasu
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Seiran General Art Institute
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Yoko Kadoyama
Hisame Honami
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Kanon Nanaki
Koharu Yanagi
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Minami Tsukui
Suzu Minase
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Seisho Music Academy
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Aina Aiba
Claudine Saijo
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Rinmeikan Girls School
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Reo Kurachi
Fumi Yumeoji
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Frontier School of Arts
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Mikoi Sasaki
Shizuha Kocho


  • Wakaba Iwasaki
  • Nozomi Kanagawa
  • Arisa Kubota
  • Tamako Suzuki
  • Sakura Morimoto
  • Miyū Watarai

After Talk Guests



Note: Bolded name(s) indicate the winner(s) of the Revue.


Main Part

  1. Fantasy Star (ファンタジースタァ) (Siegfeld Institute of Music Edels, Seiran General Art Institute, Claudine Saijo, Fumi Yumeoji, Shizuha Kocho) tentative title[5]
  2. Tatakai no Mukōgawa e (戦いの向こう側へ; The Other Side of the Battle) (Hisame Honami) tentative title[6]
  3. TBA (Suzu Minase, Shiori Yumeoji, Yachiyo Tsuruhime)
  4. TBA (Liu Mei Fan)
  5. TBA (Suzu Minase, Shizuha Kocho, Michiru Otori)
  6. TBA (Siegfeld Institute of Music Junior High, Seisho Music Academy 101st Class)
  7. TBA (Akira Yukishiro)
  8. Masquerader (マスカレーダ) (Michiru Otori, Liu Mei Fan, Shiori Yumeoji, Yachiyo Tsuruhime, Koharu Yanagi, Suzu Minase, Claudine Saijo, Shizuha Kocho) tentative title[5]
  9. Delight to me! (Siegfeld Institute of Music Edels, Seiran General Art Institute, Claudine Saijo, Fumi Yumeoji, Shizuha Kocho)
  10. TBA (Siegfeld Institute of Music Edels & Junior High, Seiran General Art Institute, Claudine Saijo, Fumi Yumeoji, Shizuha Kocho)

Live Part

  1. Platinum Forte (プラチナ・フォルテ) (performed by Siegfeld Institute of Music Edels & Junior High)
  2. Secret☆Little Stars (シークレット☆リトルスタァズ) (performed by Siegfeld Institute of Music Junior High)
  3. Rose Poems (performed by Hotaru Nomoto and Yoko Kadoyama)
  4. Zeus no Chūsai (ゼウスの仲裁; Zeus's Decision) (performed by Kanon Nanaki, Minami Tsukui, Mikoi Sasaki, Reo Kurachi, Hikaru Tono and Aina Aiba)
  5. Discovery! (ディスカバリー!) (performed by Siegfeld Institute of Music Edels, Seiran General Art Institute, Aina Aiba, Reo Kurachi and Mikoi Sasaki)
  6. TBA (curtain call, performed by Siegfeld Institute of Music Edels & Junior High, Seiran General Art Institute, Aina Aiba, Reo Kurachi, Mikoi Sasaki and ensemble)



【SPOILER ALERT(ネタバレ注意)】Revue Starlight -The LIVE EDEL-Delight Highlight Video

-The LIVE Edel- Delight Highlight Video