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Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE ONLINE- was a short stage play screened at AEON Cinema Makuhari Shintoshin and streamed online through eplus on July 12th, 2020. It serves as a prequel for the third stage play, which was postponed from July 2020 to July 2021. It was directed by Akiko Kodama and written by Kaori Miura.



In the time between the end of their second year and the beginning of their third year of high school, the 99th Class of Seisho Music Academy's Actor Training Department is called to the school for special attendance ("PRE CALL"). Souda-sensei has called them for a meeting about the open class tour they will be holding for new students. For their underclassmen, they will be performing a simple story with a new interpretation, and one person will be narrating. After getting sidetracked due to similarities she was finding between Hikari Kagura, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, and the sunlight, Karen Aijo arrives late, only to find that she has been chosen to do the story narration. All of the class except Hikari are surprised by this decision, reminded of Karen's poorly executed story narration when they were first years.

Hikari is thrown into a flashback of Karen's narration of Momotaro in first year. It started off as a normal reading of Momotaro, with Mahiru as the old woman, Nana Daiba as the old man, Maya Tendo as the peach, Claudine Saijo and Kaoruko Hanayagi as trees, Junna Hoshimi as a bird, and Futaba Isurugi as Momotaro. Then, Karen began to reason about where the peach came from, and declared that it was a peach shaped bottle carrying a heartfelt message. She stopped the old woman from retrieving the peach before Futaba's Momotaro could even appear, and called the "peach bottle" to her so she could receive the message from "that girl" and fulfill their promise. Hikari is shocked, recognizing that Karen was talking about her, and Karen confirms that her interpretation was about Hikari.

The rest of the class is unimpressed, and Karen takes requests for their ideal roles this time. Kaoruko would like to play a more crisp role, Junna a mature role that will help her change her image, Maya would like to be the lead (and a human), Claudine would like to be anything that will surpass Maya, Mahiru declares she would also like to be the lead after Maya reminds her she sees her as a rival, Futaba says she wants to fight, and Nana wants to play a cool role. They turn to Hikari last, who says she wants to play someone with a dream of being able to do something they can't. Finally, they all look forward to their third year of high school and the next stage ("Saikai Aizu").[1]


Main Part[]

  1. PRE CALL (Karen, Hikari, Maya, Junna, Mahiru, Nana, Claudine, Futaba and Kaoruko)
  2. Saikai Aizu (Karen, Hikari, Maya, Junna, Mahiru, Nana, Claudine, Futaba and Kaoruko)

Live Part (performed by Starlight Kuku Gumi)[]

  1. Promise Tower
  2. Circle of the Revue
  3. 99 ILLUSION!



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