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Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE Seiran- BLUE GLITTER was a stage play held at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo from December 21-27, 2020. It was directed by Akiko Kodama and written by Kaori Miura.

The stage play is a spin-off of Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #2 Transition and features the students and staff of Seiran General Art Institute. It was also streamed internationally via eplus Streaming Service[1].





At Seiran General Art Institute, Koharu Yanagi informs her classmates that they are to prepare for the upcoming National High School Acting Championships ("LIMITLESS", followed by "Aoi Arashi"). Seiran won the competition last year, and plans to win this year as well. Kyoko Yakumo enters the classroom, and Koharu asks her what they would be performing for this year, but Yakumo-sensei feels that they are still not ready to put on a performance of their own. Instead, Yakumo-sensei assigns them to prop cleanup (reprise of "Aoi Arashi"). Though she will not say so outright, Koharu is deeply frustrated by this line of work, feeling that she is not at her full potential doing anything other than acting ("Nemureru Dōgutachi").

Later, at the Yanagi residence, Koharu is in the middle of training when Sakura Yanagi arrives, excitedly telling her all about school life at Seisho Music Academy. Embittered, Koharu tells Sakura that because they attend different schools, they are rivals, and Sakura leaves without any questions ("Makezu Girai"). The next day, Koharu's resolve to win the competition has strengthened, but so have her frustrations, which she begins taking out on her classmates. This causes Koharu and Hisame Honami to get into an argument. Sawa Souda then arrives to Seiran at Yakumo-sensei's request. Yakumo-sensei expresses her fears that her students have lost sight of their goals, reminding her of their days at Seisho and performing "Starlight" together as the leads. Souda-sensei wonders if it may not just be Seisho that Seiran needs, but other schools as well ("Tear"). Koharu and Hisame are then introduced to Akira Yukishiro from Siegfeld Institute of Music ("Well done!") and Yatsuki Hanare from Maidori Girls' School ("FOLLOW A RHYTHM"). Koharu refuses to engage with the other Stage Girls, and this upsets Hisame.

Meanwhile, Suzu Minase has gone to Seisho to ask about Koharu and bumps into Sakura. She voices her concerns about Koharu, and Sakura telling Suzu that she is preparing for a trip to Utajima Agrictltural School inspires Suzu to concoct a plan ("Hey! Sister!"). At Utajima, Sakura, Suzu, and the Seisho guest star meet Miko Matsue ("Daichi"). Suzu introduces herself as Maya Tendo, doing an impression of her. However, Suzu's cover is blown rather quickly, and Souda-sensei discovers the stowaway from Seiran.

Yakumo-sensei delegates Hisame to the role of leader, creating more tension between Hisame and Koharu. Meanwhile, at Utajima, Suzu expresses her concerns about her friends to Miko, who reassures Suzu. Suddenly, just as Koharu, Hisame and Suzu are reunited ("Chiisana Kakera"), they, Akira, Yatsuki, Sakura, Miko, and the Seisho guest star are called to the Underground Theater. Yakumo-sensei tells Koharu, Hisame and Suzu that if they do not pass this audition, then she will withdraw the three of them from the annual competition. She explains that the work they will be performing is "The Three Musketeers". The Revue of Alliance begins ("Chiisana Kakera"), and it begins in complete disaster; however, with encouragement from Sakura, Koharu, Hisame and Suzu find harmony within each other once more ("Playlist"). The audition battles continue, with Sakura awakening as a Stage Girl and joining forces with Koharu, Hisame and Suzu, helping the four of them win the final Revue ("BLUE ANTHEM"). Koharu apologizes to Sakura and thanks her for helping her realize what has been missing this whole time.

Souda-sensei remarks how 'nostalgic' the audition battles were, telling of when Yakumo-sensei cracked under the pressure of Seisho's expectations and escaped to be part of Seiran. The girls from the other schools depart ("Stay as you are") and Seiran stands alone, basking in their victory.[2]


Note: Bolded names indicate the winner of the Revue.

  • Revue of Alliance (Koharu Yanagi vs. Suzu Minase vs. Hisame Honami)
  • Revue of Reigning (Hisame Honami vs. Akira Yukishiro)
  • Revue of Nonresonance (Suzu Minase vs. Yatsuki Hanare)
  • Revue of Naivety (Koharu Yanagi vs. Miko Matsue)
  • Revue of Revolution (Koharu Yanagi, Hisame Honami, Suzu Minase, Sakura Yanagi, Seisho guest star vs. Akira Yukishiro, Yatsuki Hanare, Miko Matsue)


Main Part[]

  1. Limitless (Koharu, Suzu, Hisame)
  2. Aoi Arashi (Koharu, Suzu, Hisame, Yakumo)
  3. Aoi Arashi [reprise] (Yakumo)
  4. Nemureru Dōgutachi (Suzu, Hisame, ensemble)
  5. Nemureru Dōgutachi [reprise] (Koharu, (Suzu, Hisame, ensemble)
  6. Makezu Girai (Koharu)
  7. Tear (Souda, Yakumo)
  8. Well done! (Akira)
  9. FOLLOW A RHYTHM (Hisame and Akira)
  10. Hey! Sister! (Suzu and Sakura)
  11. Daichi (Miko)
  12. Chiisana Kakera (Koharu, Suzu, Hisame)
  13. Playlist (Koharu, Suzu, Hisame, Akira, Yatsuki, Miko, Sakura)
  14. TBA (Koharu, Hisame, Akira, Miko, Sakura)
  15. BLUE ANTHEM (Koharu, Suzu, Hisame, Akira, Yatsuki, Miko, Sakura, Seisho guest)
  16. Stay as you are (Koharu, Suzu, Hisame, Akira, Yatsuki, Miko, Sakura, Seisho guest)

Live Part (performed by Seiran General Art Institute)[]

  2. The Show Must Go On!
  4. Glittering Stars (performed with full cast)



Revue Starlight -The LIVE SEIRAN- BLUE GLITTER Highlight Video

BLUE GLITTER Highlight Video


  • BLUE GLITTER was originally scheduled to premiere on December 18th; however, due to someone on the staff testing positive for COVID-19, showings from December 18th-20th were cancelled.
    • This affected Momoyo Koyama's guest appearance on December 18, Aina Aiba's guest appearance on December 19, and Haruki Iwata and Maho Tomita's guest appearances on December 20.[3]
    • As Aina Aiba's only guest appearance as Claudine Saijo was cancelled, the script for Claudine's guest appearance lines was included as a benefit along with the Blu-ray.[4]