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Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Re LIVE (少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -Re LIVE- Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -Re LIVE-?), abbreviated as Starira (スタリラ), is a smartphone game developed by Ateam Inc. and Bushiroad. It was initially released in Japan on October 22, 2018 for Android devices and October 28, 2018 for iOS devices. A global version of the game of released on April 22, 2019.


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An example of a Revue with 3 Korosus, featuring Junna Hoshimi, Karen Aijo, Ichie Otonashi, Shizuha Kocho and Fumi Yumeoji.

Revue Starlight: Re LIVE is a character-collecting role-playing game featuring 27 characters from 5 different acting schools, including the nine main characters from the anime. Players are tasked with building a team of up to five characters and using the team to win turn-based battle sequences (called Revues) and earn rewards.

Players battle against different enemies depending on the gameplay mode, which can include the game exclusive Korosu, other players, and more. At the start of the turn, the player may choose from five Acts randomly selected from the pool of Acts provided by their selected Stage Girls. Each turn, the player has a total of 6 Act Points (AP) they can use. Each Act Panel has a set number of AP required to use it.

As Stage Girls take damage from enemies, their Brilliance gauge will increase. When the Brilliance gauge is at its maximum capacity, they will be able to perform their Climax Act, an attack that deals significantly more damage. If multiple Stage Girls perform their Climax Act within the same turn, they may perform an even stronger attack, referred to as a Finishing Act.

Some Acts can apply Status Conditions to allies or enemies, which affect certain aspects of their stats or gameplay. Some Acts can apply Stage Effects to ally or enemy Stages, which can provide stat boosts, stat deboosts, and/or other effects. Certain Stage Girls can also equip a corresponding Accessory, which will raise her stats and change her Climax Act.

If all Stage Girls lose their HP or if the team fails to defeat all enemies within the turn limit, the player fails the Revue and does not earn rewards.


An example of a Stage Girl and her various growth options.

Leveling Up[]

You can raise your Stage Girls' levels by using Lesson Tickets and Coins. When a Stage Girl's level increases, her Power Score will go up.

Skill Panels[]

Use Pieces and Coins to unlock Skill Panels and boost your Stage Girls' stats. Pieces can be obtained in the Story or in the Shop. By tapping the "Batch Unlock" button, you can unlock multiple Skill Panels at once.

Unlock 8 Skill Panels to "Rank Up" your Stage Girls. A higher rank increases stats and may even unlock new skills. The maximum rank is Rank 9.

Potential Bloom[]

You can raise your Stage Girls' Rarity through Potential Bloom. As a Stage Girl's Rarity goes up, her stats and maximum level also increase. Rarity can reach a maximum of 6☆.

To activate Potential Bloom, you must use Potential Crystals for that Stage Girl. You can acquire them from Potential Crystal Hunts, through events, or in the Shop by exchanging Creation Jewels.


Raise a Stage Girl's Bond Level by giving her Bond Gifts. You can obtain various rewards when Bond Level goes up. Each Stage Girls likes different Gifts.

You will unlock Bond Stories as you raise Bond Levels. These allow you to view special tales for each Stage Girl.

Unit Skills[]

Unit Skills are effects that apply to all the Stage Girls in a Unit. All Stage Girls of base rarity 3☆ and 4☆ have Unit Skills. By combining Unit Skills smartly, you can combine effects that work well together and make your Unit even stronger.

Unit Skills can be leveled up to Lv. 21, and will grow stronger as their level increases. Unit Skills can be leveled up in the following ways:

  • Using Creation Jewels (+1 level)
  • Getting Duplicate Stage Girls (+5 levels)


Rebirth is a feature that allows further upgrades to a 4☆ Stage Girl's stats, maximum level, and Bond Level by using Passion. (Awakened 4☆ Stage Girls cannot perform Rebirth.)

Stage Girls who have performed Rebirth will gain a new parameter called Traits. Traits are useful when challenging Star Arena.

When a Stage Girl is obtained, the player will also obtain their corresponding Passion. Players can also use Shards of Passion to exchange for a specific Stage Girl's Passion.



The Main Story and School Story of Seisho Music Academy, Rinmeikan Girls School, Frontier School of Arts and Siegfeld Institute of Music can be read. Clearing certain points in the Main Story unlocks a respective mode.


The event page gives access to the ongoing event(s), the recently finished event and the Stage Of Dreams (see below).

Hunt Stages[]

Coins, Lesson Tickets, Potential Crystals, Orbs, and Revue Songs can be obtained daily in their respective hunt stages to enhance the stats of Stage Girls.

Twilight Theater[]

A co-op mode where a player can team up with up to two other players in a real-time Revue against variations of Suzudaru Cat. Twilight Theater Medals earned from this mode can be used to purchase items like Orbs, Crowns, Bond Gifts, and the memoir Legendary Trial - Suzudaru Cat.

Challenge Revue[]

Enemy Stage Girls with unique Opening Acts, Ending Acts, and other unique attributes can be challenged for Round Table Proofs. These Proofs can be exchanged for a Stage Girl and her Potential Crystals. The exchangeable Stage Girl changes with each Challenge Revue period reset, and corresponds to the final enemy of the Challenge Revue.

The featured Stage Girls are as follows (the rotation resets after Kaoruko):

Awakening Stage[]

This mode allows players to challenge enemies in each Element (except Dream) to obtain items for increasing the base star rank of the 2-star Stage Girls of Seisho Music Academy, Rinmeikan Girls School, Frontier School of Arts and Siegfeld Institute of Music. The base star rank of the card can be increased up to a 4-star, becoming Awakened.

Respective tickets are required to unlock each difficulty. The coins to buy these tickets can be obtained from Vs. Revue Rewards and Troupe Rewards.

Score Attack Revue[]

Two elemental variations of Andrew Bosses can be challenged by the collective player base in order to obtain Accessories Medals, Accessory Upgrade Points, and Accessories. Andrews carry out their own order of Acts according to their Element. All Andrews attempt to use their Climax Act in the last 3 turns. The main goal of the Revue is to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy in 12 turns.

Ranking is based on total damage inflicted on each Andrew within the week. Each Boss can be challenged up to 2 times a day. When they have no more HP remaining, they cannot be faced against anymore. The Andrew Bosses and accessory rewards change with each weekly reset.

Vs. Revue[]

Main article: Star Performance

An example of two players battling each other.

An example of a player banning opponent's Stage Girls.

In this style of play, also called Star Performance, players use their teams of Stage Girls to engage in real time turn based battles against each other and raise up in player rankings each season.

The player can build a custom team which consists of 10 Stage Girls without any Costs. After that, before beginning the battle, each player can ban 2 Stage Girls from the opponent's team.

The X2 speed button is disabled in this style.

Stage of Dreams[]

This type of Revue tasks players with battling enemies across 100 levels using two different teams. Advancing levels unlocks rewards, including an exclusive four-star memoir. Stage Girl and enemy HP do not reset after each battle, and players must wait 24 hours before resetting again.

Star Arena[]

A non-real-time PvP mode where players can select NPC-operated player/bot teams to fight against. Three opponents whose ranking is close to the player's will be available as choices. The opponent is computer-controlled and programmed differently from other modes; for example, the opponent can use unlocked Instant Skills at an opportune time to hinder allies' Acts.

Each Round, certain Traits will gain a boost; the Stage Girls with those Traits may gain boosts such as Act Power up or obtaining Brilliance at the start of battle.

There are classes and rankings for individual players each period, with higher classes/ranks/tiers offering more rewards. These rewards include Passion, Shards of Passion, and Star Arena Medals, which can be exchanged for certain Stage Girls' Passion and other items.

Troupe Revue[]

In Troupe Revue, each member of a Troupe challenges the Boss and earns a score. The total score obtained by all members becomes the Troupe score. All Troupes compete against each other for the highest score.

Troupes are made up of a maximum of 10 players, and any player can join or form a Troupe. Joining a Troupe allows you to communicate with other players and participate in Troupe Revue together, though it should be noted that you cannot join a Troupe while a Troupe Revue is ongoing.

When a Troupe Revue season starts, Troupe members can fight a common Boss with shared HP. When 4 Bosses are defeated, the Troupe Revue moves to the next round. After a certain number of rounds, the difficulty goes up.

  • Difficulty 1: Round 1-4
  • Difficulty 2: Round 5-9
  • Difficulty 3: Round 10-45
  • Difficulty 4: Round 46 and over

The goal of each fight is to do as much damage as possible to the Boss within 6 turns. If the Boss is defeated in under 6 turns, the remaining turns can be carried over to the next Boss. Bosses can be challenged up to 3 times a day by each player, and players can use the Rehearsal mode to practice their strategies without using an attempt. Each Troupe Revue season lasts 5 days.

Ranking in Troupe Revue can earn players rewards such as Star Gems, Creation Jewels, and Troupe Revue Medals, which can be exchanged for exclusive memoirs and Stage Girls.

Limited-time Mini Games[]

Mini games are and have been made playable for a limited time to commemorate anniversaries and/or collaborations with other series.

Birthday Cooking Show![]

An example of a successful Birthday Cooking Show score.

Available for 4 days from the birthday of each Stage Girl, the player controls a randomly picked Stage Girl from each birthday girl's school (except the birthday girl herself) to collect ingredients for a cake while avoiding things that cause a game over. The higher the score, the more Stage Girls appear in the room before the birthday girl and the more extravagant the cake on the center table. If the score is over 15000, every Stage Girl will appear in the room and the cake will be a special birthday girl-specific cake.

This mini game was first made playable from Hikari Kagura's birthday in 2021.

Frantic Swan[]

The player taps the screen to make the swan-riding Maya leap a short distance and pass through gaps between both pillars without touching them. Gathering enough baumkuchen widens the gaps in passages for a short time. The gameplay is reminiscent of the mobile game Flappy Bird.

Home Run Derby[]

Tap at the right time to swing at the incoming ball and hit a home run. Swinging off-time may cause a foul ball or a strike.

Word Slot[]