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Shizuha Kocho (胡蝶 静羽, Kochō Shizuha) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is a second-year student from the Stage Expression Course at Frontier School of Arts.

A big-sister type, always attentive and wearing a sweet smile. One of the preeminent students in the Frontier School of Arts Stage Expression Course, her looks and acting talent have put her in the spotlight since her junior-high-school days. Very health-conscious, always offering health drinks to her dubious friends [1].

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png Heartbroken loneliness as I fall with broken feathers. The neon lights invite the stage of bonds.
If 'now' and 'reality' are but a night's dream, I'll carve my flight onto the stage.
Stage Girl — Shizuha Kocho! I spread my wings, to Frontier!

QLeft.png 傷つく孤独に 羽折れ堕つるも ネオンが誘う 絆のSTAGE
【今】も【うつつ】も 一夜の夢なら 舞台に刻まん 羽ばたく証を
舞台少女 胡蝶静羽 その羽広げて すすめフロンティア!

QLeft.png kizutsuku kodoku ni hane ore otsuru mo neon ga izanau kizuna no STAGE
"ima" mo "utsutsu" mo   hitoyo no yumenara butai ni kizaman habataku akashi o
butai shōjo Kochō Shizuha sono hane hirogete susume furontia!



Shizuha has wavy waist-length blue hair that has bangs swept on the right side and plum-purple eyes.

Her Frontier School of Arts uniform consists of a white button-up shirt, a cyan striped tie, a brown vest, a burgundy blazer, a burgundy pleated skirt with gold trimmings, brown tights, and black heels. Her accessories consist of a black ribbon on a gold clip that she keeps in her hair.

Her Revue outfit consists of a brown corset that is split in the middle two inches up. There is a gold trim until it reaches the split area. There are two laces at the trims just below the chest. There is a gold button on each side of the corset at the top center. Underneath the corset is a white cloth that hangs out in the center and goes down to the end of the chest. She wears a dark teal jacket with gold trims. The sleeves are split open at the shoulder and have three laces holding it together. There is a gold button on both front bottom corners of the jacket. She wears a brown belt above the jacket at the waist. She also wears thick brown gloves with a gold trim. Around her neck is the same red scarf as the others. It is held together by a golden circle with a star in the center. She wears a dark green skirt it’s a white skirt underneath it. She has a brown belt around her left thigh. She wears ankle-high brown boots with a gold trim. The boots’ tops are folded over and have a strap hanging out of them with gold at the end. The boots have heels.


Gentle, kind, and bright, Shizuha is looked up to as a role model for a lot of students.

Shizuha helps people around school, ranging from baking, to assignments, and to acting routines. Shizuha always carries around a first-aid kit, which everyone seems to appreciate. However, they're not so sure about the specially-made energy drinks she recommends.

A running gag in the game is that Shizuha's health drinks taste awful, even when she makes the other girls in Frontier drink them. In Castaway Fumi's bond story, the gang gets to taste Fumi's island milk tea after Lalafin says it tastes fine, although familiar. Unfortunately, Akira and Kaoruko both find the concoction terrible. Lalafin explains that the reason it tasted familiar is because it reminded her of Shizuha's Special Drink, which Kaoruko then says Shizuha is notorious for.

In the Wonderland for You and Me event, Shizuha tells Lalafin that when she gets to thinking, her hands keep themselves busy. It is frequently brought up that she loves playing crossword puzzles, solving riddles, and doing aromatherapy. In fact, the girls in Rinmeikan recognize Shizuha's talent for tongue twisters, and her name is brought up in Princess Kaguya's bond story.

Shizuha is also very knowledgeable with technology. She says that she has built her own PC, saying that IT can be important to study even for the stage. In the Wonderland event, she operates a VR device that shows old footage of her Halloween performance with Tsukasa in their first year. Because Frontier lets students use the latest technology for their coursework, Shizuha sometimes lends the equipment to students from other schools.

She also enjoys playing video games, sometimes spending the whole weekend in her room on game night. In a "my theater" story, Misora catches Shizuha waiting in line in front of a gaming store on an early morning. Apparently, Shizuha has pre-ordered a game and she is too excited to wait after school to come pick it up.


Shizuha: "Ever since I was little, I was in love with 'the world of stories.' The fictional world of people's imaginations is full of dreams and hopes."

- Self-introduction video (Shizuha Kocho)


Shizuha mentions in a “my theater” story that she used to spend her weekends going on family trips. Likewise, she also plays video games with her parents sometimes as a way to keep in touch with each other.

In “Bunny Egg Hunters: Frontier Island Adventure”, Shizuha says that her family also observes Easter. She hid the eggs for her parents to find.


Shizuha has studied both ballet and traditional Japanese dance. Nana has also brought up that she witnessed Shizuha performing onstage when they were in middleschool, adding that she was awed by her acting and singing.


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  • Frontier VS Siegfeld
  • Frontier VS Seisho
  • Frontier VS Rinmeikan (Presumed)



  • The name Shizuha means "quiet" (静) (shizu) and "feather" (羽) (ha).
  • Shizuha's surname Kochō means "barbarian, foreign" (胡) (ko) and "butterfly" (蝶) (chou).


  • Shizuha's astrological sign is Leo.
  • Shizuha enjoys playing computer games.
  • Shizuha has studied both ballet and traditional Japanese dance.
  • During days off, Shizuha goes swimming.
  • Shizuha's favorite gift is an aromatic candle.
  • Shizuha's name is featured in Frontier's official school pamphlet, presumed by Andrew to draw in students who want to pursue stage acting.
  • Shizuha's weapon is a scythe, a tool that was commonly used by farmers to cut grass, hay and other crops.
    • It also has an association with the Grim Reaper who is commonly depicted with a scythe.


Stage Cards[]



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