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Stage Girl Koharu Yanagi.png

Details[edit | edit source]

Stage Girl Koharu Yanagi 【Bond Story】
School Seiran General Art Institute
Initial Rarity
Four Star icon.png
Element Space Element.png Space
Position Middle Position.jpg Middle
Act Type Special Act Type.png Special
Description Has an Act that grants Agility up to her allies, while her Climax Act deals Dream damage, dealing extra damage to most elements.

Acts[edit | edit source]

Quick Slash Front enemy damage Act.png Low damage to front enemy. Agility up to all allies.
Sacred Song Negate Effects Resistance.png Continuous Negative Effects Resistance to front 3 allies.
Restraint Concerto Stun Act.png Medium damage & chance at Stun to all enemies.
Blue Fire Perfect Aim Act.png Perfect Aim & Act Power up to self. Removes Negative Effects from all allies. Very High damage to all enemies (counts as Dream & extra damage to normal-type enemies).
Auto Skill Defense Down Act.png (At Start) 20% Normal Defense down to all enemies for 3 turn(s)
SpDef Down Act.png (At Start) 20% Special Defense down to all enemies for 3 turn(s)
Fortitude Act.png (At Start) Fortitude to resist 1 hit(s)
Unit Skill Seiran Unit Skill A.png Seiran General Art Institute Act Power Up 10% (up to 50%), Critical Up 10% (up to 50%)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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