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Stage Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #2 Transition (舞台 少女☆歌劇 レヴュースタァライト -The LIVE-#2 Transition, Butai Shōjo☆Kageki Revyū Sutāraito -The LIVE-#2 Transition) is a manga adaptation of the second stage play. It was adapted by Tsubaki Ayasugi.

It was serialized in Monthly Bushiroad from the February 2019 issue to the December 2019 issue, and released in two volumes. The first volume (containing chapters 1-5) was released on June 8, 2019, and the second volume (containing chapters 6-11) was released on December 7, 2019.

As it is a direct adaptation of the second stage play, the plot is the same. However, new original scenes illustrating the backstories of the Seiran General Art Institute students were included. Lyrics from the musical numbers were also included within the story, to retain the original feeling of the play.


  1. Act 1 "A New Stage" (第一幕「新たなるステージ」, Dai Ichi Maku "Aratanaru Sutēji")
  2. Act 2 "Blue Storm" (第二幕「青い嵐」, Dai Ni Maku "Aoi Arashi")
  3. Act 3 "Dear my pain." (第三幕「Dear my pain.」, Dai San Maku "Dear my pain.")
  4. Act 4 "Team Battle" (第四幕「団体戦」, Dai Yon Maku "Dantaisen")
  5. Act 5 "Suzu Minase" (第五幕「南風 涼」, Dai Go Maku "Minase Suzu")
  6. Act 6 "Hisame Honami" (第六幕「穂波氷雨」, Dai Roku Maku "Honami Hisame")
  7. Act 7 "Ultramarine" (第七幕「群青」, Dai Nana Maku "Gunjō")
  8. Act 8 "Koharu Yanagi" (第八幕「柳 小春」, Dai Hachi Maku "Yanagi Koharu")
  9. Act 9 "Rainbow" (第九幕「虹色」, Dai Kyū Maku "Nijiiro")
  10. Act 10 "99 ILLUSION!" (第十幕「99 ILLUSION!」, Dai Jū Maku "99 ILLUSION!")
  11. Final Act "Still in a dream." (最終幕「Still in a dream.」, Saishū Maku "Still in a dream.")