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Suzuko Mimori (三森 すずこ) voices Hikari Kagura and is affiliated with HiBiKi talent agency.


Suzuko Kurokawa was born in June 28, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. The former vice president of Bushiroad, Fumio Kurokawa, is her cousin. During her first year of high school, she considered taking the exam to join the Takarazuka Revue. Up until then she had short hair, but gradually let it grow longer from that point on.

She was active in stage plays and musicals since the age of 18 years old, working with Mariart Dance Studio as part of a theater group. After receiving an offer from the president of Hibiki Entertainment Office, she joined Hibiki to become a voiceover artist.

She was previously enrolled in Komazawa University, but dropped out in order to focus on her career.

From July to October 2009, she was a member of idol unit Cutie Pai under the name "Suzie", which was active from July to October 2009. She also performed in musical activities and attended variety shows as a member of the seiyuu unit Milky Holmes.

In January of 2018 she confirmed her relationship with the wrestler, Kazuchika Okada. They were married in April 2019.

Outside of Revue Starlight, Suzuko is also known for voicing:


  • Suzuko's special skill is dancing.
  • Suzuko's hobbies include cooking, going to the movies, singing, and watching pro-wrestling
  • In an October 2017 interview, Suzuko mentions fellow voice actress Emiri Katō as someone she admires. A year later, Emiri would join the cast of Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight: Re LIVE.<ref>October 2017 Interview.
  • In Monthly Seiyuu Grand Prix, Suzuko publishes her own columns and illustrations based on letters from readers under the name "A Certain Famous Illustrator, Okuzushi M Romi", an anagram of her stage name.