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Tamao Tomoe (巴 珠緒, Tomoe Tamao) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is a second-year student from the Performance Department at Rinmeikan Girls School.

Good-natured and kind to everyone, Tamao is imbued with traditional Japanese ideals. She strives daily to uphold the school's traditions and its precepts of Strength, Kindness, and Beauty. Her mother and grandmother both graduated from Rinmeikan Girls School, giving her a unique fondness for the school [1].

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png Eternal life is but a dream — a never-ending play is but an illusion.
Destiny fickly burns, edging itself on the stage.
Rinmeikan Performance Association — Tamao Tomoe! I will blossom until there's no life in me!

QLeft.png 絶えぬ命は 常世に在らず 終わらぬ芝居も 夢幻のごとく
儚く燃えゆく さだめであれば 舞台に刻まん 刹那の瞬き
凛明館演劇同好会 巴珠緒 凛と咲きます 命果つまで!

QLeft.png taenu inochi wa tokoyo ni arazu owaranu shibai mo mugen nogotoku
hakanaku moe yuku sa damedeareba butai ni kizaman setsuna no matataki
Rinmeikan engeki dōkō-kai Tomoe Tamao rinto sakimasu inochi hatsu made!



Tamao has long, straight, dark blue hair. She uses little red ribbons as hair accessories. She has purple eyes.

School Uniform

Her school uniform consists of a short dark brown blazer, and the same shade of dark brown dress. The blazer has a white collar with a dark brown stripe an inch or two from the edge. The blazer also has white cuffs with a dark brown stripe in the middle wrapping around the cuff. There is a red ribbon in the center of the blazer. The dress is short and goes down just past the hips. It has four golden buttons, two on each side of the stomach area. At the top of the dress, there is a white stripe an inch or two from the collar. She wears black tights and black flats.

Casual Outfit

Tamao's casual outfit consists of a white and blue dress. The sleeves and collar are white, while the body of the dress is a checkered blue. There is a tony gold belt around her waist with a bow. She wears dark leggings under it.

Practice Outfit

Her practice outfits consists of a purple short-sleeved dress and white leggings.

Revue Outfit

Tamao's revue outfut consists of a kimono-like purple dress. She wears a chest platter, which only she and Fumi have. She wears a white skirt with a gold trim with another black skirt underneath it. She wears a plate on her right arm connected to her body by a red ribbon on her underarm, though in the live concerts the plate is connected by a golden rope around her neck as well as the ribbon. Tamao wears knee-high black boots. The top and bottom of the boots have a golden trim. Both have a red ribbon tied around the top. There are red cuffs on the ankles of both as well.


Tamao has a mature, gentle, and caring personality. She works hard to shine on stage, and this dedication to her craft shows how stubborn she can be at times, especially when the situation calls for it. Tamao says that thanks to the friends she found in Rinmeikan, she has an easier time, and even has fun.

At the beginning, she tends to fuss over her friends, particularly towards Yuyuko. Tamao sometimes fixes her ribbon for her and reminds her not to overwork herself too late into the night. While she does fuss over Rui at times as well, Tamao is more inclined to ask help from her, such as in cooking, gardening, or stage-fighting.

In line with this, Tamao can be selfless to a fault, and so she tends to take on many responsibilities. She is usually adamant on finishing a task herself, to the point of exhaustion. Her friends express their concern over this, especially Ichie and Fumi, both of whom usually remind her to let them share the responsibility.

In some instances, Tamao can be sneaky if she wants to be. During their rehearsals for Rinmeikan's drama festival in their school story, Tamao practices two roles in secret. This is so that they won't have to sacrifice any of the original material in the script just because they are short an actor. After having been found out, Fumi joins the play so Tamao won't have to take on the two roles anymore.

In her Momotaro bond story, it is brought up that whenever Tamao is troubled over her roles, she starts cooking to clear her head. Rui points out that Tamao takes very meticulous measurements of the ingredients.

Although she is smart and dependable, she is quite oblivious on the subject of 'love'. In addition, while she is graceful on the stage, Tamao can be clumsy off of it. During her spare time, Tamao loves cooking and taking care of the flowers in her school's garden. Her favorite gift is 'flower seeds'.

Despite her passion for the stage, Tamao is not qualified enough to count as one of the best stage girls yet. She and the rest of her department were beaten by Seigfeld’s students in Main Story 2 - Rinmeikan's Determination.



On several occasions, Tamao has brought up that her grandmother is her greatest influence. A few of the things she taught her are tea ceremony and flower arrangement.

Tamao's grandmother and mother were students at Rinmeikan Girl's School, and so she has always wanted to become a student there. When she was little, she watched a video of her grandmother performing on stage, and it inspired her to pursue a career as an actress. She says in one of her “my theatre” conversations that she's really happy she got to study at Rinmeikan.

Tamao's family owns a Japanese-style restaurant, and she usually uses her parents' recipes to make food. In Initial Drum's bond story, it is shown that Tamao is able to tell the ingredients of a dish by taste, texture, and smell. She may enjoy food, but there are certain types that she prefers not to eat, such as Aruru's experimental baking and some of Fumi's ponzu-infused dishes.


At some point in the past, Tamao and Kaoruko have both studied dance together, possibly alongside Futaba as well. It is mentioned in the Chasing Sirius event and in the Main Story that they were under the instruction of the same dance teacher, with whom both of them keep close contact.

In middle school, Tamao performed in the same drama club as Rui.


Kaoruko Hanayagi[]

Kaoruko is very willing to point out Tamao's weaknesses and criticizes her harshly. Tamao and Kaoruko are old acquaintances who studied under the same teacher sometime in the past. Their grandparents are also implied to have been close, and Kaoruko's grandmother teaches at Rinmeikan. They once performed on stage together according to Futaba in her Strength bond story. Every new year, a contest is held to let the most talented dancers of the best schools in the country compete.

More details are said in the Hanged Man bond story, where Futaba explains that Kaoruko won each year, with Tamao always coming in second place.

After the Starry Diamond Revues, Kaoruko acknowledges in her Laelaps Hound bond story that Tamao and Rui have gotten stronger since they last fought on the revue stage.

Futaba Isurugi[]

Alongside Kaoruko, Futaba has performed with Tamao onstage in the past. But unlike her childhood friend, Futaba is in friendly terms with Tamao.

Fumi Yumeoji[]

Fumi and Tamao are good friends, and Fumi is shown to be worried about Tamao on several occasions. The two trust each other deeply, and Fumi is the first person Tamao recruits to perform Rinmeiki with her despite knowing her for the least amount of time, since Fumi will keep her in check and be willing to say no.

Fumi says she is grateful for Tamao, and cites Tamao's dedication to the stage as the reason she was able to become a Stage Girl again.

Ichie Otonashi[]

Despite her penchant for playing pranks, Ichie cares deeply about the rest of the girls, and Tamao is no exception. She can instantly tell when Tamao's upset and lightens her mood. Whenever Tamao overworks herself, Ichie reminds her to relax and take a break.

In Yua Shinohara's bond story, Ichie helps Tamao get into her role by doing chores for her and treating her like a 'princess'. Sitting around and letting others do the work is apparently a challenge for Tamao.

Rui Akikaze[]

Rui is Tamao's junior and one of her closest friends. They have known each other since junior high school, where they also performed together in the drama club. According to Yamato Takeru's bond story, when Tamao moved to study in Rinmeikan, it was Rui who took over the club. They typically spend time together tending to the plants in the school garden or cooking. Tamao is oblivious to Rui's infatuation with her.

Yuyuko Tanaka[]

Although they only met at the start of the year, Tamao and Yuyuko share a close bond. Yuyuko admits in her Little Red Riding Hood bond story that she considers Tamao as an ally and a senpai moreso than a friend. Nonetheless, they spend lots of time together. In a "My Theatre" conversation, Tamao says she misses seeing Yuyuko's dog, Momoko. Similarly, Yuyuko has visited Tamao's family's restaurant along with the other girls.



  • Rinmeikan VS Seisho
  • Rinmeikan VS Siegfeld
  • Rinmeikan VS Frontier (Presumed)



  • The name Tamao means "bead" (珠) (tama) and "thread" (緒) (o).
  • Tamao's surname Tomoe means "comma" (巴).


  • Tamao's favorite gift is flower seeds.
  • Tamao says that even if she were to turn into a man-eating beast, she will still refuse to eat liver.
  • Tamao brings up in a "my theater" conversation that her worst subject is English.
  • Tamao can play the shamisen, although she claims she can only play at an amateur level [2].
  • Tamao occasionally helps out at her parents' Japanese-style restaurant, Kappo Tomoye [3].
  • According to Ichie in Shōjo Conte All Starlight, Tamao practices 90s Japanese rap whenever they sing karaoke.
  • The Rinmeikan girls look after a turtle in Tokaso Dorms. After seeing the creature in the street in Urashima Taro's bond story, Tamao and Rui choose to take care of it.
  • Tamao's weapon is presumably a bare blade tachi, the ancestor of the katana. As opposed to katanas, the tachi was usually worn with the edge facing down on the samurai's waist, instead of the edge facing up. The tachi also features a longer blade than the katana (27-31 in vs 23 in) and more curvature.


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