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Greetings there, you can call me Azie!

About Myself[edit | edit source]

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I got into Revue after seeing an ad over Facebook about ReLive, I quickly got hooked into the game. After joining Revuecord, I discovered more about this magnificent franchise and fell in love with it. I enjoy contributing to the wiki so everyone can discover this wonderful franchise.

Favorites[edit | edit source]

Girls[edit | edit source]

  1. Kaoruko Hanayagi
    Carry the Hopes...?.png
  2. Futaba Isurugi
  3. Yuyuko Tanaka
  4. Aruru Otsuki

Songs[edit | edit source]

  1. A Song or the Blooming of Flowers?
    Stage Girl Kaoruko Hanayagi.png
  2. Saisei Sanbikyoku
  3. You are a ghost, I am a ghost ~Gekijō no Ghost~
  4. 99 ILLUSION!
  5. Aoi Arashi
  6. Gyoshite Gyosha-za
    The Idol of the Room.jpg
  7. Chasing Sirius
  8. Ittōsei no Procyon
  9. Try Being a Butterfly

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