Revue Starlight Wiki


  • i upload starira story transcripts, stage girl and memoir pages, and event pages, and do whatever else i feel like needs attention around here (though a lot of the time it might be useless small tweaks).
  • i've made command line scripts that make use of the Karthuria API to make the process for uploading transcripts, stage girls and memoirs a lot faster because i hate doing it but it must be done - you can find those here.
    • i don't expect anyone else to use them but
      1. i would like it if someone else would actually because even though it makes it faster i might not get around to things as quickly as i could. i'm the only one doing it now but i don't really WANT to be
      2. if i dropped off the face of the earth i would want starira things to continue being uploaded to the wiki.
    • so please!! also it's a bit messy please don't judge and on the other hand if you're intimidated by it i promise it isn't that hard to set up and hopefully the instructions are clear.
  • i also might translate things sometimes
    • if you see something that says i translated it around here feel free to do whatever you want with it
    • but don't do that for anyone else, as a general rule credit all translations, i am giving you explicit permission bc personally i don't care
    • i spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to make things as accurate as i can but there will always be mistakes
  • i have a bot here (Bananapepperbot) that i use with AutoWikiBrowser to do mass edits like changing categories and replacing text.

the things i really want to improve are: the character pages but those are hard and i'm lazy and can't write, and the organization of the music section of the wiki (want to add footer navigation templates for that and maybe other areas as well) but that is very time consuming. one day... also i need to add a kanata nakamura page. if not more staff pages then just hers.

i don't really want to connect this account to any other social media or personal information, but here are some (lol) of my revue starlight favs:

ok i'll stop there. thank you for coming, enjoy your stay, and remember if you ever see something you want to change or add to the wiki please just GO HAM :)