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Thanks to Anon over Revuecord for the Datamines. Next Event for World Wide will be Valentine with Venus Shizuha Kocho and Cupid Yachiyo Tsuruhime. Here is some info:


Venus Shizuha Kocho.png
Cupid Yachiyo Tsuruhime.png

Shizuha's Quotes

QLeft.png I wonder if I've put enough love into it? QRight.png

QLeft.png "I must raise Cupid with the power of love in order to control his mischievous nature." QRight.png

QLeft.png "Oh Cupid, you're being fickle again... Just who did you get that from? What am I going to do with you?" QRight.png

QLeft.png "I can't turn a blind eye to someone troubled over love. Cupid, go mediate for those two." QRight.png

QLeft.png "Humans can't see the red string of fate. That's why their romance becomes so complicated and wonderful." QRight.png

QLeft.png "I'm glad those two got together... Perhaps it's about time for me to challenge a new romance too♪" QRight.png

QLeft.png There are many wild love stories among Roman and Greek gods – not only Venus. It can sometimes be a bit too much though... QRight.png

QLeft.png Tsukasa was worried too. We want Yumeoji-san and Shiori-san to get along. QRight.png

QLeft.png I wanted to watch Aruru-chan and the others perform "Witch Triples" – it's a story where Misora-chan becomes the third witch. QRight.png

QLeft.png Tsuruhime-san was also surprised that Tsukasa and Shiori-san are so close. It's wonderful to be able to have these exchanges. QRight.png

QLeft.png Tsuruhime-san made adjustments to this costume, but isn't it a bit too flashy? QRight.png

QLeft.png This script's depiction of love was really detailed and helpful. I'd like to be able to use it in other performances too. QRight.png

Yachiyo's Quotes

QLeft.png Have you fallen in love? Heh heh. QRight.png

QLeft.png "Maybe I'll go practice shooting arrows. It won't do to accidentally strike the wrong person♪" QRight.png

QLeft.png "Valentine's Day, the festival for lovers in the human world! It's a day that doesn't actually have anything to do with us." QRight.png

QLeft.png "It's troublesome when mother pushes me around, but she's normally kind and filled with compassion." QRight.png

QLeft.png "The lead arrow is an arrow that causes people to lose the heart to love. I mustn't confuse it with the golden arrow." QRight.png

QLeft.png "It was terrible when I accidentally stabbed my foot with the golden arrow that one time. Those with great power must be more careful than anyone else." QRight.png

QLeft.png Michiru-senpai and the others will come watch our Valentine play. I'm nervous♪ QRight.png

QLeft.png Shizuha-san, who gave the role of a girl in love to Shiori, sure has a keen eye. A young girl with a hidden passion is perfect for Shiori. QRight.png

QLeft.png Shizuha-san may look composed but once she's on stage, you can tell she's from Frontier. She's got an exquisite sense of balance. QRight.png

QLeft.png I went clothes shopping with Tsukasa and her taste is so original. But it matches well so it looks good♪ QRight.png

QLeft.png Mei Fan, I want to practice shooting arrows so can you put this apple on your head? I'm just kidding, don't run away. QRight.png

QLeft.png I tried asking if I could do the costumes and it got approved. Aren't both Cupid and Venus so cute? QRight.png
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