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QLeft.png My dream? World peace and happiness for everyone, I guess. QRight.png

Yachiyo Tsuruhime (鶴姫 やちよ, Tsuruhime Yachiyo) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is one of the distinguished students from the Music Acting Department at Siegfeld Institute of Music with the title of "Frau Perle".

This Stage Girl keeps her intentions hidden and she is rather elusive. Often angers people like Akira Yukishiro and Liu Mei Fan with her mischievous antics. Has a knack for sewing and design, and dreams of becoming a star who takes the stage in costumes of her own make [2].

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png Forever and ever, I have performed by myself. Polished a lonesome pearl.
Beyond the borders of the stage, beyond the play. That is where true platinum shines.
Frau Perle - Yachiyo Tsuruhime! This world is a stage. Even the king is a player!

QLeft.png 千代に八千代に 独演かさね 磨き上げたる 孤独の真珠
舞台の境界 芝居の彼岸 そこで光るは 真実の白金
【フラウ・ペルレ】 鶴姫やちよ! この世は舞台 王すらも役者――ですよ?

QLeft.png chiyo ni yachiyo ni dokuen kasane migaki agetaru kodoku no shinju
butai no kyōkai shibai no higan soko de hikaru wa makoto no purachina
"furau perure" Tsuruhime Yachiyo! konoyo wa butai ō sura mo yakusha――desuyo?




Yachiyo's curly pink hair is styled asymmetrically, with most of it swept to her right shoulder and two red hair clips to keep the other side neat. Her bangs cover the left of her aquamarine eyes.

School Uniform

Meticulous about appearances, Yachiyo dresses fashionably. Her Siegfeld uniform consists of a grey sweater-vest over a white shirt, a red tie, a dark monochrome tartan skirt, red thigh-high socks, black shoes, and the Siegfeld uniform jacket wrapped around her waist.

Casual Outfit

Her casual outfit is a low-cut beige sweater, a pink skirt with a belt, and black thigh-high leggings. She wears a heart necklace.

Practice Outfit

Yachiyo's practice outfit consits of a navy blue leotard and white leggings. There is a gold pattern on the left side collar of the leotard. She wears a navy blue choker.

Revue Outfit

Yachiyo’s Revue outfit consists of a tight fitted formal vest jacket. The jacket has a golden trim and two buttons on each side, one below her breasts and one on her stomach. The buttons have a golden rope between them. She wears a pink medal on her left breast. The sleeves of the jacket have an oval shape of two golden connected lines on the upper-side of the sleeves. Underneath the jacket is a white formal shirt. You can see the collar and sleeves of the shirt. She wears a black skirt with an open slot on her left side. It goes down to her thighs. It has a golden belt around it with an emblem in the center. She wears see through black thigh-high leggings with the top being solid. She wears high black boots that are folded over at the top to look like a collar. The boots’ collar has a gold trim. Going down to halfway of the boots are yellow laces. The boots have heels. Around her shoulder is a jacket. The main color of the jacket is white. It has gold trims and golden ropes at the collar. One rope is tied loosely around her chest to hold it on. The underside of the jacket is pink with three unconnected golden stripes toward the bottom. On the outside, the jacket has four inches of the edge being a light pink. Right above the light pink are three unconnected gold stripes. The jackets sleeves are cuffed, having a golden trim and a golden button.


Formerly regarded as deliberately elusive with questionable motives, she's now opening her heart to those around her, little by little.

Yachiyo is a genius, able to absorb and apply information about various things[3][4] at an unrivaled rate[5], with output that surpasses even professionals.[6] In particular, she has been able to read and perform even the most complex of stories since she was young.[7] At some point in her childhood, she came to a realization: the world itself is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Seeing people as "characters", she was able to predict their every move. This, ironically, made interacting with others boring for Yachiyo, who was now able to perceive the intricacies of the human psyche.[8]

Others weren't receptive to this foresight of hers[9], which pushed the young Yachiyo to a life of isolation for most of her formative years. As a result, some describe to be "otherworldly"[10][11], but because of her superb acting skills, most are none the wiser to the history as to why. Many facets of her personality are affected by this, however.

Aware of her place, or "role" in society, Yachiyo places great importance in the dynamic between seniors and juniors. This is shown in her relief that she doesn't have to "play senpai" to Akira,[12] and going as far as to cook for everyone in Detective Karen on the Case. In the latter case, she didn't let Shiori (her junior) handle it, as "doing menial labor (for her seniors)" is "just a her thing". She keeps up a facade of naturally deferring to them, keeping a polite tone even when telling one (such as Tsukasa Ebisu) off. In fact, she apologizes profusely after the deed. This, along with her general tendency to humble herself, makes characters like Akira Yukishiro comment that she should be less modest given her status as an Edel.

It turns out there is a reason for this modesty. Because of the way others (especially seniors) feel if she surpasses them[13], Yachiyo has, prior to Arcana Arcadia, refused to show off her true skill, and holds back for the sake of her "role", such as being a junior.[14] Additionally, her skills have been framed in a negative light since her childhood[15], so to reduce any potential conflicts, she decided to mask this overwhelming ability of hers. Perhaps partly due to this, she has developed a sort of impostor syndrome—attributing what she can do to other people she's inspired by or the roles she plays, rather than her own self, capable of doing (or mimicking, as she claims) mostly anything.[16] Hence, she has barely any of the pride or dignity that normally accompanies such gift.

Notably, she doesn't possess the complexes of one who lacks gift either. Jealousy and envy are things that she's never personally felt before, a peculiarity among stage girls. While she's never experienced them, she can understand and portray these emotions just fine, owing to her omnipotence on stage.[17][18]

Under the illusion of living life on her whims, Yachiyo can be described as very pragmatic. She operates on what she stands to gain and lose realistically, looking to achieve the biggest goal first and foremost. Her "laziness" is often a result of her deduction that a situation, no matter what she does, will not benefit her whatsoever. This turns out to be a leftover from her attitude in childhood, wherein Yachiyo grew up believing reality has a "script" that couldn't be changed by anyone, let alone someone like her.[19]

It isn't until her confrontation with Aruru Otsuki that she realizes being the lead can drive the story to an unexpected ending, something Yachiyo's always wanted. This drive to be the "leading role" of the story becomes her new motivation. Numerous people proceed to assist her in this endeavor. As her emotional and psychological pain is rooted in childhood, they help her "grow up" and become a genuine stage girl. After this, she's generally more open about herself. She emotes more, and talks about her acting methods in plainer and more honest terms. For her colleagues, her sister, and herself, she wants to bare her true self and clash with others with all her might, to bring upon the happiness she was denied of all her life.


Yachiyo explains her life in the form of a story, one filled with allegory. Details that reveal her life's story and details concerning only the fictional Fool are deliberately muddled, and as such her narrative should be taken with a grain of salt. At the very least, most details are corroborated by a flashback of Yachiyo's childhood.

She tells of being born to "a poet and a playwright". Due to this background, she had been immersed in the world of theater since a young age. Specifically, she would obsessively read scripts of various plays and act them out over, and over, and over on her own. Every time she reads one, it is as if she is born into a new world, along with her "sister".

The flashback fills in a more down-to-earth (and tragic) picture: Her mother is a higher-up at Siegfeld Institute of Music, and for whatever reason, Yachiyo grew up reading numerous plays to herself in an unknown room in the campus. Her mother is too busy to care for her in any meaningful way.

While she eagerly wishes to show off her new creations to her family, her mother only checks in on her just to ask why she left a theater troupe recently. Yachiyo's answer was honest: that she's happier with her "sister", Chitose. Her mother dismisses her increasingly desperate pleas to hear her out on her imaginary friend, and in the end her efforts bear no fruit. Yachiyo's mood, goodwill, and trust are left shattered.

Her mother and her secretary discuss Yachiyo's situation outside. Reluctantly admitting to Yachiyo's overwhelming potential while disparaging Yachiyo's imagination, her mother simply asks her secretary to go find her another troupe.

In the room, Yachiyo does not actually overhear this, but correctly guesses what her mother has to say, a testament to her foresight.

This tendency for people to praise her abilities in a negative light looks to be a persistent pattern in her life, and has largely affected how she chose not to reveal her genuine self to anyone.

In short, her imagination, love, and skill for acting clashed with everyone, even her parents. With nobody there to understand her, Yachiyo grew up in self-imposed isolation. She later hid this part of herself out of shame until attending Siegfeld, wherein she finally found someone as "stage-crazy" as her, who assured her that the traits people looked down upon are actually the strengths of a great stage girl.

Michiru mentions that Yachiyo possesses the air of a noble,[20] which, along with her connections to Siegfeld, suggests a well-born upbringing.


Her Mother[]

When taken at her word, Yachiyo's mother seems to be a gentle figure; she wanted her daughter to have friends and be happy. She never stopped letting young Yachiyo pursue her talents (though this seems to be reluctant resignation to Yachiyo's actions than enthusiastic support), and instead tried finding a way for Yachiyo to find friends through her dedication to the stage.

Regardless of intention, she wasn't outwardly kind to the child, and refused to entertain what she saw as delusions. Young Yachiyo seemed understanding of her circumstances as a busy adult, and gleefully bid her farewell even after being scolded. Yachiyo's account of her childhood[9], however, implies more bitter feelings. This is supported by Yachiyo attributing the act of "casting [Chitose] away" to her mother, a show of the lack of compassion her interests and beliefs were treated with ever since she was a child.[21]

Because of this history, their relationship is, in a word, complicated. At present, the state of it is unclear.

Chitose Tsuruhime[]

To wit, it is first important to understand the function Chitose has in Yachiyo's life: While not of flesh and blood, she is indeed real, if only as a coping mechanism Yachiyo's mind has employed through her life. This is primarily why she is most hurt by people rejecting her sister's existence; not only is she being alienated for her beliefs again, it is exactly this kind of treatment that made Yachiyo rely on Chitose in the first place. It's led to the point that Aruru deduces that the only reason the Fool (Yachiyo) could go on is because of this sister.[19] Naturally, Yachiyo holds Chitose in her heart dearly, and felt she was the only one who could possibly understand her.

Later, she admits that by the start of the game's timeline, she began to lose the connection she has with Chitose. As Chitose's presence protected her from feeling the true depths of isolation, as she made friends, her subconscious needn't rely on her anymore. This scared her, and she questioned if it was her fault that the distance from her and Chitose became bigger.

It turns out, Chitose was mesmerized by Yachiyo's new brilliance, brought about by the presence of other stage girls willing to be with Yachiyo for the first time. Following this, she moved from Yachiyo's side to the audience seats, ecstatic to see the stage girl she's loved all this time, shining brightly and confidently. She bids Yachiyo farewell on her journey, and this at last pushes Yachiyo to embrace the path of an independent stage girl.[22]

Akira Yukishiro[]

In the earlier stages of their relationship, Yachiyo feels intimidated by Akira's presence.[23] However, when Akira finds out about Yachiyo's imagination, Yachiyo feels more accepted than she ever has before and is shocked at how Akira praises her for it.[24] Akira sees herself in Yachiyo and believes Yachiyo can achieve much more if given the support she was deprived of in years past. She employs a variety of tactics to push Yachiyo to grow in that direction. An example of this would be her noticing and choosing to leave Tsukasa's growing problem alone so Yachiyo could help mend it instead. Yachiyo seems to have noticed such methods, and has mixed feelings about it.[25] Yachiyo is privy to information about Akira that Akira tries to obscure, such as her past in figure skating[26] and her eagerness to try Frontier's Ultra Spicy Curry[27], to Akira's annoyance.

Michiru Otori[]

Their relationship in-game has been described as that of a cat and mouse. Michiru has tried cornering Yachiyo at various times about what was inside her suspicious notebook. The one time Yachiyo almost got caught, she only managed to throw Michiru off her scent with an outrageous lie about what was inside.[28] Yachiyo wants to understand her better[29] and admires how much Michiru knows about many different subjects[30]. She frequently notes Michiru's tendency to sneak up on her.[31]

After the events of Dying King, they keep up this tense little game between them, though it's more about Michiru trying to get Yachiyo to do well rather than some concrete secret like before.[32] Michiru sees in Yachiyo what she saw in Akira "that day".

Liu Mei Fan[]

Mei Fan is fiery and passionate, and this passion ignites the heart of the comparatively much-less proactive Yachiyo. Intentional or not, Mei Fan's provocation is one of the few things that draw out Yachiyo's true strength, which can outshine even her own.[33]

Aside from that, they're very good friends. Mei Fan is very supportive of Yachiyo, from enthusiastically engaging in her interests to cheering her on in her sewing endeavors. Even when Mei Fan admits she can't figure her out,[34] she'll always be by her side.

Shiori Yumeoji[]

Under the veneer of constant teasing, Yachiyo cares for Shiori a substantial amount. This manifests in the fact that while the Edels as a group are known to dote on Shiori, she herself can be quite firm.

Particularly, she keeps an eye Shiori's tendency to "identify with her role too much," for which she berated Shiori (quite harshly in the eyes of the Frontier students accompanying them) for in Venus & Cupid. She has also reined in Shiori when she was on the edge of overexerting herself during the second act of Arcana Arcadia.

Tsukasa Ebisu[]

Tsukasa is a close friend of Yachiyo's, having been leads together in Arise All You Sons. Tsukasa faced Yachiyo's severity head-on when Yachiyo dared her to get off the stage if she can't emotionally handle the role of the lead, before being helped and supported until the end. It's implied that Yachiyo, too, would have quit being the co-lead if Tsukasa stepped down. [35]

Yachiyo's character, Sonoko, harbors feelings for Tsukasa's character, Sachi.[36] She says she wants to keep the relationship Sonoko and Sachi had for her and Tsukasa, though she claims she's only kidding.[37] The next show they star in together features Yachiyo and Tsukasa as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, known lovers.





  • The name Yachiyo (やちよ) is homophonous with 八千代 (eternity).
    • This is reflected in her revue introduction with the phrase 千代に八千代に (forever and ever).
    • Yachiyo's name is rendered as 八千代 in the Taiwanese version of Re LIVE.
    • The "chi" (千) can also be read as "sen", meaning "1000", and the "yo" (代) can also be read as "shiro" (as in Yukishiro), meaning "age, era."
  • Yachiyo's surname Tsuruhime means "crane, stork" (鶴) (tsuru) and "princess" (姫) (hime). Cranes are holy creatures (another is the phoenix) said to live for 1000 years.
    • "1000 years" is the meaning of the fake name Yachiyo gives for her "sister", Chitose (千歳), while improvising in Main Story 08: The Dying King and the Four Knights. Chitosedori (千歳鳥) is an obscure term for cranes.
    • Another manifestation of this number is in the Legend of 1000 Paper Cranes (千羽鶴 senbazuru), wherein a person would receive a wish after folding a thousand origami cranes.


  • Yachiyo's favorite gift is nail polish.
  • She has good eyes, likely lending to her being a marksman.
    • She can spot pills of wool from across a room.[38]
    • She can do body measurements by eye, though she claims they are "only approximate measurements".[39]
  • She doesn't often get a full night's sleep due to making costumes.
    • Akira procured eye drops just for her red eyes.
    • She stays up "all the time," but is said to be fine in a sense that she doesn't try to sleep during the day.[40]
      • This may be connected to one of her favorite foods being coffee.
  • Despite lying about it, she knows how to walk silently for the purpose of tailing and spying on other people. [41]
  • She has supplied information about other characters to the Edels.[42]
  • She is a big fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.[43]
  • She mentions being in the middle of the chaos of Siegfeld's Valentine's Day "again," implying she may have been present inside the school grounds before senior high school.[32]
    • She has now been confirmed to have been present in the school grounds for years.[19]
  • Before the release the game, she was described as an "older sister-like character."[44]
  • Initially, she was intended to have a deeper voice.[45]
  • Stage Girl Yachiyo's trait is marked in the English version as "Exceptional". This doesn't capture the nuances of the original word. In the Japanese version, it is marked as 鬼才 (genius), with connotations of one being so good, they can't be considered human (src).
    • In fact, this contrasts with Stage Girl Maya's 天才 (indeed marked in the English version as "Genius"), which is more straightforward. Taken literally, 天才 is roughly "heavenly talent," whereas 鬼才 is more on the side of "monstrous talent". This likely points to the way Yachiyo's and her skills are viewed in-universe.[46]
    • It is a homophone of 奇才, itself meaning "rare genius."
  • Yachiyo's crossbow is named Perlenpfeil, meaning "pearl arrow" in German.


Stage Cards[]



*For Stage Girl Live2D Models, please visit their respective card pages.




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