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Yachiyo Tsuruhime (鶴姫 やちよ, Tsuruhime Yachiyo) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is one of the distinguished students from the Music Acting Department at Siegfeld Institute of Music with the title of "Frau Perle".

This Stage Girl keeps her intentions hidden and she is rather elusive. Often angers people like Akira Yukishiro and Liu Mei Fan with her mischievous antics. Has a knack for sewing and design, and dreams of becoming a star who takes the stage in costumes of her own make [1].

Introduction[edit | edit source]

QLeft.png Forever and ever, I have performed by myself. Polished a lonesome pearl.
Beyond the borders of the stage, beyond the play. That is where true platinum shines.
Frau Perle - Yachiyo Tsuruhime! This world is a stage. Even the king is a player!

QLeft.png 千代に八千代に 独演かさね 磨き上げたる 孤独の真珠
舞台の境界 芝居の彼岸 そこで光るは 真実の白金
【フラウ・ペルレ】 鶴姫やちよ! この世は舞台 王すらも役者――ですよ?

QLeft.png chiyo ni yachiyo ni dokuen kasane migaki agetaru kodoku no shinju
butai no kyōkai shibai no higan soko de hikaru wa makoto no purachina
"furau perure" Tsuruhime Yachiyo! konoyo wa butai ō sura mo yakusha――desuyo?


Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yachiyo's curly pink hair is styled asymmetrically, with most of it swept to her right shoulder and two red hair clips to keep the other side neat. Her bangs cover the left of her aquamarine eyes.

Meticulous about appearances, Yachiyo dresses fashionably. Her Siegfeld uniform consists of a grey sweater-vest over a white shirt, a red tie, a dark monochrome tartan skirt, red thigh-high socks, black shoes, and the Siegfeld uniform jacket wrapped around her waist.

Her casual outfit is a low-cut beige sweater, a pink skirt with a belt, and black thigh-high leggings. She wears a heart necklace.

Yachiyo’s Revue outfit consists of a tight fitted formal vest jacket. The jacket has a golden trim and two buttons on each side, one below her breasts and one on her stomach. The buttons have a golden rope between them. She wears a pink medal on her left breast. The sleeves of the jacket have an oval shape of two golden connected lines on the upper-side of the sleeves. Underneath the jacket is a white formal shirt. You can see the collar and sleeves of the shirt. She wears a black skirt with an open slot on her left side. It goes down to her thighs. It has a golden belt around it with an emblem in the center. She wears see through black thigh-high leggings with the top being solid. She wears high black boots that are folded over at the top to look like a collar. The boots’ collar has a gold trim. Going down to halfway of the boots are yellow laces. The boots have heels. Around her shoulder is a jacket. The main color of the jacket is white. It has gold trims and golden ropes at the collar. One rope is tied loosely around her chest to hold it on. The underside of the jacket is pink with three unconnected golden stripes toward the bottom. On the outside, the jacket has four inches of the edge being a light pink. Right above the light pink are three unconnected gold stripes. The jackets sleeves are cuffed, having a golden trim and a golden button.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Formerly regarded as deliberately elusive with questionable motives, she's now opening her heart to those around her, little by little.

Often seen as laid-back, Yachiyo is a stage girl who doesn't spare effort in things that interest her. This works as a double-edged sword: while her concentration on things such as sewing and acting is unrivaled, rarely does she indulge in things that don't catch her eye unless she needs to.

When performing, she doesn't pay any mind to concepts like honor or glory. Rather, she performs for the sake of it, pursuing her own perfection without changing it to fit anyone else's standards. Because she started out rather distant from her peers, it's not until much later that her sincere and serious side, acting-wise, comes out. When she sees someone else disrupting the pace of a show, she firmly tells them off for it before trying to find a solution with them.

She is very excitable when it comes to her interests. When asked about one of them, she either warns that she ends up going on tangents about it or she immediately begins rambling, much to the shock of the person she's talking to. Because this eccentricity is the type she's used to hiding, she really only does the latter around people she's close to, like the Edels. Conversely, as she knows what it's like to be alienated from others due to one's interests, she always pays attention when other people talk about their interests and never belittles or ignores them, even if she doesn't understand them that well.

Despite living life on her whims, Yachiyo can be described as very pragmatic. She operates on what she stands to gain and lose realistically, looking to achieve the biggest goal first and foremost. Her "laziness" is often a result of her deduction that a situation, no matter what she does, will not benefit her whatsoever. A curious quirk to this is that, for that goal, she'd give up any sort of honor code if it hinders her on her journey to grasp victory.

Background[edit | edit source]

Yachiyo: "I...I have always liked daydreaming..."

Yachiyo: "...Playing the role of someone else, or daydreaming of being somewhere else."

Yachiyo: "My parents, my classmates, my teachers... They never understood that part of me."

- The Dying King and the Four Knights: Chapter 4-2

Not much is known about Yachiyo's past, on one hand because of her role as a spy, and the other because she isn't used to being honest about herself and the things she loves.

Growing up, her imagination and love for acting clashed with everyone, even her parents. With nobody there to understand her, Yachiyo grew up lonely. Because of this, she hid this part of herself out of shame until attending Siegfeld, wherein she finally found someone as "stage-crazy" as her, who assured her that the traits people looked down upon are actually the strengths of a great stage girl.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Yachiyo (やちよ) is homophonous with 八千代 (eternity).
    • This is reflected in her stage entrance lines with the phrase 千代に八千代に (forever and ever).
    • Yachiyo's name is rendered as 八千代 in the Taiwanese version of Re LIVE.
  • Yachiyo's surname Tsuruhime means "crane, stork" (鶴) (tsuru) and "princess" (姫) (hime).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yachiyo's favorite gift is nail polish.

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