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Yuyuko Tanaka (田中 ゆゆ子, Tanaka Yuyuko) is a character in the Shōjo☆Kageki Revue Starlight franchise, original to Re LIVE. She is a first-year student from the Performance Department at Rinmeikan Girls School.

Yuyuko prefers staying up late and sleeping during the day, and is always tired at school because of this. She hides any hint of putting in effort, and works hard in secret. Fond of traditional Japanese performing arts, she especially likes rakugo storytelling. Her music playlist is almost entirely comprised of rakugo performances.[2]

Revue Introduction[]

QLeft.png One — Feelings hidden within ourselves. Two — The stage brought them together.
Three — For our future play. Four — I will show you the strength of traditional theater!
Rinmeikan Performance Association - Yuyuko Tanaka! I will put my life on the line!

QLeft.png ひとつ 人には秘めたる想いも ふたつ 舞台が結わえてくれた
みっつ 未来の戯曲のために 魅せます 古典の心意気!
凛明館演劇同好会 田中ゆゆ子! 命かけたる正念場 いざご覧あれ!

QLeft.png hitotsu hito ni wa himetaru omoi mo futatsu butai ga yuwaete kureta
mittsu mirai no gikyoku no tame ni misemasu koten no kokoroiki!
Rinmeikan engeki dōkō-kai Tanaka Yuyuko! inochi kaketaru shōnenba iza goran are!



Yuyuko has beige hair that goes just below her chin. She wears a red hair clip on her left bangs that is in the shape of a ‘z’. She has brown eyes.

Her school uniform consists of a short dark brown blazer, and the same shade of dark brown dress. Yuyuko wears a red jacket over her uniform with the hood normally up. The blazer has a white collar with a dark brown stripe an inch or two from the edge. The blazer also has white cuffs with a dark brown stripe in the middle wrapping around the cuff. There is a red ribbon in the center of the blazer. The dress is short and goes down just past the hips. It has four golden buttons. Two on each side of the stomach area. At the top of the dress, there is a white stripe an inch or two from the collar. She wears brown socks. She wears brown boots as well.

Her Revue outfit consists of a kimono-like dress in red. She wears a half of a butterfly wing design clip on her left bangs. She wears a white skirt with golden trims with the kimono. There is a black skirt underneath the first one. She wears a plate on her right arm connected to her body by a red ribbon on her underarm, though in the live concerts her plate is connected by a golden rope around her neck as well as the ribbon. The black boots go to her calves. The boots have a golden outline on the top and bottom of the boots. A red ribbon is on the front of both. They both have a red cuff at the ankles.


Yuyuko is typically a sleepy girl, and always carries a pillow with her, even during class. However, in spite of her sleepy appearance, she is actually a smart and well-educated student, often becoming very serious when it comes to studying and rehearsals, though her sleepy attitude undermines her ability.


Yuyuko says she only joined Rinmeikan's Performance Department because she thought it would have some connection to rakugo storytelling, and not because she has a strong connection to performance or theater.


Rui Akikaze[]

Rui and Yuyuko became fast friends during their first year at Rinmeikan. Rui is the only person to call her Yukko. However, she is also annoyed with Yuyuko due to the latter's sleeping habit.

Tamao Tomoe[]

Although they only met at the start of the year, Tamao and Yuyuko share a close bond. Yuyuko admits in her Little Red Riding Hood bond story that she considers Tamao as an ally and a senpai moreso than a friend. Nonetheless, they spend lots of time together. In a "My Theatre" conversation, Tamao says she misses seeing Yuyuko's dog, Momoko. Similarly, Yuyuko has visited Tamao's family's restaurant along with the other girls.

Ichie Otonashi[]

Like Tamao, Ichie shares a close bond with Yuyuko. Sometimes they spend time singing karaoke together, as seen in one memoir. In one of Yuyuko's menu screen lines, she says that she doesn't need to treat Ichie in any special way just because she's older, and adds that it's a good thing.



  • Rinmeikan VS Seisho
  • Rinmeikan VS Siegfeld
  • Rinmeikan VS Frontier (Presumed)



  • Yuyuko's surname Tanaka means "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta) and "middle" (中) (naka).


  • Yuyuko's favorite gift is a tomato.
  • Yuyuko's weapons are kunai, which was originally a farming tool used in the Tensho Era of Japan. Ninjas utilized kunai as a type of multi-functional weapon to throw, use in close-quarter combat, or as a metal wedge like a crowbar. Rope was also sometimes tied to the ring of the kunai to enable the user to climb and reach high places.
    • Yuyuko's kunai are named 凛明亭遊眠 (Rinmeitei Yūmin), an imaginary rakugo stage name representing Yuyuko. Rakugo storytellers have stage names that are composed of a "family name" from the artistic family they belong to and a given name. Many rakugo family names are affixed with the word 亭 (tei), dating back to an Edo period literary practice[3].
    • The stage surname "Rinmeitei" takes "Rinmei" from "Rinmeikan" and adds "tei", and the given name "Yumin" means "play" (遊) () and "sleep" (眠) (min). Like all names with a given name and surname, the name is reversed in the English localization of Re LIVE.
  • Yuyuko's favorite rakugo story is "The Eel Shop".
  • Yuyuko has a part-time shrine maiden gig, as seen in one of her memoirs with Ichie.
  • Yuyuko's favorite supernatural creature is Rokurokubi
  • Yuyuko's mother is the one that picked out her practice outfit.
  • Yuyuko has a dog named Momoko.


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